Brett Favre Headed To Minnesota

ESPN just reported, on Sportscenter, that Favre boarded a 9:10 AM plane to St. Paul.  Favre commented that the media "may know something by dinner".

ADDENDUM: ESPN is now reporting, per WCCO-TV, that Favre and the Vikings is a done deal.

ADDENDUM #2: Favre to make $12 million this year.

ADDENDUM #3: Two straight hours of coverage and not ONE PERSON has questioned Favre's ability to compete at a high level.  Considering he has ended both of the last two seasons on a completely disastrous note, that seems a bit strange.

ADDENDUM #4: I fucking hate the Minnesota Vikings.  I don't think I've ever hated them before but right now I really hate them.  Passionately.  Rooting against them weekly will become second only to rooting for the Chicago Bears.

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  • First again, twice in the same week....

  • Bring it on you flip flopping pansy! I hope the dome turf treats you nicely...

    Can't wait to celebrate the holidays with you on December 28th in a very, very cold Soldier Field. Bring your mittens.

  • BearDown, I'll be in town for that game as well. Very excitedly. Maybe we'll throw a BlogParty at Rossi's.

  • What a fucking assclown

  • Well, folks, that just fixed the problems in our secondary for atleast two games this season. I say bring that shit on, he's like your fist credit card before you know what money is- seems great at first(media buzz, HOF QB, wrangler) until you realize you have to pay for it(throws lots of picks, blows games) plus it comes with interest(he's a wragler-wearing d-bag who thinks he owns your team). And the Vikes will pay for this shit at some crucial point this season. I hope he does manage to stick it to the cheesedix twice this year as I'm sure he wants to out of spite for those fuckers. And if we're able to handle him just as we have over the last few seasons, he may be in the running as our mvp by knocking off both of our divisional rivals. brrssss

  • T & S both need to hold out if his ass shows up. This shows such little class on Faverah's part and even more for a Vikings organization that would sell their soul just to get that pathetic troll on their roster.

    Positive spin though is that if it is happening, then it may add additional turmoil and distraction to one of our rivals. This could be good for us.

    That's all I got right now. We need some good news from the next bears practice and our next preseason game (that flash I'm looking for). Something to draw a little hope from the seeming well of mediocrity that is our secondary, something to demonstrate that the "Rod" of correction is being used on our "O" line with authority and the desired results, something to wash that bad taste out of my mouth from RT's excruciating play calling (remember that pass,pass,pass, run, pass, pass thing), something to set my heart and mind at ease in the way of just one 60 plus yard drive capped off with a TD via JC to DH or anybody for that matter, something to wet our whistle, a special teams TD or or the defense creating a turnover/TD. SOMETHING, ANYTHING, ANYONE, SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW OR SOMETIME. It's Nike time:

    Just do it!

    BEWARE OF THE BEAR THAT BEARS DOWN ON THE CLOWN! (and that could be Brett Faverah dressed in pretty purple soon)

  • Rev, I should have said ass clown that would have worked better.

  • How about beware of the bear that bears down on the assclown when he comes to our town. I frown on that clown.

  • Speaking of clowns...

  • In reply to Shady:


  • In reply to Shady:

    Is anyone else of the opinion that we should just go get Matt Jones on sale right now? I mean what's the worst that could happen? Could you imagine a 5 receiver set for Cutler of Hester, Jones, D-Clark, Olsen and Bennett and or Kellen Davis? That would be an imposing look.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Now that the Vikes have signed Brett we don't have to worry about the division. Time to see if we can get the #1 seed and home field advantage.

  • In reply to Shady:

    i would rather imagine scenarios like this than talk about Favre who has become the DeNiro of football...a total parody of himself.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Surprised? No.

    Disappointed? Extremely. I held an ounce and a half of respect for Brett Favre when he decided to hang up the cleats in July and not give into his personal impulses to return to the game. Of course, he'll still be able to make plays and win some games for the Purple Dick Eaters, but be mindful of November/December.

    The mainstream sports media would have you believe Favre suffered terribly from a torn ligament and that's what affected his play in 2008. I call shannanigans on that. The guys is ancient by football standards and starting in November is fading fast. The 2007 Green Bay Packers came very close to going undefeated, losing three winable games...including two in November and December, and losing the NFC Championship in blistering cold Lambeau Field in January. He gets weaker down the stretch.

    And I'm right there with you, Jeff. I hate the Packers but I have a healthy respect for them as well. They are a formidable opponent with as storied a history as the Chicago Bears. The Minnesota Vikings are a bunch of fucknuts who play sloppy football and rely on steroid contaminated tackles and overpaid former Bears.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    the Ghost is a genius

  • In reply to Shady:

    The Vikings also have the media behind them (and will even moreso with Favre). Where was the media in 2006? 7 out of 10 picked the Saints to win the NFC Championship that year. In 2008, the Vikings had more favorable coverage with a 10-6 season than the Bears had with a 13-3 Super Bowl appearance.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Da Coach does not like this one bit. Sure, Favre is old. Sure Favre is not the Favre from 5 years ago, sure Favre probably has more grey than blond pubes nowadays, but does anyone doubt that he is better than the other 2 boobs on this team? Take the best running back in the league, a good to very good defense, an established deep threat, and a playmaking rookie with Favre and ViQueens look pretty tough. Hopefully Favre makes it into one of my Resternts so i can poison his glass of kick ass red!

  • In reply to Shady:

    Da Coach does not like this one bit. Sure, Favre is old. Sure Favre is not the Favre from 5 years ago, sure Favre probably has more grey than blond pubes nowadays, but does anyone doubt that he is better than the other 2 boobs on this team? Take the best running back in the league, a good to very good defense, an established deep threat, and a playmaking rookie with Favre and ViQueens look pretty tough. Hopefully Favre makes it into one of my Resternts so i can poison his glass of kick ass red!

  • In reply to Shady:

    Never really figured Favre was done. Doesn't really change that much for the Bears, and what they need to focus on for this season.

    Looking forward to the media circus driving everyone batty on the Minnie roster.

  • In reply to Shady:

    This is good. Not only does it help our secondary, but it takes some of the spotlight off of the team. Let the media focus be on Minny this season so the Bears can fly a bit more under the radar.

  • In reply to Shady:

    yarp....this is true

  • In reply to Shady:

    Hey can anyone help me here? Why is Corey Graham not getting any consideration for a starting gig? Have they looked at moving him to safety? I thought he was very solid last year when he got opportunities. Obviously, with the emergence of Bowman and his 87 unofficial interceptions, there is no room at corner, but is there a spot for this guy and why have I heard little about him?

  • In reply to Shady:

    ps...does anyone have a line to Minnesota sportstalk radio? I heard Bobby Wade called Farve a P*ssy.

  • In reply to Shady:

    just visited Da Site and saw the video with the players reactions...Peanut's was by far the best. "You see him throwing to those kids? He's still got it."

    Cris Carter's reaction to this on ESPN was classy and truthful, but might get him a trip to the ESPN wood shed. It's too bad because he's a commentator I enjoy that I couldn't cheer for as a player (just like Aikman).

  • In reply to Shady:

    You think YOU hate the purple pansies

  • In reply to Shady:

    Favre is playing for the BiQueens ? Good. It gives us two opportunities to tee up on that dumb, cracker, tractor-cap wearin' motherfukka. And when Tommie is finished knocking the drama-queen-snot out of that grizzly hick I hope his fuckin arm drops off. No, in fact I hope Urlacher does a Charles Martin on that f**kin attention seeking cross-dresser and pulls his arms out of his sockets and shits in the holes. Then he can cry a big old bucket of hillbilly tears because he has to retire again. Fuckstick.

  • In reply to Shady:

    This douche needs his very own South Park episode. He's a joke. Hey Comedy central, you listening > Look, here it's free ....

    Have Stan retire as school quarterback every week. After every single game, Stan would make a tearful farewell, saying that he wouldn't be playing for the school anymore. He'd thank his girlfriend Wendy, and the team's fans for all their support but it's just time to say goodbye .... and then he comes back every Monday "Okay boys, I'm back, I'm gonna play !" and all the kids mob him, deliriously happy that their star QB is back. Again. Cartman would be all "Sweet ! Sweeet ! Stan's back!". Kyle of course, would be the only person who sees that Stan retires every week just so he can come back and get all the attention and get extra kisses from Wendy. He'd go through a dilemma : say nothing, or tell his friend that it's just not cool to keep retiring. Finally Kyle would confront Stan at one of his 'comebacks' and tell him how he feels. Silence. Stan is stunned. Then Cartman would chime in "Shut the f**k up you f**kin Jew !! What !? Are you his agent ? Is that it ? You want your percentage SHYLOCK ?!!! Everybody hates you now Kyle know that ? Can you feel it ?... everybody really, really hates you ... seriously ...I hope you know that .....OKAY ! Everybody back to my house for a comeback party! EXCEPT KYLE !!" And then Kyle goes off to be alone by the pond. As he cries to himself, Brett Favre randomnly appears. In the slowest, dumbest redneck drawl :

    "Hey there little boy, why ya crying for ?"

    "Wow, Brett Favre !"

    And then BF listens to Kyle's story and tells him he should go back and apologize to Stan because it's all right to build up people's hopes and then shatter them repeatedly, again and again based on advice from your 8-year old daughter and bitch wife .... as long as there's a $20 million contract at the end of it.

    "Gee, I guess you're right Brett Favre."

    And then Brett Favre's arm falls off .....

  • In reply to Shady:

    Via the sportsguy twitter...

    New nickname for Brett Favre: "VD." We can't get rid of him.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I don't worry about Favre and the cold. I worry about Favre and the 18-23 record and alarming number of interceptions in domes. Especially considering the fact that 10 of the Vikings 16 games this season will be indoors.

  • David Haugh is on drugs. How does this make the Viks the favs. out the North? Was he paying ANY attn. last year?



    If you are new to the neighborhood, be advised that there
    isn't ANYBODY posting on this blog regularly who was not ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, 100%, BET-THE-MORTGAGE, CERTAIN that Narcissus Favre would be back. As expected, it was simply a matter of how much training camp the slacker-diva could dodge. Dan Patrick is reporting that the Favre contract has been a done deal for weeks and in the course of their discussion on "His Brettness", the DP crew commented that "all the Vikies need now is a #1 receiver". THAT begs the question, what was the point of all that coin you laid out for Bernard Berrian last year, Minnesota?

    And...if I was Bears' Head Coach, last Saturday would have been the LAST TIME we would have had to watch Mark Anderson fail to maintain his position while somebody swept or bootlegged round our defensive left end. The next time he keeps contain over there will be the first. As Clemenza said to Michael in THE GODFATHER: "Oh, you won't see HIM no more".

  • Oops. Defensive RIGHT end.

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