Dvoracek Out For Season

Brad Biggs is reporting
that Dusty Dvoracek will have season-ending (and Bears tenure-ending)
surgery.  Sad.  Dusty D was an easy player to root for because of his
seemingly endless motor.  This is a tough fucking sport and I feel
terrible when hard-working players like Dusty lose a year of their
professional life due to injury.  Losing four straight is borderline

The Bears kept six defensive tackles a year ago and one thinks
they'd do the same this year. Tommie Harris, Anthony Adams, Jarron
Gilbert, Marcus Harrison and Israel Idonije will be five of them. This
would mean Matt Toeaina has the next three weeks to solidify his spot
on the final fifty-three.


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  • DAMN.

    I do like Toeaina though...he's got a motor.

  • Hurumph! When Tommie Harris goes down, we'll be hurting.

  • I'll tell you this. I just walked the entirety of the second half again and I think our best defensive tackles this year are going to be Israel Idonije and Marcus Harrison.

  • Damn. I had high hopes for Dusty when we drafted him...thought he showed some promise, but his body just can't hold up. It's a shame that his career seems to have never been able to get off the ground...that's football sometimes though.
    I wish they hadn't asked Izzy slim down in the offseason to play more at end, but I bet he can still hang on the inside. I'm just waiting for the inevitable Harris injury at this point too, so we'll see who steps up to fill the void.

  • Dang, Jeff, you're posting right now at the speed of light! I hope we can continue to talk about the game, that's already like three posts ago!

    Re: Dusty - there's unfortunately not a reason to get too worked up at all about this - in fact I think for the Bears organization it's actually a blessing. Dusty's motor wrote checks his body couldn't cash. Happened from the get-go, never stopped happening. The great career that wasn't. Helps to move on this early in the season. I stopped counting on him after last year, and still like the guys we have on the D line - especially after last night.

    Just want to say about last night, WHAT SATISFACTION THAT GAVE! Screw the first game, THIS is the promise bestowed on us by the 2009 Chicago Bears! Cutler simply showed us how EASY it can be to move the ball and score points - WHEN YOU HAVE A BONA FIDE PROFESSIONAL QUARTERBACK. How easy was that red zone touchdown to Clark? TOO EASY. I'll make an early prediction - about four games in to this season, we'll look around and notice we haven't had a bad word to say about our former nemesis, our former arch enemy, our former object of EXTREME DERISION - Ron Turner. We'll just have to give up that ghost! Ron Turner will regain the moral high ground, being able to say, "See, I can call an offense - just give me a damn quarterback and a half decent line and watch what happens!" And I guess he'll be right!

    It wasn't just the offense - that looked like, a hungry, WELL-COACHED team last night. And those were no slouches on the other side of the ball either.

    Good times are coming, folks, GOOD TIMES!

    And now I'm reversing myself from last week - Rashied Davis may indeed be a tough make. There also looks to be a new #1 receiver in the making - none other than the Duke of Earl. Chemistry IS important and Jay and Earl surely seem to have it (and why wouldn't they?). And Earl is a real receiver, not a receiver-in-the-making (no slam intended against Devin, just IIWII). And there are others who want to step up - Aroma, REDO (was I saying that wrong the whole time? I would think not), Iglesias had a fantastic play there, and yes we will HAVE to keep 4 tight ends, they didn't sign Gaines to cut him and KD is WAY TOO GOOD to EVER cut. He needs to be FULLY WORKED into our offense. I think at the end of camp they're going to look at Rash and say, sorry dude, there're just others who are better, others we don't want to expose on our practice squad because they WILL be taken.

    GOOD TIMES!!! The REAL 2009 Chicago Bears showed up!!!!

    IT'S ON!!!!!

  • Agree with Jeff. Harrison and Izzy look strong.

  • I'm with Phil on this one. To me, Dusty has always been a tremendous disappointment. Even when he was healthy last year the Bears D-Line didn't have the intimidating power it once had with Tank Johnson. Dusty just couldn't get it done. It's a tough thing, but what can ya do? I hope Big Toe makes the best of his opportunity.

  • It's time to get rid of Rash and Dusty and see what some of our young receivers and Big Toe can do. Those guys had guts and the best of luck to them in the future. Even if Dusty is out of the league with this 4th injury, that is not a bad way for a 26yr old to start the rest of his life...with a couple million in the bank. Good Luck Guys!!!

  • It

  • I'll join the chorus in saying it is a shame about Dusty. When he came up, I thought he was the new Steve McMichael - maybe never recognized as a star but a guy who made people around him better and treated every play of the game like the outcome was in the balance.

    Oh well. Maybe his genetics and anatomy are just not suited to having such a large body.

  • Show of hands. You just KNEW when they said "Knee injury" Dusty was done, again.

    Is it just me of does Jay Cutler strike anybodu as Jim McMahon with the kind of arm that Mac often thought he posessed, but NEVER DID?

    Yes, the Giants starting guards didn't play, but those WERE their
    starting tackles getting beat on the edge.

    Stats don'e always tel the tell. I.E., Eli Manning. That was the quietest 7 for 10 I ever saw. When I saw it in the stats before I saw the game I was like "uh-oh". But it was mostly garbage throws picking up cheap yards in 2nd or 3rd and long. Likewaise Ware's long run at the end of the hal.

    Our DBs looked better, but keep I can only think that Giants are hurting at wide receiver, apparently as bad or worse than the Bears. If I was a Giant fan, after Saturday's game I would be screaming DAMN YOUR STUPID HIDE, PLAXICO BURRESS!

    Scary to be HOPING that Bowman & Peanut will be well enough in time for the opener without getting any more live shots in before then.

    I liked the NFLN replay broadcasts better when they split the halves between the home and visiting broadcasts. Apparently they are just going Home Team now.

    Yeah, Jay should have checked down to the wide open Forte, but would YOU want to rack up a 90 yard TD in your first home start? They WAS another play where he had nothing, knew it and just threw it at the receiver's feet.

    Next stop: Sunday night in Denver, LIVE on NBC!

  • Speaking of the defense, I noticed they came out much more aggressively this game than the 1st. They were blitzing LBs, CBs, and Ss from all angles. And can you believe it, the CBs were actually pressing the WRs?! I figured I'm mention that because we all harped on the soft coverage in game 1, so it's only fair to recognize an adjustment made by Lovie & company. And yes, they blitzed ALL NIGHT LONG. Should be interesting to see what the D does in fake game #3.

  • Changing subjects a bit...but going back to the Cutler-Hester missed bomb...I'm not understanding why he should check down to a wide open Forte on that play instead of throwing what should be a sure TD bomb to a receiver who has 5 yards on the closest defender? Yeah, the throw missed, but that is a play I am confident will be made probably 80% of the time. I'm all about checking down when other options are not open, but we didn't bring in Cutler to check down in a situation like that...let's just hope Devin and him learn to perfect the deep pass, because really, that is the one route Devin should not have any problems with.

  • Phil, Kellen Davis looks like he's a football player. I think motivation and blocking are going to be the issues with him. But from what I've seen so far in preseason, including the would-be TD run for Wolfe, Davis' blocking has improved significantly - outside of maybe one short yardage situation from this week. But his combination of size, strength and speed should crate many opportunities for him to succeed with Cutler both this season and into the future. The guy is a BEAST.

  • I watched the replay last night on NFLN. That was a damn impressive football game.

    New York media is excusing the loss because the Giants were minus some of their starters. I say bullshit. The Giants defense was very very good on Saturday. For the most part they had excellent coverage on Bears recievers...Cutler just threw balls nearly perfectly.

    I don't think we can overlook Nate Vasher, because he stepped up a little bit more and that was nice to see. He was in desperate need of good play, and he did. He'll start again in Denver, so let's hope he can keep it up.

    Also, I think Jeff or someone pointed out Pisa Tinoisamoa. The "Flyin' Hawaiian" was in the TV frame on nearly every tackle that first quarter. My favorite was when he and Urlacher combined to bring down Brandon Jacobs. I think he will prove to be a huge offseason grab.

    Cutler, Pace, Tinoisamoa, retained K. Jones, hired Marinelli. This was one hell of an offseason.

  • Don't forget Michael Gaines, Kevin Schaffer, and Big Frank Omiyale.

  • Schaffer holding call was a joke. that was a TD and a great block to boot. If Omiyale can keep learning the position and stay healthy he will be scary. he had a really bad play that resulted in a loss of 5 and a great play with Kreutz that resulted in a 32 yd TD run.
    Our goal line offense is scary. We have several beasts that we can put in the backfield in front of Forte to jam it down throats or we can fake it and easily hit a sneaky Dez Clark. The defense can't cheat anymore.

  • That call WAS a joke - also since I bashed Olin for last week's effort, I'll give him kudos on one play he was excellent on in that game, although I tend to believe the defender helped him by overcommitting. I got happy when they started rotating out the centers, though, even if Beekman screwed up the exchange on the one play. I'm hoping they won't hesitate to swap out for Olin if they see an improvement. Speaking of Beekman, I'm also in favor of the early lineup they showed, with Omi at left guard and Beekman at right guard. It's time to replace Garza too.

    The Dusty deal shows some prescience in Jerry in continuing to draft defensive linemen in relatively low rounds. Any word on how this year's third rounder is doing, Gilbert?

    Mark Anderson looked considerably improved in this game - although I wish they'd tested him with a counter or reverse. Liked the first step and long arms though.

    I think the promise that Jay Cutler has provided in this 2nd fake - but still important - game has put all the Bears on notice - you better bring it this year. No excuses - just get your motor running, be a passionate professional and MAKE THE PLAY.


    LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

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