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From a guy called (hopefully just for now) Super Die Hard. Some funny stuff in here but a solid look at actual football about midway through.

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  • First...kid with the packer jersey is a douche, and lucky he's still upright. Secondly, Cutler throws frozen ropes. That kid's arm is better than advertised. I'm giddy right now......can't wait to see that cannon in action.

  • What jackass would wear a Packer jersey to a Bears practice. It's not like it's Bears/Packers week at Soldier Field. This is Bears training camp. I bet he's Aaron Rodgers boyfriend sent to take pictures of Cutler's ass.

  • I couldnt hear what transpired, but it is pretty balsey to wear that jersey to the Bears camp. I am actually impressed.

  • I couldnt hear what transpired, but it is pretty balsey to wear that jersey to the Bears camp. I am actually impressed.


  • absolute fucking greatness! oh shit do we really have Jay Cutler.. it is really starting to hit me now! We are gonna be a fucking beast of a team this year! we got the Oline, the RunningBacks, the TE's, the WR, the Dline, and the Linebackers.......AWW SHIT !!!!!!!

  • oh and we got the FUCKING QB!!!!!!!!!

  • I got a fucking hard on for the chicago bears!

  • ok, upon another look with a not so "pie in the sky" eye, does it seem like the D is getting more than close enough to the QB to provide a sack on almost every play? Yea it's exciting, but this is more of an offensive drill where the D is only able to show it's skill if they can only get an interception or knock down the ball. I hope the O-line protects our guy. Maybe I'm being too "negative nancy" here, but doenst someone need to provide at least a slight opposing opinion/reality/sanity check. Last year one of our main concerns was the offensive line, the QB competition, Mike Brown and whether or not Forte was going to be any good after the Cedric Benson debacle. It ended up that getting rid of Ced was awesome, MB made it most of the year, Forte was the bombdigity and the Oline outperformed all our wildest dreams without the number one draft pick. This years worries (because of last years performance) are the D-line, secondary and whether or not our receivers are going to be "real" receivers. The point is last years conjecture and concerns ended not as we thought. How will we be wrong this year?

    In a nutshell and repeated again as many of us havea already stated:

    D-line: Must perform better which will automatically improve our secondary and linebackers. Turnovers will go up and JC will capitalize

    O-line: I hope the ability to run and to pass will open the door for the "balanced" attack RT is looking for, get those early leades and run run run the clock out and keep the D off the field as much as possible. Our O-line won't have to work quite as hard once they get the opposition on their heels.

    Receivers: These guys need to wear that chip on their shoulders like last years O-line did and outperform everyones expectations, here's to hoing the QB makes the receivers mantra is the truth. This will be the tell all, for everyone to realize it is the correct chicken before the egg analogy.

    Running Backs: Kevin Jones is definitely the wild card, no injury, knows the offense better and the QB scenario helps him too as much as everybody else.

    Lastly, how nice was it to read (I think on Da site) that Rash Davis was working with the 2's and QB Basanez. I loved hearing that and hope it remains that way.

    Anyways, just killing time to get to that first preseason game now, I am so glad we are finally there now.

    Go Bears!

  • Make or Break in 2009

    Which players are counting on 2009 to make their mark with the Bears in the NFL?

    1. Garrett Wolfe

    2. Brandon Rideau

    3. Mark Anderson

    4. Danieal Manning

    5. Nathan Vasher

    6. Craig Steltz

    7. Devin Hester (as a WR)

    What else ya got?

  • Dusty Dvoracek?

  • Rash Davis?

  • Ron Turner?

  • 1. KJ
    2. Rideau
    3. Williams
    4. Olson

    and of course Cutler

  • Olsen and Cutler have the benefit of the doubt if things don't go well in '09 so they'd get another shot in '10 if that were the case.

    But whose opportunity is knocking now or never?

    KJ, yes I'd agree

    Rideau - If he can't find a spot on the 53 man roster this year, his career in Chicago is probably over.

    Williams would probably be starting if the Bears wweren't so stacked at this position, so you can give him another year or two before he must prove himself.

    But I think Ron Turner better show people that his offense struggled because of a lack of a decent signal caller, and not because of his poor play calling. If we see another season full of 3 and outs and questionable play calling - I think he might be looking for a new job.

    Garrett Wolfe and KJ should have an opportunity to show what they've got this year because the Bears are going to try and lighten the workload for Matt Forte. We should find out whether JA did in fact reach for an undersized RB in the 3rd round, or whether the pick turned out to be a solid one. Jones should also show the Bears whether his signing was a great insurance policy against Forte, or if he will never be the same player after his injuries.

    2009 will tell us a lot about the depth at RB, whether the QB makes the WR or the other way around, and it sill tell us if coaching was in fact the reason for a lack of production from the defense.

    Go Bears!

  • Zack Bowman

    Johnny Knox

    Rod Marinelli

  • Lovie Smith isn't going anywhere, fyi, no matter what happens this year.

  • Ghjost, I don't think the pressure is on Bowman and Knox seeing as how they're younger players with time to show they belong in the NFL. "Hot Rod" Marinelli on the other hand, better turn this line around or else fans will want his 0-16 butt out of Chicago.

  • Pretty sure that's Benny Dallas from the Sportsfan network.

  • Damn...I missed the video. NFL is quick on the pull.

  • Weird, i can still see it. It must be there like a permanent-cookie ('cause i seen it earlier)?

    I also think Anthony Adams and Harrison will need to continue to perform at a high level to keep thier jobs.

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