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Devin Aromashodu
I've been rooting for Aroma to make this club because he played for my all-time favorite college football team: the 2004 undefeated Auburn Tigers.  (That team also featured Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown, Jason Campbell, Kenny Irons and Carlos Rogers...and was not allowed to play for a national title.)  Aroma has become a near-lock to make the roster, developing a quick rapport with Jay Cutler and impressing the coaching staff.  Saturday night should be an opportunity for him to cement his role in the offense.

Rashied Davis
I don't think I've ever read a stranger column than Mike Mulligan's plea for Rashied Davis to make the Bears roster.  I understand Davis' story is an inspirational one but to write such a column without mention of the player's inability to hold onto footballs thrown directly into his hands reeks of  "I don't wanna lose a locker room source".  I also think the column is all-for-naught as I fully expect Rash to be on the roster.  To quote Ron Turner, 'We have a real good feel for where he is and what he can do. We know him.'' 


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  • DA, I love it when a plan comes together, oh yea and first.

  • This coaching staff seems to like consistency, the idea is keep consistent performers off the field (ALEX BROWN) and inconsistent performers on the field (Tommie Harris, Rash Davis).

    How bad are we all going to be hollering when we start seeing the dropalitis disease rear its ugly head to terrorize and kill the drives on 3rd and short or long. Then which CSI (COACHING STAFF INVESTIGATOR) is going to improperly handle the DNA evidence that proves Rash is the murderer and Judge Jerry will end up having to throw it out of court, letting the perpetrator go free without any consequences.

    Where is the justice I tell you. How many times must we see this crime committed without restitution.

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    Whew, Friend I think you may be watching a little toooo much TV!!! That is funny.

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    The Trib's Dan Pompeii warns that Cutler comes with INTs at a rate of 1 per game.,0,1443249.column

    I have no ax to grind against Pompeii, but I find his comparisons to P.Manning and Brady pretty weak. I think it is safe to say that those 2 QBs play MOST of their games from a position of strength, teamed with defenses that can hold a lead and provide an offense with advatangeous field position. I do not think the same can be said of Cutler's situation in Denver where the defense, especially last year's, looked like a convention of matadors and Bronco running backs dropped out of games with injuries as if their names were Mike Brown or Dusty Dvoracek. The column also contains no mention of a stat that I like a lot: Cutler was 12-1 in games that his defense allowed 21 points or less. In effect, games where his defense SHOWED UP for a change and opponents were not EXPECTING THE PASS on virtually every down. I'd like to know how many INTs he threw in THOSE games.

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    McNeill was great. And that team's legacy - unfortunately - will be that the SEC will never again have an undefeated team not play for a title.

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    OK, so I looked it up. Last 2 seasons Cutler is 11-1 in games where the Bronco defense allowed less than 21 points. In those 12 games he tossed 6 interceptions... and 20 TD passes.

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    ....and that was w/ a shit defense....damn that's ridiculous

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    I guess you have to remember these columnists are paid to get people to read their columns. They try to make controversy wherever possible becuase that's what sells. Mike Mulligan is a hack, his radio show blows and so do his articles. He is a guy who probaby never played on an organized team in his life and does not understand what it takes to be an athlete. I choose not to read him at all. There are very few columnists I do believe that try to be unbiased and fair (David Haugh for the most part but even he can be douchy. Again though douchieness keeps people reading.

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    Historical reference: When I was a kid, I read a couple of books by Robert McCloskey about a boy named Homer Price. Homer had a pet skunk named, you guessed it, Aroma.

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  • Jeff, the '04 Tigers were also my favorite college team - imagine the year before, when they had Ronnie, Cadillac, AND Brandon Jacobs! Absolutely the most talented backfield in college football of late. That said, DA was a great possession receiver in college, and it's not hard to see why Cutler likes throwing him the ball. He uses his height pretty well - I'd say better than Rideau does.

    Max, I definitely think we could be keeping six, but (barring injury), I think you'd only ever see the top 3 WRs on the field at once, given the talent at tight end this club has. So Rash and Knox could stick around and never see the field outside of special teams.

  • Aroma, now there is a nickname I can get behind! Hopefully we can see more of what this cat can do in the next game. One great catch does not make a great receiver, but he flashed a ton of potential and chemistry with JC (jesus christ) in that one play. I'm hoping they keep 6 receivers with Hester, Bennet, Aroma, Redo, Julio Inglasias, and Johnny Knox. Knox looks like he can play special teams. get the rash off the team!

  • in the last post ghost asked why hester was called skunk. since i myself didnt remember, i did some investigating. apparently bill parcells was asked about hester and said "I don't have to get hit in the face with that skunk anymore. I smell it".

  • i love how eager everyone here is to accept nicknames. whether its players we love (skunk/double deuce) or loath (arch deluxe). and on the issue of afalava i think "volcano" will do quite nicely

  • Yeah Skunk is the one that has really landed. Jackass has potential. And so does Volcano.

    I like that Aroma has some potential too.

  • And Max, filling the slot was on purpose.

  • Melton has Lovie Redshirt written all over him.

  • I just hope we don't fill the slot with Rash....

  • I once filled a rashy slot and had to take even got on my mustache

  • Keep in mind though...if Rash gets cut, Hester is our most experienced wide receiver...kinda scary, huh? Although, having Rash as your most experienced receiver wouldn't exactly sooth my soul either I suppose.

    I think 'Hot Afalava' is better than Volcano, just my opinion. Jeff, we should refine nicknames even more...might be worth a post before the season so we can establish some heading into the season. I know other sports blogs do so, and even have a cheat sheet for 'newbies' to use so they aren't completely lost when they stumble upon said site.

  • This may be a bit of a reach, especially for this season, but wouldn't the slot be a better position for hester to play than outside? Succesfull slot guys are shifty, quick little guys while the best outside guys are usually big physical type dudes. I understand hester is the most experience out of this years group, so he will have to occupy one of the outside positions to begin with, but eventually i would like to see him play in the slot exclusively and concentrate more of his hilarious mind on returning punts.

  • Jeff, I don't think anyone has flip-flopped more on the Rashied Davis roster issue than you have. What gives?

  • DaCoach's Moustache: Bingo. Hester works best in space, and would destroy any nickelback or LB in the league in coverage... but the money we're paying him means you have to play him as a starter. He's a unique situation becuase of his return abilities. If he struggles in the return game and doesn't grow any more as a receiver... ugh. I think he'll be good, though. The big thing is that he'll get the 8th man out of the box, so we can see 4.5 - 5 YPC out of Forte.

  • Have I flip-flopped on Rashied Davis? I think he's making the roster but I don't want him to.

  • on draft day someone called him tuna melton

  • Aromashodu... Roma... The Gypsy?

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