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Cutler, Cutler, Cutler
The story is everywhere - from everybody's perspective.  It seems media, players and fans alike are seeing what they dreamt they'd be seeing: a real, live start at the quarterback position.  But it's Devin Hester's response that excited me the most:

''Last year, we came in here wondering whether Kyle [Orton] or Rex
[Grossman] was going to be the quarterback,'' wide receiver Devin
Hester said. ''That right there, I feel like it [took] a big toll on
our part. We didn't know which quarterback to adjust to. This year we
know who our guy is, and now we're just having fun and polishing up our

Marcus Harrison
I get pissed off when I read stories like Marcus Harrison not making weight for the start of training camp.  Be a fucking professional, kid.  You got a chance to be a force in the middle of this defensive line but you need to be at goddamn practice.

If You're Going to Camp...
Get there early.  And well played, Bears fans.  Well played...


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  • 1st...I feel so privlaged!

  • I'm leaving in a few hours for camp. Taking my youngest son on our yearly pilgrimage to Bourbonnais!

  • Take photos and email them to me. Even just family shots.

  • I just wonder.. the real problem must be with his movement or agility because honestly 320 isn't that bad for a NT. I mean I know we run a 4-3 not a 3-4 but that san diego NT probably gets over 350.

    But regardless if he was truly out of shape that's a little worrisome, I mean the time off is to relax and spend some time with your family before camp; not go to your aunt's house and play beer pong with gravy.

  • That's gotta be a good feeling for the recievers to know who's gonna be tossing the ball at them. No more questions as to who to get used to and what you have to learn about each guy. Just one and get your system down with him, know what he thinks and how to get yourself where he needs you to be. Also am hoping with JCut's ability to burn a hot one into your gut that our receivers will have to be very aware to make the effort to "grab" the ball knowing it's got more heat on than Ko or Rexless had the ability to do. The benefit may be fewer drops, or not.. depending on the receiver.
    Pretty stupid knowing that you have to be a certain weight by seasons beginning to not be ready.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Pretty stupid to get busted with one hit of ecstasy too...
    This isn't the first character issue with this guy. Hopefully though, it'll be his last. I think "Ram-Rod" (Marinelli) is most important to this player...

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Great article with insight from one of the bears bears qb's of all time:,CST-SPT-bear02.article

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Thanks for the link, Al In WI. Eric Kramer has never been shy about criticizing his former team when he felt it was deserved so I respect his opinion on Cutler.

  • In reply to RogerMinton:

    Love the pics on da site....

    I wouldn't be against the bears making/wearing orange pants for an away game... I know Hester's in shorts in that pic, but still...

  • even though I left some encouraging words for Big "O" (Marcus Harrison), I agree w/ Jeff. Not for him not making weight, but needing to be out in practice. He could be the wild=card on defense when they rotate Tommie Harris out. He needs to hurry up and make weight and ball the fuck out!!!!

  • Have you guys seen the camp videos on da site yet?

    The defensive lineman drills are great, Bennett looks like he could emerge as a solid WR and Olsen looks primed to have a career year.

    Go Bears!

  • Just returned from camp. This is a damn good football team. I'll elaborate more tomorrow. For now it's bedtime.

    Let Packer Week begin!

  • Questions:
    1) So, we hired a punter for a one year deal. Is he just for practice? or is he legit for copetition?
    2) During practice, along with the 10,000(wow)fans, is there someone ther from other NFC north teams spying on plays?
    3) Why in the world would Ghost of Halas and BaM find it more important to sleep than to report to fellow bloggers?!?!

  • Would it be nuts for daBearsBlog regulars to have a brew or two this season? Jeff, we put you up for a weekend and then we all sit around and bullshit?

  • Marcus, Marcus, Marcus. Sigh. Some guys just don't "get it" and never will. Cade McNown didn't. David Terrell didn't. Cedric Benson didn't, at least as a Bear. Rashaan Salaam (did I get the right number of "A"s in there?) finally did, but only in time to look back and see what an opportunity he snorted and smoked away. I'm not saying Harrison will NEVER "get it", but it's not like he's a rookie, either, so I do say there is cause for concern and he definitely deserves Jeff's rebuke.
    If Ghost says "Damn Good" , then I am pumped!

    Stay healthy, guys.
    Taverous Jackson sprained his MCL yesterday and that rumble you hear are the Brett Favre drums beating again.

  • Just so nice to see some one other than US having trouble with the quarterback position. And I do have a lot of faith in Caleb to get the job done if required.

  • Anyone esle watch the dreaded 4 letter network this morning? I heard Mark (cockbag) Shlereth say that Aaron Rodgers is "by far the best quarerback in the division", and the Packers are the most improved team in the division. How the hell can he be so jaded towards Cutler that his pee brain let those words escape his mouth? Does he realize that he souldn't be letting his love for the Broncos cloud reality? I'm not saying Rodgers is a bad quarterback (in fact I think he is very good) but to say Rodgers is by far better just makes Shlereth look like giant ass.

  • In reply to jbenton:

    Did not see it today, JAB, but it's been his standard line of bilge for months so I am not at all surprised. Remember, Schelereth is a former BRONCO (won a ring with them) who thinks John Elway walked on water and that Cutler did his old franchise wrong by refusing to play for the boy-wonder had coach whose first words to him were a big, fat lie. Even though Elway did the SAME thing with less cause to become a Bronco. If I am Schlereth's editor, I BAN him from commenting on the situation because he thinks he's STILL a Bronco and takes the situation personally. Markie's been dissing JC from the get-go and all you have to do is watch him pontificate on NFL LIVE to know that, like far too many of his cohorts on the 4-Letter, when he passes gas, he thinks it smells like roses.

    To paraphrase a line I appropriated from a Jim Rome "clone" and used here once before: When arrogance hits $100 a barrel, I want the drilling rights to the ESPN staff.

  • In reply to jbenton:

    Jab, I couldn't agree with you more about Schlereth. That guy is such a fucking d-bag. To me he embodies the general attitude I feel the media and much of the rest of the league has toward our bears. In other words he's a hater. If things were different and cutty never left the donks, but say Rodgers went to the raiders, Schlereth would make no such comparison. He would still be worshipping Cutler, so fuck him. Has anyone ever noticed during reg season that Berman, on his segment 'swami says' consistently picks our opponent to win? Even when its the fucking lions! Fuck that channel. Sorry for the rant, what I'm saying, JAB, is that I can't wait for all these idiots to eat their words. Also, fuck green bay. brrss

  • In reply to bnjrmyn:

    Daaaaa Beeaarrsssss

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