A Sunday Rodeo

"Smith is coaching as if his job depended on it. . . ."
Steve Rosenbloom takes a look at Bears camp and makes a point I've been waiting for a local columnist to make.  Lovie Smith is showing offensive ingenuity, making tough decisions, keeping the guys in pads and having those guys tackle each other.  I think anyone who believes Smith can keep his job in Chicago without a trip to the postseason isn't reading the tea leaves.

Beekman v. Omiyale Update 
From Brad Biggs:

"I would say it's the plan," Smith said. "You can't start moving guys
around. We have done very little live, I'm talking about finishing
plays and things like that. Both guys are getting good work right now
and we'll let it play out. Once we start playing preseason games, to me
that is when you get a legitimate depth chart. Until then, we're just
working the guys in and going from there.''

I would think the second preseason game, against the New York Giants' brilliant defensive line, should give the coaching staff an opportunity to evaluate this position.

Caleb Hanie
Brad Biggs writes that the Bears made an attempt to acquire Andrew Walter for the backup quarterback position.  I've written it before but Caleb Hanie is the player I (and hopefully the organization) will be watching closely over these four fake games.  When you're organization's hopes and dreams are a rolled-up-on ankle away from washing down the drain, I think the situation warrants attention.


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  • my gut says if Cutler goes down for any reasonable amount of time we are screwed. We could run a lot of wildcat stuff with Forte, Hester, and K. Jones.

  • Well Family Day was a little disappointing for 2 reasons:
    1.) No scrimmage ; there was really no 11 v 11 situationals. I really kind of went to see that and it didn't happen.
    2.) It was pretty weak ; everyone seemed to be going through the motions instead of practicing, more like a dog and pony show than an open practice.

    It was really warm out and I'm sure noone wanted to see someone get hurt but still we did pay a little to see em play.

    Impressive players were DJ Moore, Rideau and Marcus Harrison. The only guy that stuck out as awful was Peterson, poor guy dropped 3 in a row in simple route running drills. I really feel like Rideau will get his shot this year. Knox dropped a pass but took a kickoff back for a TD(touch drill but he wasn't even touched.) I didnt get many good pics as were in the 2nd bowl :(

  • Andrew Walter? My first thought was 'who the hell is Andrew Walter?'
    So I looked him up.

    This kid has 3 touchdowns and 16 interceptions for just under 2,000 yards and a 52.6 rating. Sounds like we Bears fans just dodged a huge motherfucking bullet. I'd rather have Caleb Hanie who has no stats over Andy who has the worst of any active quarterback.

  • No way Lovie is going anywhere after this year, no matter what happens. That being said, however, he IS putting more of the blame on himself if things don't work out, especially defensively now that he is calling the plays. While a disppointing season defensively may officially put Lovie on the hot seat, his job is not at risk this season.

  • Seems to me it'd be a tough call,on the issue of the bosses eatin' a contract which is never palatable to virginia or michael,Smith dosent have a losing record although...... mediocrity gets a lot boring after awhile. With some of the new toys I'd think the playoffs should be the minimum for somebody, be it Smith or Turner, and I think Turner has to fall before Smith,just because he's almost the last fall guy from his regime and thats if Smiths' D means they have to out score everybody and cant even with the Commanda' from Vandy, which means Smith didnt get it done on his side of the ball, but will anybody else see it that way. He's settin' himself up for the accountability gig, so be it, but I think he knows with Cutler in his first go-round in Chicago that got him some more wiggle room. I really dont dislike Smith, dislike not bein' the "Monsters", no reason we shouldnt be..

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