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Eli Manning is the league's...
...highest paid player?  Does anybody who knows the game of football think that Eli Manning is even the best player on his own football team? (Read PFT's analysis of the deal)  The question will be what impact this contract has on quarterbacks around the league, including the one currently waring #6 in Chicago.  David Haugh, in his best column so far this year, breaks it down.  The most interesting detail (which Brad Biggs did not have):

Angelo woke up Wednesday morning to an e-mail from Bears contract point
man Cliff Stein that shared details of Manning's contract. It read,
"Brace yourself."...When recounting that story later Wednesday on WMVP-AM and considering the potential ramifications for the Bears, Angelo kidded, "My mouth just got real dry."

Remember when folks like me were pining for the Bears to sign Kyle Orton to a contract extension last season?  Doesn't that feel like a century ago?

Waddle Likes Rash  
Legere in the Herald says Tom Waddle, my all-time favorite Chicago Bear, quite likes Rashied Davis.  Of course, he qualifies his enthusiasm:

"Technically, he's the best wide receiver on the roster" Waddle said of
the 5-foot-9, 187-pound Davis. "He runs great routes, he's quick as
(heck), and he's got great body control. He does just about everything
right; if only he was more consistent catching the ball. None of that
other stuff matters if he drops the ball."

Rash Davis will forever be remembered in Chicago for making a clutch catch from Rex Grossman in overtime, setting up the first win of the 2006 playoffs.  He's very easy to root for.  He needs to fuck off with the drops and win the slot job.  End of story.  You're a professional football receiver.  You're only job is to catch the football.  So catch the football.

Practice at 7:00 tonight.


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  • 1st. Do you think the Bears will feel the pressure to compete with such a deal even before Cutler helps the Bears win the 1st of what we hope will be many championships? I mean, that has to be the only reason that shitstain got that type of pay-out. If he didn't win the SB, it wouldn't even be close. Eli was 14th ranked passer last year. Philip Rivers was #1 and is still making roughly 9.7M this year. Once you bring in the ring, bring on the bling.

  • Don't forget the game winning TD catch Rashied made in Minny that year as well. Ahh, good times.

    While Johnny Knox may have a higher ceiling, based on his speed and athleticism, Rashied Davis will have the upper hand in the running for the slot position because of his knowledge and experience with the Chicago Bears. And let's face it, the Chicago bears love Rashied Davis... I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact they're proud to have "discovered" him in the (late) AFL, and the fact he has always been a willing team player. I like Rash, I think he's a good guy, but if you can't hang onto the ball you're not going to see a whole lot of playing time. I'm going to hope for the best with him, and hopefully he'll prove his critics wrong and his fans (Max included) right.

    I was almost certain the Bears were going to bring in a veteran WR to help balance this young corps. out, but I can understand the commitment they are making to the young guys in order to accelerate their development. The Moose/Booker/Lloyd experiments probably gave the Bears reason to believe that whatever contributions these guys were making weren't worth the cost of stunting the development of the younger guys on the club. I also think JA might have some hard feelings about Moose in particular for saying Chicago is the place where WRs go to die. The fact JA has brought in a pro-bowl QB and has committed himself to developing the young WR core on the team shows me he's out to prove Moose wrong. I could be wrong here, but I can respect the fact JA is no longer going to sacrifice the development of the WRs for an average production from a veteran in the twilight og his career. Now, if an established "#1" WR were to become available, there's no doubt in my mind JA would at the very least inquire about the possibility of giving his new QB a new weapon.

    More to come later. Go bears!

  • I like Tom Waddle. As gutsey a receiver as the Bears have ever had. He took a beating weekly and kept coming back for more. If HE could still line up opposite Hester we'd be in great shape. But for him to praise Daivis and then qualify it with "if only he was more consistent catching the ball. None of that other stuff matters if he drops the ball." is like saying "If I had wheels I'd be a wagon". Yeah, that was Ia nice catch from Rex in O.T. and an even BETTER one from Orton to get the go ahead score in Atlanta last season. But thereafter he proceeded to KILL the offense with drops. Not just drops, they were too often THIRD-DOWN-RIGHT-IN-YOUR-HANDS-WOULD-HAVE-BEEN-A-FIRST-DOWN-TO-KEEP-DRIVES-ALIVE drops.

  • I'm still hoping for Matt Jones!!!

    I'm glad the giants wrapped up so much money in a not so good qb.

  • A Bears fan can only hope:


  • I was going to make a smartass remark about the Giants putting more money into a completely undeserving QB than anyone else in the history of the NFL....
    and then I remembered what Matthew Stafford got.
    What in the world are the Giants thinking??? There is no question that Eli is not an all-world QB. Best player on the whole team? He's not even the third best player on their offense!

  • The salaries are getting a little out of hand nowadays. Some may say that the guys that get this type of money are the best in the world but how many of these guys actually generate the same results post-big time contract as pre-big time contract. And this "guaranteed money" bull is way out of hand. Paid based on how we hope you will perform in the future?

  • although, i guess the shakiness of NFL contracts have yielded these types of bonuses, guaranteed money deals and outlandish payouts. I'm just rambling...

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    What bothers me most is that these contracts don't just hurt an organization. They trickle down and hurt organizations everywhere. When players are played above their worth, it forces other organizations to match those inane deal.

    When Kelly signed that crap contract with Oakland, it fucked every team with a solid defensive tackle. This contract means mediocrity (and that's what Eli currently is) will now be rewarded with 100 million dollars. What does Aaron Rodgers get in the next deal? Cutler? There's no way the Chargers can get away with not blowing Eli's deal out of the water, as Rivers is a far better and far more productive QB.

    And before you throw the Super Bowl at me, relax. It ain't Rivers' fault that guy fumbled an interception against the Pats. All he's done is continue to light up the scoreboard with less than elite receiving talent.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    on a somewhat related note... crabtree is willing to sit out 2009 and go back into the draft next season because the 49ers won't pay him the 38 million that DHB got.

    Rivers will be the highest paid QB in the NFL... until we have to up Cutler next season. Bad news for every team in the NFL. There are maybe 5 players in the whole NFL that are such game changers they deserve 15 million a year... Eli isn't one of them. Neither is Rivers IMO.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Speaking of contract issues:


    Wow. Keep in mind this was the same agent for Rex and Ced the Bum.

  • In reply to JeffHughes:

    Absolute must listen for any Bears fan:


    Cutler, Olsen and Forte with the Ginger Haired Genius Zach Zaidman just ripping on each other like they were just sitting around shooting the shit. Hilarious. If the chemistry between Jay and Greg on the field is a good as it is off, this is going to be an exciting year. One of the best interviews I've ever heard.

  • In reply to Shady:

    great interview, thanks for letting us know about it. The thought of Olsen split out wide and giving the defense different looks is awesome. Cutty thinks Bennett has been really consistent so that's good. we need bennett to have a nice 35-50 catch season.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'm thinking if Cutler, Forte, and Olsen can become as one on the field, there could be a *lot* of good years ahead.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Don't like the Eli thing at all, always thought that Eli and Rex were pretty much the same QB, with the exception of one or two plays in the Super Bowl that seemingly make Eli look like he's good now.

    I know I am always one of the first to bash rash, but I am leaving the door open for the possibility that maybe the different QB will make a difference in the way he catches the ball. Also maybe the idea that he isn't pressured to be one of the main guys anymore will be better for him. My main reason for being down on him is that I watched these rookie receivers on all these different teams beind super successful while not seeing the Bears make a change when the lack of execution was killing us at critical times last year. When you start being a major contributor to losing games because of drops, fumbles or whatever. It's time to ride the pine and give someone else a chance to make plays. Lot's of players step up and do things you never thought possible once the "Sunday Night Lights" are on them. Who would have ever thought Devin would come out and do what he did in his first two seasons. If not for the electricity he produced, he wouldn't have been thought of to become a receiver. Then he got in his head and it paid the price against his amazing return ability. So bringing that around to Rash, maybe with less pressure, he too will come around. this is the way I choose to think.

    My pie in the sky is always high, until they play the games and start proving me wrong, I will keep the hopeful mentality.

    Go Bears!

    P. S. The Bears are on the front page of NFL/ESPN, thanks to the Mort Report, havent read it yet though.

  • In reply to Shady:

    From Da Site Layer the Mire...
    Love the column and the twitter posts. It sounds like Nate Vasher

  • In reply to Shady:

    Why don't we just have Jay decide which guy he wants in the slot?

  • Lemme echo this,

    the Dropopatamus experiment has lasted TOO long

  • it is becoming a big salary pissing contest...

  • ..with an uncapped 2010 season bearing down like a runaway freight train.

    Just hope the Bears can stay relevant for 2009 because next season figures to put the NFL back into labor hell.

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