A Wednesday Rodeo

Omiyale Wins Starting Guard Job
According to Brad Biggs, Josh Beekman's run atop the depth chart at left guard has come to an end and Frank Omiyale will start against the New York Giants Saturday night.  I can't applaud the timing of this move more.  The Giants' defensive line is the best the team will face all season and it's imperative to have the projected starters out there against Osi, Tuck and company.

The real question is...are there any competitions ongoing this summer?  With the corners solidified (and injured) and the offensive line structured, are we only awaiting the announcement that Pisa has defeated Jamar on the strong side?

Jerry Finds the Problem

When asked by Larry Mayer to evaluate the defensive performance against Buffalo, Jerry nailed the issue that plagued the club in 2008:

...we didn't get off the field on third down. They had
long drives. We played 80-plus plays on defense. That's way too much.
We've got to get off the field. We got them in third-and-medium and
third-and-long situations, and we weren't able to shut them down. So
that's got to get cleaned up.

Our corners play five yards off every receiver.  Our pass rush is non-existent.  This is how not to be successful on third down.


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  • My first first?!?!?

  • I thought Beekman did exceedingly well last year based on some guy's metric analysis? Do you guys remember that? I find the move kind of curious. I know Omiyale is getting paid to produce, but if Beekman performs well then why move him?

    My friend surprised me with this nugget: The Bears were 5th in the NFL last season in overall defensive 3rd down percentage at 34.9%, and 10th in 3rd and long (8+ yards) at 22.4%.


  • The Giants D-Line is one to be envied, for sure.

  • Fran Tarkenton:

    "I think he has been a great flamboyant quarterback, but he has made more stupid plays than any great quarterback that I've ever seen. Look at his final game in a Packers uniform. He blew that game [NFC championship] against the Giants,"

  • That rookie on the Giants D Line looks like Tuck's twin...what are they manufacturing freak athletes out there jeez.

  • It's the swamp air in north Jersey, baby. It's what gave birth to folks like myself.

  • Actually Jeff, that swamp air in North Jersey's what gave birth to me as well(Springfield, N.J.). Cheers.

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