Favre's 2008 Injury No Excuse

The following are my last thoughts on Brett Favre until the season is underway.

I live in New York City and my brother is a die-hard New York Jets fan.  Throughout the day, on ESPN, I kept hearing that Brett Favre's 2008 was hampered by a terrible injury.  These words were echoed by Rick Morrissey in the Tribune:

...he is one year from looking awful after hurting his arm with the Jets. That's a roll of the dice the Vikings had to take. 

When exactly did this injury take place, I wonder?  The team was 8-3 before a humiliating loss to the Denver Broncos:

Brett Favre struggled in the sloppy conditions, finishing 23-of-43 for 247 yards and an interception.

got outplayed," Favre said. "We had plenty of opportunities. It wasn't
like we played our best football and we just lost. I thought Denver
played outstanding."

Then they traveled across the country to San Francisco.  And lost to a 4-8 team.

Brett Favre went 20-of-31 for 137 yards and ran for a score, but didn't throw a TD pass..."I don't sense desperation," Favre said. "We're still in decent shape
... but if we continue to play the way we have, we won't be."

The Jets moved to 9-5 on a miraculous play by Shaun Ellis against the Buffalo Bills.  Favre's response:

"That play that Shaun makes and Abe makes, who knows?" Jets quarterback Brett Favre said. "At the end, we may look back and say that could be one of those plays that catapulted us into something great."

Seems like a player with tremendous confidence to me.  The Jets - season on the line - went to Seattle.  The opening line of the recap says it all:

Brett Favre
spoke softly and shrugged his aging shoulders, saying for perhaps the
last time in his legendary career: "I don't have all the answers."

Suddenly the player is "aging" and the media is writing epitaphs.  Bound for greatness has turned to reflective nostalgia.  After losing the final game of the season and performing horribly for a month and a half, Favre drops the bombshell:

Monday, he said he'll have
an MRI exam on his ailing right shoulder, saying it would affect his
decision on whether he'll come back for another season. Favre said he
has been feeling discomfort in the shoulder for quite some time.

hurts in the back (of the shoulder), hurts down in the biceps and,
occasionally, in my neck," he said. "Other than that, it's fine."

If Brett Favre's injuries kept him from performing at top level and
subsequently kept the Jets from making the postseason, then he is even
more selfish than I first believed.  A coach was fired because the Jets
failed to make the postseason.  A family was upended and moved across
the country.  A fan base - a loyal and true fan base - was left with
their hearts shattered.  Why?  So #4 could continue a streak that
Peyton Manning is going to break before his career his out?  So the
"iron man" could prove to a former employer he's capable of performing
the entirety of his job?  If Favre was incapable of winning ballgames
for physical reasons, didn't he owe it to the organization to say
something and not save it for the year's final press conference?

The answer is of course he did.  But don't expect the shills at
ESPN to bring that up.  Don't expect Favre apologists around the media
world to even consider the thought.  What Favre did in 2008 was heroic,
don't you get it?  And maybe Favre is a hero.  Anyone who saw today's
press conference knows that his 10 year-old daughter wants him to win
another Super Bowl.  "Another" one?  Is she still excited about the one
you won when she was negative three years old, Brett?  If you saw the
presser you realize that teenage boys on a high school football field
cheered when they heard of his returning to action.  He's a hero, damn
it.  Can't you hear him telling you that?

I used to think Brett Favre's biggest flaw was the media's
overhyping his fading ability.  It's not.  Brett Favre's biggest flaw
is much simpler than that: he's a self-obsessed, paranoid liar.  He can
see the end of the tunnel and there are no cameras or sycophantic columnists.  That horrifies him.  Who is going to photograph his worn baseball cap?  Who is going to write about his enthusiasm for the game?  Who is going to ignore his throwing another season into the hands of a defensive back?  Who will be left but himself? 

And then he'll learn the lesson of life.  You can't blame a receiver for running the wrong route when you're the only one on the field.

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  • First! Great post, It is going to make me puke since this will dominate the rest of the preseason and the rest of the season.

  • Thumbs up!

  • Awesome post. In fact, the last couple weeks have been great! Jeff, you have been a busy little bee. I've hated pre-season my whole life, I hate it now. Although its much more enjoyable with this blog. A new post almost every day! Sometimes a few a day! You are posting more than the Bears are practicing. Is that a good thing?
    btw, its more than just the blog, its the whole ecclectic-bear-community this page brings.
    GhostofHalas is right.. Thumbs up!

  • I am thrilled about Favre going to the Vikings - I was far more afraid of Sage Rosenfels (which probably says more about Favre than about Rosenfels). The good news is, the fact that Favre is now playing for a team that is essentially solid in all areas EXCEPT the QB position means that when, not if, Favre fucks up their season, even the mainstream media won't be able to escape the conclusion that he's a washed-up piece of shit.

  • It is a shame that some people just cannot figure out when to hang it up. Especially nowadays, when they are all filthy rich.

  • When I watched Farve's press conference I kept wanting to reach over and knock on his forehead saying "Heelllooooo is there anyboady in there?". It doesn't even sound like he wants to do this(Except for the motivational $12 million), it's like he's let everybody tell him "it's ok Brett, you'll do just fine, and don't worry about the aches and pains, we'll take care of you reeaeal good! Until some 280lb DB performs a "pyle driver" on him on that "OH so forgiving" astro turf.
    And not to belittle Tom Hanks terrific performance but I keep getting these images running through my mind of Childress standing on the sidelines screaming "Throw Farve..Throw!!!!" Who knows, maybe there's a shrimp company in their future or tuna!

  • Oh yeah, and at a coach told me to throw da ball and dat's all i got to say about that! Stupid is was stupid does!

  • I don't write much anymore, but that was a great column. Midway would have loved it.

  • In reply to Rancid:

    A blast from the past.

  • TRUE, Narcissus should have fessed up at some point last season and said "I am injured and should not start" and TRUE, the 4-LETTER wonks whiffed on that story too but... FALSE, much as I wopuld LOVE to see it I don't believe Peyton Manning will be able to break the record for consecutive starts for the simple fact that if/when Peyton is injured enough that his performance would hurt his team's chances, HE would say something.

  • Here's hoping for Charles Martin to make a comeback. I hate the vikings with a passion. Always have, the media hype up here is unreal.

  • (first time I've posted on this ChicagoNow site, though I posted on the old one under the same nickname)

    I'll play Devil's Advocate and say that Old Man Favre might benefit immensely from playing in a temperature-controlled dome for 8 games a year. Anybody remember Favre's face at the end of his last freezing weather game at Soldier Field...dude was dying on the inside.

    A broken Favre is still better than Tavaris Jackson if he's handing off half the time to a (healthy?) Adrian Peterson.

  • What if Brett Favre is accused of sexually assaulting Bernard Berrian next week, will you write about him then?

    I'm so pissed the Bears don't get a hack at the Vikes til November, by that time Favre will either be on IR or *hopefully* well into his 40 yr old down turn.

  • The last half of Favre's schedule, weather-wise, is almost perfect for him. 5 of his last 8 games are under the dome at home. Of the other 3, one is in Phoenix in early December which is still relatively warm. That leaves four theoretically cold-weather games for the ENTIRE season:

    Oct 25: @ Pittsburgh
    Nov 1: @ Green Bay
    Dec 20: @Carolina
    Dec 28: @ CHICAGO.

    Plus, Minnesota's early opponents are relatively weak.

    Could Favre have even WISHED for a better schedule?

    (and yes I know Favre lost his last game playing in Miami last year..regardless,this season weather wise will be much much easier on him than playing last year in NY)

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    You're making a big assumption. Favre has been awful in domes over the course of his career.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    I did some googling. Jeff, you should read this Sept. 2007 article by RICK GOSSELIN (Dallas Morning News)


    Favre's struggles in domes came early in his career only, when he had a 10-15 record and 78.5 efficiency in the 1990s.

    Since then he went 10-10 (not too bad for a road record), and his stats were pretty decent as well:

    "Favre is on a personal three-game win streak and overall has won six of his last eight games indoors. In those 20 starts this decade at the Metrodome, Ford Field, the Georgia Dome, Edward Jones Dome, RCA Dome, Silverdome, Superdome and Reliant Stadium, Favre has thrown 43 touchdown passes and only 26 interceptions for a 91.2 passer efficiency rating."

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    He just needs to hang it up. He's ruining whatever "legacy" he has if he keeps coming back and cannot perform the way people expect him to perform. This retire-return-retire-return thing is getting old.

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Wow, spot on Jeff.

    This blog is still relatively young, but it's got the best commentary on the Bears I've found to date. Keep up the excellent work!

  • In reply to KentuckyBearsFan:

    Is there a link to Favre's 18-23 record for dome games (game by game)?

    All I can say about that without looking at the games is that all of those games were road games for him. Away dome games are hell considering the crowd noise against the opposing QB.

  • I know this is a stretch, but imagine if a MUCH BETTER THAN FAVRE EVER WAS hall of fame QB like an aging JOE MONTANA had gone to today's Vikings team instead of KC. Old Joe in KC was still damn good. Old Joe under a dome year round would have been better.

    I also remember seeing some old timey QBs get better in there old age...I think Steve DeBerg in KC was decent for a year or two.

    All Favre has to do is play within the system.
    And he's gonna keep his ego in check because if they don't make the playoffs when now back in the Central Division against all his rivals, he's going to be THE BIGGEST LAUGHING STOCK EVAR!

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