Why I'm Rooting For Favre To Return

As training camp peeks its head around the bend, the Vikings are preparing to welcome a new master of ceremonies to the Minnesota circus.  And it hasn't take long for players to voice their displeasure with the move:

Previously, there have been a few indications that some were hesistant
to welcome Favre with open arms.  Defensive end Ray Edwards has said
that Favre will have to drop the "prima donna act," and linebacker Chad Greenway has questioned "where [Favre's] loyalties lie."

A disloyal prima donna is exactly what the Vikings know they are getting.  A disloyal prima donna with a vendetta against a former exployer, serious injury concerns, a penchant for breaking down and one of the world's worst dome records is what the Vikings must be ignoring. 

Here are my real questions.  What happens if the Vikings open 1-3 and Favre looks awful?  Do they bench him for Tarvaris Jackson?  Does Favre stand on the sideline for three months?  By signing him, are they forced to ride the horse until the horse can't ride?

If you're one of these people that thinks Favre coming to Minnesota makes them better, I beg you to stop thinking about the Favre of five years ago.  The Favre who never lost in Soldier Field.  The Favre who seemed to find ways to win every game late.  The dog no longer hunts.  This Favre is a mediocre player with the capacity to tear apart an organization from the inside. 

And when it's the organization we're chasing for a division title, that sounds good to me.


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  • I absolutely agree 110%. Other than his locker room b/s (which really only the players/staff can speak to), the fact is that his propensity for turning the ball over will be a huge roadblock for the Vikes. If you look at the games they lost last year, they were not because they didn't gamble enough - they lost games because of poor special teams play and offensive turnovers. Favre does nothing to help them in those aspects and, based on his performance over the last two years, will be detrimental to their TO ratio.

  • Could not agree with you more, Jeff. Favre is a franchise wrecking ball.

    I tell you folks, there are a lot of Packers fans where I live (bandwagon leftovers from the 90s) and it is the most delightful music to hear them curse and bemoan the once idolized Brett Favre. They finally realize what us Bears fans have known for years. When he returns to the Vikings, I will still fear Aaron Rodgers more than any other signal-caller in the division.

  • I don't know if im rooting for his return, but I know he wont be that good this season.

  • McNair was shot to death in downtown Nasjville. WTF?
    Always saw him as a class act and great competitor.

  • Favre to the Minnesota. Go figure. Like any of us had doubts? Just like Diva Brett tried to orchestrate last year when he didn't think the Packers would call his bluff and pay him to hold a clipboard. BZZZT! Wrong-O, "Streak Breath"! Kudos to the Packers for their foresight. Congratulations, Vikings. You get the spoiled QB with the Hall-Of-Fame career credentials, eroding skills and the Hall-of-SHAME self-serving attitude. Did I say "selfish". Know this: The Jets went in the tank last fall because Brett's arm was shot, as evidenced by his need for shoulder surgery. Did he exhibit the class of a true leader, go to his coach and say "My arm is shot, you better go to Kellen Clemens while we're still are in playoff contention"? Noooooooo! Mr. "I am not about to break my consecutive games streak no matter what" didn't say "boo" and led the Jets OUT of the playoffs with some absolutely DREADFUL performances. And yes, Eric Mangini shares culpability in that charade for not having the BALLS (or "Cahones" as we say out here in Tucson) to sit Favre's injured ass on the bench where it belonged. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! As Jeff points out ,Viking fans, apparently you ALSO get this LOVELY BONUS PRIZE: UNREST in the locker room!

  • Your argument makes no sense at all.

    People constantly talk about how awful he plays in the metrodome but it you actually look at the stats, he has only lost there once since 2003.

    Secondly, you are insane if you think the vikes will start out 1-3 against the browns, lions, 49ers, and packers. Those teams are all pretty bad. the vikings at worst start 3-1.

    Remember that favre was a top 10 qb last year before he injured his shoulder and self destructed in the final four games of the season. His injury severely hampered his playing ability. If his injury still affects him this season, then I admit he won't really help the vikings much. But if he is fully recovered don't give me that BS that he wont greatly upgrade the QB position for the Vikings next year.

    this is the kind of blind homerism that bears fans constantly display and im not the least bit surprised.

  • to JOHN: FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Jeff, you come across as rather ignorant.

    "the Favre of five years ago"?
    "a mediocre player"?

    Well, lets see. Two years ago he led the Packers to a 13-3 record and got the only MVP vote that didn't go to Brady. It would be difficult to argue he wasn't one of the best QBs in the league.

    Last year, through almost 2/3 of the season, he led the Jets to an 8-3 record and his stats were in the top 5 or 10 QBs. Then his arm was hurt and the season fell apart.

    So he's had the arm fixed, and we'll see. But try to not make stuff up in future articles.

  • first off fuck Brett favre......if youre not a Chicago Bear or a fan of the chicago bears then eat a dick! oh and on a completely other/random subject, what happened to that Devin Aromashado dude we signed?I have literaly NOtHING about this dude.....anybody know?

  • Amen Jeff, Amen. The more time those two organizations deal with that dip shit the better for us. Let them both spend all their energy justifying their moves while we wipe up the division. I seriously hope they become the new rivalry. Amen Jeff, Amen!

  • Oh, Charlie, read the article again. That was the point Jeff was making. Take it easy cowboy, we're all on the same side I hope. The Favre of 5 years ago is not the Favre of today. Period.

  • John makes a few decent points, until the top-ten QB thing.

    If the vikes want to put all their eggs in Favre's basket, more power to them. When was the last time a 40-year-old QB made it through an entire season?

    It also sounds like some of them vikes are not on board with this move.

  • The Favre sycophants STILL don't get it! John, Charlie your arguments basically state that last year "Farve was good until he was bad". John: "He was a top ten QB until.." Charlie:"..almost 2/3 thirds of the season...Jets were 8-3..." Yada, yada, yada. Pretty lame, guys. The payoffs come after 16 games. Not 10. Not 11. Kyle Orton was not the same QB after he injured his ankle against Detroit. Mike Brown would be headed to the hall of Fame if not for a spate of injuries. And if my aunt had a pair she'd be my uncle.

  • Well said, Al.

  • lmao @ Al. but seriously....GO BRETT FAVRE!!!! GO TO THE VIKS AND BLOW THAT TEAM UP!!!!

  • On the 13-3 season...if he was so good, why did the Packers whole-heartedly decide he was finished? The answer: he was awful in the playoffs and they realized he was no longer capable of being a championship player.

    As for last season, I can read stats pages too. But I also watched every single Jets game. Favre wasn't "injured" and playing badly down the stretch. He was dreadfully slow, tiring a great deal and making some of the worst decisions a quarterback's ever made.

    But please. I welcome him to Minnesota. One day someone will look back at this career with an honest eye and notice something: the ends never justified the means.

  • Back from vacation, two glorious weeks in Chicagoland's Playground (aka Wisconsin), going from the 50's into 103 - wow - DaBearsBlog is about the only thing I missed from being gone.

    Excellent response there Jeff. But somehow I think we're missing some of the magnitude of this. This is absolutely, positively the greatest thing that could ever happen to a Favre-hating Bear fan - it's like Christmas in July, like pulling a winning lottery ticket. Brett Favre, the self-loving, ridiculous and apparently idiotic man that he's now proven himself to be, has PISSED IT ALL AWAY - all of it! The deserved and the undeserved adulation, all that acquired capital from his years of playing up in the frozen tundra -


    We couldn't have orchestrated this any better if we were Plankton lodged in SpongeBrett's brain, pulling levers and making him talk!

    This thing HAS to happen, we're too close to the finish line - the look on my next door neighbor/Packer fan was just priceless yesterday, when I had my first chance to ask him "so... whatdja think about Brett going to your hated rival" - a look of pure panic crossed his face as he said "it's not a done deal yet, is it?" I said I thought it was pretty close to being real, and said "so how would you feel about him if he does it?" He said, without a millisecond of pause and in a dead serious tone, "oh I'd hate him, yes."

    That's just one Cheesehead. Multiply him by millions.

    Does BrainDeadBrett understand nothing about karma?

    There's a bad moon rising in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, friends. Can't wait to watch what happens.

    LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i was talking with someone about football last week. this is how the best part of the conversation went.

    him: im more of a college fan than a pro fan right now
    me: why's that
    him: cause it changes them, brett favre used to be my hero, now he's just an asshole
    me: (silent chuckle to myself)

  • the man is rapidly destroying his fan base and i think thats awesome

  • I agree 100% with you. Let Farve come back! Let him be a Viking!

    1. I personally think that with Farve behind the helm; AP will see less touches (i.e. a very good thing!)

    2. Farves love for throwing interceptions! He basically hands the ball to the defense sometimes.

    If Farve returns as the Vikings QB he will be no upgrade to that position or the team as a whole.

    Let him come back!

  • I would like to expand, If I may, on Jeff's point about why the Packer management said "Uh-oh" and pulled the plug on Favre after a 13-3 season...

    Uh-oh #1:
    He personally ended their '07 season with an absolutely horrendous, forced throw, in overtime, that was picked off to set up the Giants game-winning kick. That was AT LAMBEAU! IN THE COLD!! Two things that were supposed to make the Packers INVINCIBLE when playing in Green Bay. UNBEATEN in the post- season at Lambeau for the entire 20th Century, Packer management was now faced with the fact that, since 1998, Favre was 2-3 in the post-season in Green Bay.

    Uh-oh #2:
    The vast majority of us gleefully recall Brett's last performance at Soldier Field in December of '07. BITTER cold. Wind HOWLING in off Lake Michigan. No place for weenie's, right? So Favre shows up dressed like an extra from SCOTT OF THE ANTARCTIC or NANOOK OF THE NORTH. He looked like he wanted to be ANYPLACE ELSE but Soldier Field and he played like it. If you can't play in the cold anymore, you can't play for the Pack anymore. Fortunately for Green Bay fans, Packer management took off the rose-colored glasses and realized what was happening.

    Uh-oh #3:
    Don't forget that early in '08 the Packers STILL offered to have him back. They flew down to Mississippi to kiss his a...er, I mean, sound him out, but he said no. Why? Because the Diva doesn't want to practice much anymore and he avoids OTA's and as much training camp as possible. That and he didn't want to play in Green Bay anymore because sooner or later it was going to get cold.

    Plus, Viking fans, while he's guaranteed 9 indoor games with the Vikes, do you think playing on that renowned hard surface in the "roller dome" is going to be good for Brett's 39 year old joints?

    Lastly, the grumbling the the Viking locker room aside,have you heard ANY of his former Jet teammates saying how sorry they are Brett "retired"? On the contrary it's been more like "Don't let the door hit you in the fanny on the way out you self-serving, prima donna".

    Hasta la vista, baby!

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