Tillman Has Back Surgery

David Haugh is reporting that Charles Tillman will miss training camp and the preseason due to back surgery.

Needless to say...bad news.  Mike Florio, over at PFT, adds this:

Tillman missed the final two games of the 2006 season with a similar problem.  In February 2007, he underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back.

We now have a starter in the defensive backfield (already a weakness) with a chronic back issue.  There's now a lot of pressure on Nathan Vasher to return to form.


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  • O NO

  • That sound we just heard is BJ Moore buckling his chinstrap.

  • Boy this is just peachy. Couldn't have done this 3 mos. ago.

  • The timing of this seems strange. I think you can read between the lines and relax a bit knowing this had to be a premeditated move by the staff. Tillman will be ready to go week 1 in Lambeau, you can bank on it.

  • Doesn't it seem like this guy has gotten his payday he is always hurt... why the hell did they wait this long to have surgery.. FUCK....

  • Yes, yes apparently you can Max.

    This isn't major back surgery here, Peanut is just getting a little scope to clean up his back and will be good to go this season. There is modern medicine out there ahem*HGH*ahem to help recover from these minor procedures.

    Additionally, it gives the kids like Bowman, Graham and Moore a chance to really improve their game with the starters in camp. Who knows, maybe the whole Graham at safety move in OTAs didn't pass the eye test and they figured keep him where he looks the best. Again, breathe.

    Charles Tillman trains all year round and knows the playbook inside and out. How much will camp benefit him compared to the younger guys in the club? Again, don't sweat it too much guys because Peanut will be ready to roll with the start of the 2009 season.

  • Shit.

    Zack Bowman better be the second coming of Mel Blount...or at least be able to start in place of Peanut. Damn sad thing.

  • Ditto, Ghost. The best ball-stripper in the league. No disrespect, Shady, but I submit there is no such thing as "minor" back surgery, especially for a professional football player and yes, the timing seems a bit strange.
    This piece of "good news" camp hasn't even opened yet? Ouch!

  • Haugh points out that Tillman has returned from disc surgery before, but THAT surgery was performed in FEBRUARY. Don't like those words "out, indefinitely".

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Reparing a herniated disc is certainly more serious than cleaning up or "scoping" the floating debris in Peanut's back. While I understand that no back surgery is "minor", this is about as routine a procedure as it gets.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I hope it is that routine.

  • Just now he had surgery? Is there a reason this waited until the end of July? I really, really hope this wasn't something that could have been taken care of earlier this summer.

    I'm very interested in what D.J. Moore will bring to the table. Let's hope he can learn on the fly.

  • Sounds like your cervical spinal fusion surgery is a bit more serious and complicated than what Peanut had to deal with. He is having arthroscopic surgery to clean out debris in his back, not remove an enitre disc. Again, he'll be ready to go by week 1 - no doubt in my mind.

  • In other news, Mike Mulligan can't be serious.


    This kind of move would tarnish an otherwise outstanding offseason for Jerry Angelo.

  • Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn but, "toot, toot".


    Cue Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds.... now.

  • Mike Mulligan is serious. He is seriously a jackass. There is no way in hell that the Chicago Bears would, have, are considered/ing brining on Michael Vick. He did his crime, has done his time, and I have no problems with him being reinstated to the NFL, but he is NOT going to be a Bear. This kind of stuff has been drummed up by the Hanie haters.

    If you're wanting to bring a veteran back, why not Amani Toomer? Why not Amani Toomer? Marvin Harrison is shooting at people, so write him off the list, but why not Amani Toomer?

  • Peanut will be suiting up week 1. Of every player on D, he's the one I worry about least when it comes to missing training camp. He has played in our system forever, he plays with pain all the time (see last season, shoulder), and he's a gamer. My biggest worry is this screws up the Graham to S move.

    We are pretty deep at corner anyway. I love Peanut, but lets hope vasher returns to form. Then between Bowman, Graham, and Moore we will find a serviceable corner if need be. It (clearly) doesn't matter who plays corner if our D-line doesn't stay healthy/play well.

    I reserve my freaking out until I see a report that tommie harris has some keen pain and can't fully participate in preseason workouts.

  • I have no doubt that Mr. Nut will be suiting up and smacking the ball out of receivers hands by game 1 of the regular season. I think this injury might actually help our secondary. The last several season's either Mr. Nut or the interceptor have missed significant time during the regular season, and our backups have been green (see the falcon game last year). This injury will give our younger guys at least some experience against top talent in the preseason. I think DJ Moore is going to be a stud. Angelo said he had the best ball skills he's seen since vasher. Remember Vasher's rookie year? the ball just seemed to go to him, and I think Moore has some of that in him too. Oh, and I'd sign Vick to the minimum. He may have electrofied a few doggy's, but he's a better option #2 that Hannie or Bazenez.

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