Back-to-Back Rodeos

Brandon Marshall is not a grown-up...
...but I'd like him to be on the Chicago Bears.  Charlie, Romeo, Mangenius and now Joshy McD. How many more organizations/institutions must the disciples of Belichick destroy before someone realizes that they don't belong in leadership positions?  When a new coach infuriates the two most talented players on his roster before ever coaching a game, perhaps a warning flag should be raised?  Marshall will be out of Denver in the near future and will make some team a hell of a lot better.  I'd prefer it be us.

Manning, Bowman Won't Play?
Vaughn McClure reports in the Trib that Danieal Manning and Zack Bowman are unlikely to play this weekend against Denver.  This means that three quarters of our starting defensive backfield will see the field for the first time at Lambeau on September 13th (against the best passing offense we'll see all season).  


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  • Got my vote.

  • Marshall is another bitch slap away from missing a good chunk of the season and is also coming off hip surgery and, oh yeah, hasn't bothered to learn the play book yet. Plus, who or what do we trade to get him? Finally, what size contract to we give him so he doesn't hold out on us?

  • RE: Marshall.
    There's no question his addition is the missing piece.

    Think about it this way: The 08 Broncos were one of the best offenses in the league with Cutler, Marshall, Royal, a great offensive line, and seven injured tailbacks. The 09 Bears would be prolific with Cutler, Marshall, Hester (maybe not as purely good at WR as Royal but able to stretch the field as well as any receiver in football), a very good offensive line -- and two strengths over the 08 Broncos: Forte and Olsen.

    With Marshall, predictions of 11-5 and contending for the NFC title start to make sense.

    At first I thought: guy's a FA at the end of this year. Why not wait until next year? But if he's going to be traded or dumped before this season, the team he lands on will certainly sign him long term. Let it be da Bears!!

  • In reply to rickwess:

    I don't think Marshall would help us. Quite the contrary, actually.

  • Might be pretty cooperative if he knew he was going to play again with his QB. Who knows. Maybe all of a sudden his hip will feel much better too.

  • How? How do we get him, and with what?

  • I could take or leave Brandon Marshall. I definately don't think he's the "missing piece." Great quarterbacks make good recievers better. Who ever heard of Brandon Marshall when he was catching passes from Jake Plummer?

    Trust me, fellas. Someone with a lot less baggage than BM and as much or more talent with emerge under Cutler. Don't you want to give Hester, Bennett, Rideau, Aromashodu, and Knox a chance? They have all shown a propensity for making plays and they all have raw football talent.

    And I would imagine that none of them would beat women and risk their God damn careers. What an ass.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I'm with Ghost on this one. UNLESS, Denver absolutely just wants to get rid of him on the cheap. Although, if that was the case, I doubt they would give him to the Bears.

    Well, sucks that Peanut and Bowman won't see any action prior to the first real game. We better hope that Cutler and company get the offense rolling from the get go in that one...

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    Wasn't rashied davis a corner? i'm just throwing shit out at this point. Max has used too much logic regarding the Defensive Backfield and now i'm nervous again.

    A couple of posts ago someone made an ironic point that Devin Hester was a corner and a return man and excelled at both at Miami. What if he was a shut down corner and return man for us? Maybe we should call up Darren Woodson from ESPN to see if he wants to play a couple of downs.

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    oh, and Kreutz/Urlacher would definitely fight Marshall in the locker room

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    Maybe Dungy should sit down with Marshall. Dungy is the fucking Jimmy Carter of idiot NFL players that need another chance. ok, i'm done posting for the day. i've offered up nothing of value today and will just cut myself off.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I want to see what our receivers can do with an excellent, demanding quarterback under center, without any bullshit serving as a distraction. By bullshit I mean 1) a quarterback derby, which they had last year, and 2) a piece of shit player whose off-the-field issues and in-the-locker-room mouthin' off will be more than enough to disrupt a group that's starting to gel.

    I believe Devin Hester and Earl Bennett can be a great receiving tandem for many years if they can stay healthy and develop a rapport with Cutler. Why throw that away to bring in some dirtbag with a sore hip and a violent temper, who will, without question, be suspended at some point in his career for one violent offense or another. Bringing Marshall in shouldn't even be a debate. That asshole needs to stop pissing and moaning and play ball. You want to get paid? Hit the field at Mile High - not Soldier Field! - and the big checks will come.

    Our current Bear receivers can and will impress. Again, why blow that up?

    Let's address the real issue - defensive backs.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I was taught and have always believed that 21 is the key to football.

    If your offense does a good job it scores at least 21 points. If your defense does a good job they give up less than 21 points. I think Jay Cutler would agree with me, because in games where his defense gave up less than 21 points he is 12-1.

    The secondary is going to be bad. Charles Tillman has spent the summer doing drills...well, that isn't practice. He will be ready on September 13, but he probably won't play at a level we have come to expect from Peanut. Bowman will likely win the starting job from Vasher...but won't be 100%. I am optimistic about the Volcano, I don't think he missed many more tackles than Payne has missed.

    But the defense needs to rely on the STACKED linebacker corps and the Rushmen to make victories.

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    right on Ghost

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:


    if our secondary is elamo, lets hope we end up on the winning end of a shootout, don't want to see a shoot out.

    The better answer is that we be methodical and get up early quick and then run Matt, run Kevin, run Garret and run the clock getting first downs often. The big plays are awesome, but they keep your D on the field too long and we need to keep their O off the field. Maybe those packers will go into the game a little overconfident thinking they are going to throw those dreaded slants all day and then find themselves watching us from the sidelines killing them with the methodical.

    On the bright side our back up corners are getting more experience in the process and could play out well later in the season.

    And that is just another opinion from the shonbear.

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    Hear, hear! We don't need punks like Marshall.

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  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    If we could only get Cutler to grow a neckbeard.

  • In reply to Church:

    neckbeards are the new "black", he will have one by will be sick.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    AHH yes, to be young and foolish again! I'm just not young anymore. And that's a fact Jack!

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    Ghost, I refuse to refer to them as "The Rushmen" until I see them perform weekly (as opposed to weakly) as Rushmen.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Lol! Great!

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:


  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    I hear ya, Al. But I'm trying to be optimistic. In my mind, they are good until proven bad.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    Send Marshall to prison, not the bears. I happen to think he's quite over-rated anyway. I mean wasn't he a late round draft pick who put up big numbers under Cutler and a pass happy offense?? To me he's just a product of the fantasy football culture that only looks at stats.
    Not to mention that the Bears try and avoid collecting thugs, criminals, and losers as much as possible. I happen to agree with this stance.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Marshall was a rookie catching passes from Plummer and darn good for a rookie. Tom Brady is by all accounts one of the best to play the game, but who did he ever help turn into a true No. 1 wideout? It seems to be more true that "great quarterbacks can thrive without great receivers" (think Brady, Marino, Elway, etc. for most of their careers) but where is the evidence that a great qb can make an average wr a great one? Besides, Hester = developing still, Rideau won't make the team, Aroma = our best pure receiver and he had an opportunity to catch for a certain other great qb Manning and didn't even develop enough to make the team, Knox = lacking instincts. "Raw talent" is the key there. Marshall probably is an ass but don't you have to get to the point in the NFL where if you want a No. 1 receiver you have to deal with an ass. I haven't followed it closely, but wasn't the woman beating thing blown out of proportion? Marshall has more "polished talent" than all of our wideouts combined. ... Geez, I just went toe to toe with the Ghost of the Halas. I'm preparing for my beat down now.

  • I do agree with you that we can enter the season with the current recieving corp. Lets be honest, does anyone really think the fate of our season rests on the rec? Im pretty sure we can all agree this team will succeed or fail depending on the D.

  • Hester better get his shit together cause he has some serious ass competition!

  • Is this the immature, cry-baby, non practicing woman beater that you guys are seriously clamouring for as the "missing piece"?

    Fuck this guy.

    As for our "Starting" secondary, might they still get some action in the 4th preseason game? Or is the 3rd game when the "starters" get most of the time and then they keep them off the field next week. I forget? If so, then it is definitely unsettling. Almost as upsetting as you saying that the ass-packers are "the best passing offense we'll see all season". I don't think so my friends, but...

    "You wanna crown 'em? THEN CROWN THEIR ASS!!!"


  • Marshall's made himself absolutely radioactive, at least in the short term.

    How do the Broncos dump him without telling everybody else on the team that this was a blueprint for "How to get out of Denver." ?

    DmBand said it for me. Receivers aside, if the D isn't viable, look out below. Three-quarters of the defensive backfied making it's 2009 debut on opening day in Lambeau does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

  • Boys, i can't believe i'm saying this but...

    I don't feel too bad about Payne and Afalava starting against Green bay. Manning has never done it for me as a free safety. Having Bowman and Peanut out is a little frustrating though. I had high hopes for Bowman every time i saw people talking about him at camp including other players, that's when you know it's for real. There is no way that Peanut comes back from back surgery and a screwed up shoulder and is ready for GB. He should sit out for at least the first 3 games unless you want to see him play part of the Green Bay game and then have him miss the next 6.

    I think we will be ok with the guys we have out there. I am frustrated at having so many DB's hurt. it feels like a couple of years ago when this happened.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I totally agree with Johnny. I'm pretty impressed with 'Lava, and Payne looks like he finally gets it in coverage along with bringing the wood on hit after hit. I feel good with those two on the field and hopefully Bowman and Peanut(but it'll probably be Vash for a game or two until Peanut's back is as close to 100% as it's gonna get). I'm really stoked about Forte seeing 7 man fronts and running wild.

  • i see...well, he used to be a hell of a returner until he realized his career mortality and the inequities of the NFL contract.

  • The fudge-Packers apparently looked very sharp against Arizona tonight (waiting for the midnight replay to see for myself). 38-10 by the end of the first half. Jennings, however, got his bell rung in a major way - may have been concussed.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    MBHP - Rogers is making the AZ secondary look really bad

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Rogers has a great neckbeard going tonight

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    i see some weaknesses in the Packers defense boys!! Can you say Forte out of the backfield or Olsen on a hot route?

    Woodson is playing like a maniac though, i think he has 2 or 3 forced fumbles off the corner blitz

  • remember BDG that Minny and Green Bay will be beating up on each this season as well. Now that i am watching, the Cardinals gave up roughly 180 yards on 3 pass plays, 1 of which could have easily been picked. AZ's defensive backs suck balls. Haven't seen anyone fall for a playaction pass like that since Peanut at Minny.

  • Fake game or not, The Packers look like they will be a force to be reckoned with after toying with the Cards tonight, IN Phoenix.
    Should have been 38-10 at the half but the Packer receiver stepped on the end line and then caught the pass.

    Pet Peeve time. Replay clearly showed in real time, that the Zebras had the "receiver on the endline" call correct but the booth called for a review anyway which, besides being wholly unecessary, then took the WAY TOO LONG, as usual!

    I know TV, folks. I have worked in broadcast television for over 30 years and believe me when I say THE NFL REPLAY SYSTEM AS ADMINISTERED IS AN ABSOLUTE TRAVESTY! Military types would label it a "C.F."

    Here are Uncle Albert's Replay guidlines;

    1) I'm all for it. Let's get the call right, but let's do replay right. Step 1 is to ELIMINATE the on-field referee from the replay process. Especially that preening monkey, Ed Hochuli. You save 30 to 40 seconds just eliminating the Ref's walk to and from the viewing station not to mention that the concept of the ref having to either overule himself or a buddy on the crew is both ludicrous and a clear conflict of interest.

    2) The replay will be in the hands of the replay official. He will review the play and either confirm or overturn the call.

    3) The replay equipment will be operated by a QUALIFIED TELEVISION PROFESSIONAL. I don't want to hear any whining about cost. You can afford it, Roger.

    4) The replay official will have 30 SECONDS for a review. That will be plenty of time with a trained operator. Maybe I'll compromise to 45 seconds but this 90 second limit that stretches to 2 minutes or more is a farce.

    5) The reason 30 SECONDS should be plenty of time, besides the trained operator, is because NO SLOW MOTION REVIEW will be allowed. The play can only be reviewed in real time, the same way the guy on the field had to call it. That's only fair. If a play requires a frame-by-frame analysis to overturn a call then it's inconclusive and let's play on. This is a football game, not the Zapruder film.

  • "Rodgers finished 14 of 19 to improve to 28 of 37 in the preseason for 458 yards and six touchdowns with no interceptions. Green Bay has outscored its opponents 76-10 in the first half of the three preseason contests."
    This is a little concerning, here's to hoping for some overconfidence on the slackers part.
    Jeff, I think you should consider a special blog entry concerning just how oour beloved Bears are going to stop these guys.
    If we get our as handed to us in the first game, I'm afraid we could be in for a long season.
    Hopes up, no give up, just a little concerned.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    shon - didn't it seem like every big play was made on Roger-Cromartie? He seems to be a Cromartie in name only. Antelle Rolle also had a terrible game. They just let receivers run by them. Aaron Rogers looked good but the AZ def. backs have NEVER looked worse. Plus AZ got burned when they blitzed too much and left themselves open to the slant. Bears should take note. That game was a cause for concern though. The offense looked like it has been clicking on all cylinders since day one. The receivers catch everything and everything is perfectly thrown. NFC Central is going to be one of the toughest divisions in the league. We can't give away any games this year to non conference opponents because we may need every single one of them for the wildcard.

  • In reply to shonbear:

    The question is, are our D-Backs going to look better?

  • In reply to shonbear:

    I mean, if we lose Week 1, 41-3 that would deflate confidence around the locker room and give the finger to Brian Urlacher and his "best team I have ever been on" comment.

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