Pussies are a Good Thing

I had two thoughts last night as I sat down for a long shower.  (1) What do I really think about this whole Bobby Wade-says-Urlacher-called-Cutler-a-pussy thing?  (2) When's Steve Rosenbloom going to realize that nobody cares about baseball anymore?  Rosenbloom makes his 2009 NFL season debut this morning and does so with the most interesting and lucid commentary I've read on the situation. 

Rosenbloom thinks the whole thing is great and so do I.  That's where we sorrowfully part.  Steve's contention seems to be that it's important for Brian Urlacher to establish locker room dominance before Cutler becomes Cade McNown redux. Suddenly the Halls of Halas are a Discovery Channel documentary about lions in the Serengeti.

I contend that, on the eve of training camp, Cutler use this incident as an offensive rallying cry.  2009 can be a lot of things for the Chicago Bears but it should be the year where the leadership ceases to come from the middle linebacker position and from the defense in general.  I can already hear some fans crying "Sacrilege!  This is the Chicago Bears!  Middle linebackers run the show!  We're all about defense!"  Fuck that.  Seriously.

The young talent of this Bears group is the pussy quarterback.  The running back.  The tight end.  The wide receiver.  The most accomplished veteran on the roster is the left tackle.  The heart and soul of the organization is still the center.  The defense?  Outside of Lance Briggs, Alex Brown and Israel Idonije - is there a player on that side of the ball that hasn't underachieved in the last two seasons?  If Urlacher made the comments to Bobby Wade, perhaps it's because he's beginning to sense that his decade-long stranglehold on the locker room went the way of Mike Brown.

And on the eve of training camp, that's what I'm hoping for.  A Chicago Bears team whose Pussy QB reminds one of the Punky QB and takes his club to the same destination.  His club.  #54 has had the pulpit and the sermon was a mixed bag.  Three trips to the postseason and two complete defensive meltdowns upon arrival.  Maybe it's time for the balance of power to shift.  And if Brian and the boys want to re-take control of this team...they could start by playing better. 


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  • First?!? Love the title; pussies are good things.

  • I love the title as well. Since age 11 I've thought that pussies are a good thing...but some people prefer assholes.

    Many cogent points, Jeff. However, I'm unconvinced that this dramatic lockerroom battle is actually taking place. This is exactly what always happens on the eve of the season...dramatic news drummed up to fuck the sideline machismo. McNeill's piece in the Sun Times is probably the last of his articles I will ever read because of this. He concludes that Urlacher is washed up and jealous of the new star in town.

    That just doesn't seem like Urlacher. If he was a limelight primadona, then why is it that he tries to stay as far away from the cameras, fans, and press as possible?

  • Jeff, great post! Ghost, i agree on the McNeill article. What a load of bullshit... and to answer his question at the end of the article, YES! Urlacher thinks you are a pussy too. And so do I.

    First of all, I 100% believe he DID call Cutler a pussy, and he probably believes that. I think Rosey is right, this is a good thing. Its a challenge to Jay Culter from the most respected chicago bear of them all. So come out and light up our D in training camp. Then bring that to Green Bay on week 1. A pissed off Urlacher is a scary, game changing Urlacher. This is nothing but good. Urlacher punks Jay... Jay responds by making offense the "story" in chicago... and the D responds by playing with more urgency, fire, and dominance because they want the headlines.

    Maybe urlacher is a fucking genius. Or maybe its all a bunch of media crap and means nothing. I'm kinda hoping for my scenario.

    Plus who cares of Urlacher and Culter like each other? Nobody. They don't work together directly, so its all good. And bobby wade is a duche bag, no talent, washed up, purple and white wearing, maximum pussy. You can tell him i said so.

  • Message to Brad Childress:

    Please send Bobby Wade over the middle when we play each other so Urlacher can Chuck Cecil his ass. Wade is such a vadge.

  • Updated Message to Brad Childress:

    Please cut off your child molester mustache and then send Bobby Wade over the middle when we play each other so Urlacher can Chuck Cecil his ass. Wade is such a vadge. Childress looks like John Waters.

  • Awesome post Jeff. You hit the nail right on the head. Urlacher and the D want to be the talk of the town, they should play like they want it.

  • BU is a pussy for holding out last season because he had supposedly "outplayed" his contract, how is that much different than whining or crying about your team doesnt care about you...then he gets more money to play like crap last year, albeit not all his fault, but still an unimpressive season. Heres to hoping the D and O practice hard core against each other this preseason trying to out-do each other like they used to in the 80's. It's too bad that Lovie wont let the kinder more gentler era take a look back at how those types of preseasons helped prepare a team better for the regular season than this ice cream stuff they do today with limited to no contact on each other.

    Lastly, what kind of friend to BU is Bobby Wade if he would take that kind of info and put it out there. These guys have no loyalty, what trash.

    Jeff, great post.

  • Not too sure how much I believe in all this "He Said (Urlacher), She Said (Wade)" crap.

    I'm guessing that Wade really didn't want to talk about the only true thing he knows about the Vike's camp this year - the fact that he is fighting for a roster spot and faces the clear fact that he might not make the final roster.

    What better way to divert attention from the fact that he is the oldest, yet least valuable, receiver on a team that just added another couple of rookies that the coaches will actually want to evaluate? How many receivers are they going to want to keep?

    Seven seasons pretty much tells the tale on Wade. I think even someone of Childress' diminished capacity could figure out what they have as a receiver with Wade.

  • Ah...yes, Bobby Wade. Earstwhile Bear. Returned a punt for a TD in his rookie year and regressed from there. Dropping passes and fumbling punts left and right, then just not fielding returnable punts and subtracting 1o-20 yards a pop in field position in the process. Ever see the NFL GAME OF THE WEEK of the Bears-Lions game that ended on Peanut's O.T. pick-six? Wade allows a returnable punt to land and roll and the film cuts to an ANGRY Uhlacher saying "CATCH THE BALL, BOBBY!". The fact that Wade is on the Vikings speaks volumes about the quality of THEIR wideouts.

    The Bears as Brian Uhrlacher's team? They are not and never have been. We all know the team leader, defensively, during most of Uhrlacher's tenure was Mike Brown! Once again, the gaggle of "Honking Geese" that comprise the National Sports Media have, WHIFFED on a story.

    NFL teams are ALL basically divided camps. If Offensive and defensive units don't outright dislike each other, then they mere TOLERATE each other. The Defensive guys think ALL the Offensive guys are "pussies". The Offensive guys think the defensive guys are on that side of the ball because they just aren't talented enough and /or smart enough to play offense. Bill Wade,QB of the '63 Champs, has said (on NFL Films) that when they would come on the field after receiving a punt, defensive players would say to the offensive squad, "Hold 'em".

    This is yest another "Tempest in a teapot."

  • great stuff Jeff. ROFLMAO @ jimmy & johnny

  • 3 players on D that havent underacheived for the last 2 years.. Brian Urlacher, Anthony Adams and Charles Tillman. 08 yah BU sucked but 07 was one of his better seasons of his career so that would cancel him out and Tillman is pretty damn consistent and Adams wasn't ever expected to be a starter. Then you could throw in Graham, Bowman, and Harrison as far as getting way more than expected.

    Personally I think the defensive struggles had a lot to do with overscheming (overthinking) they were trying to get too creative instead of flying to the ball like they did in the past. I strongly believe that Lovie's booting of Babich will pay divedends and combined with the Marinelli affect, should return our D to 06 form or better.

  • Tillman was consistently terrible throughout 2008.

  • This is my first post on Da New Site. I've been reading since da transition but haven't felt da urge to purge until now. I'm just as excited about Jay Cutler's potential future with Da Bears as da next die-hard fan. However, I have lived in San Diego for the last 5 years and have had a pretty good look at Cutler during his first three years with the Broncos. The Chargers played them twice a year and he most definitely displayed the characteristics of a grade-A P ussy on more than one occasion. I wasn't completely on board when all of the trade talks began to arise because I feel he has a lot to prove. He has great #s during his short career but has yet to make it to the post season and has repeatedly broken down in the 4th Q when the chips were stacked against him. I am nothing but optimistic about this season but lets face it. The kid comes off as kind of a P ussy. BTW, is this breaking news that Defensive players think offensive players are P ussies? Ya, he said it, so what?!? JC is a Biznitch until proven udderwise IMHO lol Bears For Life!

  • Where the phuck is phil?

  • Terrible? Tillman had 93 tackles and 7 combined INTs+FF in 08
    Charles Woodson had 62 and 8; Dre Bly had 62 and 3; Champ Bailey had 44 and 3; and Trufant went to the Pro Bowl with 64 and 1. How was he terrible?

  • Because he didn't cover anybody well all season. Enough stats, people!

  • Corners make a lot of tackles when they let receivers catch a lot of balls. Champ Bailey doesn't need to make 93 tackles because he doesn't allow 93 receptions all season. The best corners in the game don't lead the league in interceptions because opponents don't throw the ball near them. If you actually watched the Chicago Bears last season and you thought he played well at corner, there's no way for me to convince you otherwise. How many third and long conversions does he need to allow?

  • Corners make a lot of tackles when they are one of the best tacklers on their teams as well. Champ Bailey wouldn't last three games as a Bears corner, no faith in the FS and no pressure from the Dline? He would probably refuse to play. The fact is that even HD doesn't give us the ability to know what play is called on D, you see the where the fuck are you going look that manning got as Andre is streaking uncovered down the sideline... Tillman is a physical corner who is a great tackler and adept at stripping the ball, in essence he is absolutely perfect for the cover 2.

  • I agree Tillman had a solid season save for 2 plays last year: The unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on that asshat Trublood and the bite on Schenko to let Berrian go 99yards. Other than that, I'd say he did fine last year.

    You want to talk about terrible? How about Nathan fucking Vasher? now HE was terrible last season.

  • Leave a comment...If you guys haven't already seen the videos on Da Site from Cutler and Urlacher addressing this high school drama shit, I strongly suggest you do. Pretty funny stuff.

    "Yeah I called Jay about the rumor and said 'hey pussy what's goin' on?'"

    Funny stuff. But seriously, does it matter one way or the other if these guys are BFF or hate each other? No. Let's move on.

  • Agree Jeff, I've felt the same way about Tillman and is ability to force fumbles. He gets chances because he allows catches in front of him. When this defense was really good in 2005 and 2006 Nate Vasher was the best corner on the team.
    I do think Urlacher was great in 2007 however. He was hurt as was much of the defense in front of him, but he took over a couple of games that year regardless.
    Even if this was true, who cares? I mean Hampton and McMahon hated each other in '85 and still won the bowl. Just an example of the vikes wanting to take attention off of the fact that T-Joke is their QB.

  • still comes down to the fact that when the secondary is piling up the tackle count, then your d line isnt doing its job.

  • Glad to see some of the fans rise to Tillman's defense here. I thought Tillman was the third best player on the Bears last year behind Forte and Briggs. Making tackles and forcing fumbles all year long. I know this has been talked about ad nauseum: the scheme left the corners out on islands. That's a bad place for a cornerback to be.

  • Do people still say pussy?

  • wade is a gunt

  • Only pussies sit in the shower... lol!

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    I am not the only one who was wondering WTF when he said

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    Fuck that. Seriously. INDEED! I love defense as much as the next Bears fan...but I love winning more, and if this team is carried by the offense, so be it. No to mention, I think our defense will be improved this year, but I don't expect one of the top five units in the NFL. I'd say we need the offense to shine if we want to contend for the whole fucking thing.

    As for the Cutler-Urlacher 'fued', who cares. I'd rather have this team coming into the season with a chip on its shoulder. If it needs some fake as rallying cries, so be it.

    Should be a fun camp, and season...looking forward to some good commentary on this site.

  • In reply to DuffDiggler:

    If Jay was a pussy, then why did he start every Game two years ago and throw for almost 4,000 yards ,and lost 40 lbs. , oh, and I forgot to say , Almost died, until he found out he had Diabetes. Then last year , he started every game , threw for 4,500 yards ,with NO running game, ( 8 different running back's ), and a D , that couldn't stop my Mother... And the other team's knowing he had to threw, but still couldn't stop him...Pussy... I like it too! But Cutler being one, I don't think so... Go BEARS!

  • Amen, Jeff. Amen. great post.

  • OK - was Tillman great last year? NO.
    However, two things:
    1) Shutdown corners who have to hedge to the inside because the middle of the field is getting picked apart are no longer playing on an island. That happened all year long last year because the coverage in the flat by My Favorite Bear and whoever else was playing strong safety that week was utter crap. Several of the "bad plays" that have been mentioned were the result of having to come back to the middle of the field because our safeties were lost.
    2) Peanut doesn't strip the ball 20 yards down field. Nearly all of his forced turnovers occur at or near the line of scrimmage, so saying his FF/turnovers reflect poor coverage makes no sense whatsoever.
    His shoulder problems should be a really big red flag at this point though - Graham or Bowman will be starting full-time very, very soon.

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