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If ESPN (as a whole) allows Jeff Dickerson of ESPN (Chicago) to be their lead man when it comes to Chicago Bears coverage, we may actually get some balanced and detailed football reporting from the Worldwide Leader.  Dickerson is my favorite thing going right now.  Here are some excerpts from his News & Notes with my commentary...

Things got chippy Tuesday. Guard Tyler Reed had a dust up with defensive end Mark Anderson during line drills. Later, cornerback Zack Bowman squared off with receiver Earl Bennett near the goal line.

"It's just a matter of time before tempers flare up a little
bit," head coach Lovie Smith said. "No damage done. I tell guys if you
get into a fight, just fight like you would fight your brother and go
from there."

Bowman continues to make the most of his opportunity. The cornerback picked off a Jay Cutler pass in the back of the end zone.

Cornerback Nathan Vasher got beat deep by Hester and Bennett.

Apparently Zack Bowman's interception against the Vikings a year ago won't be his only chance to make an impact on the Bears defense.  Every indication from training camp is that Nate Vasher is getting beat up and down the field while Bowman is vying for "Player of the Summer" honors.  Assuming Peanut Tillman is healthy for Green Bay on the 13th, it doesn't seem we're far from making Bowman the presumptive favorite to start on the other side of the field.

And in one sentence or less...

Linebacker Brian Urlacher leapt in the air and intercepted an errant Jay Cutler throw during 7 on 7.


Overall, Cutler was on fire, zipping in a fastball to tight end Greg Olsen in a red zone drill.

Soon to be the most dynamic red zone combination in the sport.

The Bears broke out the Wildcat or "'Cane" formation with receiver Devin Hester attempting a pass that fell short and incomplete. Hester also took a pitch from Cutler out of an option like formation.

I have the sneaking suspicion this is going to be the play that has fans screaming "Enough!" by mid-season.

officially calls the defensive linemen "rush men." He even had the
label changed on the bag of practice footballs to read "rush men."

I've never seen so much emphasis on a position coach in camp...ever.


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  • Anyone else thinking Vasher is gonner? Every time I read a camp report including from Dickerson today, I see references to someone burning Vasher deep. Not good.

  • I'm waiting for the announcement that Marinelli has cured cancer.

    He sure gets a lot of love.

  • In reply to PeoriaMatt:

    He can disarm you with his words, or his hand... either way. His charm is so contagious that vaccines have been created for it. If he was to give you directions you would never get lost, and always arrive 5 minutes early. He is... ROD MARINELLI, the greatest coach in the world!

    Shameless rip off of Dos Equis commercial!

  • In reply to PeoriaMatt:

    Cutler also texted Burress saying Chicago could use him and also expressed wanting Marshall, take out their off field woes and who wouldn't want them? but it goes to show he isn't sold on are wr's though, not that he is saying Bennet and Hester can't get it done either though. Enough of that though.

    As for Bowman moving to safety, not everyone can move positions like Manning can. Not everyone is Danny Manning (who probably deserves much more credit for what he has done for this team).

    Vasher was outstanding that one year, let's not write him off yet...first week back since being injured. Everyone seems to have short term memories anymore.

  • In reply to PeoriaMatt:

    JJ - yesterday on Waddle/Silvy, Cutler said vehemently that he has never spoken to Plax in his life and has not contacted Marshall this off-season. He says people just make this shit up. If you heard him, you'd agree with him. You can probably get it on their site.

  • In reply to PeoriaMatt:

    I like the Bowman Rodeo you've got going on, Jeff.

  • In reply to PeoriaMatt:

    "Player of the Summer" honors, historically, hasn't translated to success during the regular season.

    I'll hope for all the best, but I'm skeptical of all the hype.

  • In reply to PeoriaMatt:

    It is good to be skeptical, so long as you don't let it descend into premature gloom.

    My gut tells me this team is going to be good. Very good.

  • In reply to PeoriaMatt:

    Rod Marinelli once had an erection while lying face down and struck oil.

    Some kids piss their name in the snow. Rod Marinelli can piss his name into concrete.

  • In reply to PeoriaMatt:

    Looks like Zach Bowman's day is done after a collision with Jackass on a deep ball. Hopefully he'll be alright, but this is certainly a reminder of the durability concerns that folks have about him.

  • lmao @ peoria.

    if corey graham and dj moore can show signs of being decent, vasher needs to be cut. he's holding the CBs back.

  • Jeez, did you guys see how many times Cutler was picked off today?? We should cut him. He's obviously holding back Caleb Hanie.

  • I am pretty sure we did not give up 2 first round picks so Devin Hester can be throwing passes. I had no problem with Marty Booker or Walter Payton throwing the ball but hester throws like a 7th should be removed from the playbook now. Lets get a good base offense established before we have Devin throwing the ball. Oh...and while we are on the subject, no robbie gould throws either. Quarterbacks throw...runners run....recievers catch and kickers kick....period.

  • Rush-men rush....

  • Hey brian430, isn't Maynard like 5/7 on 4th down conversions? Can he still throw?

  • I'd say it's early and I'm thinking about these mass interceptions being a couple possible conditions. 1. Maybe the D is revitalized with that old shoulder chip and working harder. 2. Still got JC getting used to the receivers and offensive line. You need to figure he will have to have confidence in their ability to protect him so he can have that extra half second to make a throw. 3. Does Vasher's supposed lameness speak to him being bad or Devin/Earl/Cutler being great. 4. If Bowman is this awesome (he seems to be), why wasn't he the most likely candidate to take over where Mike Brown left off and be made a safety? 5. I love not hearing anything about Rash Davis. 6. ELEVEN DAYS TILL PRESEASON GAME ONE!!!

    Go Bears!

  • I have't heard of Caleb getting anytime with first string yet, or 2nd for that matter. If JCut is getting picked off a lot by our defense, that's not a good sign. That could mean JCut is easier to read his reads by our defense which didn't do all that well in the pass protection last year. I wished they'd given Caleb a chance last year when Rexless wasn't doing so hot.

  • Hopefully, they will be able to title the highlight film of the 2009 season: "THE RUSHMEN ARE COMING! THE RUSHMEN ARE COMING!" and the narration could be done by Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner and Jonathan Winters.

  • FYI: "The Mort Bus" visits Bears' camp tomorrow on the 4-letter network. My regard for Mr. Mortensen is rather low and I definitely number him among the 4-Letter's "Brett Favre Butt-Kissers".

  • Love what we're hearing from camp, hope the lovefest continues. Vash isn't going anywhere, except maybe the bench if he can't pull his head out of his ass and work. What has me intrigued and happy was the article I read yesterday by John Clayton on It's in the blog section, you can find it easy enough, but here was the bit that really made an impact.

    Clayton said that Cutler's physical gifts are only 50% of what he brings to the table, with the other 50% being his ability to recognize and exploit receiver talent. It said that it was Cutler, early in camp last year, that saw ability in rookie Eddie Royal while he was working with special teams. Cutler went to Shanahan and said he saw promise in Royal and wanted him working with offense. To go from there to a 91 catch season as a rookie leads me to believe that Cutler really has the power to improve receivers. On top of that, he feels that Hester is a better, quicker version of Royal, while Bennett is a hybrid of Royal and Marshall. Awesome for us, if it all holds true.

  • Mike Brown was a good 15 lbs heavier than Zack Bowman is.

  • Yah I am worried about all the picks too. Granted, we are the leading team in turnovers over Lovie's tenure but still we got ate up last year by guys like Matt Ryan and Brian Griese, and now our D is pickin Cutler off like he's bad Rex. Hopefully it's just the effect of running plays a few times and many opportunities for the D to get in the right position to make the play.

    If Bowman is a great player like he seems to be, you would want him at corner not FS, but I would like to see Graham at Nickel and let Daniel worry about playing one position.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    It's training camp, no need to panic. If Cutler had an career worst season with turnovers, it would not be as bad as Rex. I can deal with trying to force a pass down field... but at least Cutler won't be dropping snaps and bouncing it off linemens heads.

    On the flip side, maybe this means our secondary is actually playing much better. It's really hard to say, since the drill doesn't allow a pass rush. I think we will have a much better idea once games start.

    I keep telling myself that we were able to put up solid numbers on O last year, with a less talented line, back field (assuming Jones can contribute) and QB. I don't see Loydd and Booker as huge upgrades over Hester and Benett. Olsen is a year more experienced, 3rd year is when you're suppose to shine. I think we will be solid on O. Even if Cutler throws 20 INT's, our D can handle it.

  • In reply to dutsami:

    I know talking heads are all alike....but I respect Don Banks at SI.COM, and here's a great article about our boys. He's normally not this praise-worthy to teams this early in the season, but he sees alot that he likes, especially Bowman.

  • where does all this Hanie love come from?? the guy had a couple good second half's in PRESEASON last year?! I think the chances are pretty slim he turns into the next Tony Romo or Tom Brady. Most star QB's in the NFL are drafted in the 1st round (or at least drafted at all!). hes a lotto ticket at best.

  • Not at all BaM, this was last season after KO twisted his ankle and they put Rexless in to finish the game which he won, then the next week "Bad Rex" made an appearance and the croud was chanting Caleb's name. Lovie should have let Caleb at it. We lost anyway, so it sure as hell couldn't have hurt to try him out!!

  • So Trumaine McBride replaces Bowman at 1st team corner? What happened to Corey Graham this offseason? He was arguably our best CB last year! Why are they forcing him to play nickle? Something isn't right here...

  • Nice jinx on Bowman, Bowman, Bowman

  • Well if Bowman is going to have a hammy recovery, this is the best time for it. Now the other guys need to step up. So our potential starting corners won't be getting any work in preseason, I wonder hthe cause and effect of that scenario...Vasher Vasher Vasher...sorry don't believe in any jinxes.

    It seems that every QB that comes to town (Eric Kramer and Jim Miller) and talks on the SCORE states that Cutler is the real deal, much better than them, they were highly impressed with the way JC can throw to any location and are absolutely sure he will make for a vast improvement on the offense. I know, no duh.

    Go Bears!

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