Four Days 'Til Training Camp

Note: If you are headed down to training camp, let me know.  I'd be glad to allow this as a forum for your photographs and first-hand accounts.

Receivers Will Be the Focus
Kudos to Brad Biggs at the Sun-Times for breaking down the entirety of the position with such detail.  With no trade for Anquan Boldin on the horizon and Robert Morgenthau pushing two years of jail time for Plaxico Burress ("Amen!" says my best friend Lou), the Bears have actually created very little drama at the position.  They suited-up six men at wideout a year ago and it looks like those six are going to be Devin "The Skunk" Hester, "Duke of" Earl Bennett, Rash "Hands" Davis, Juaquin "Julio" Iglesias, Johnny "Jackass" Knox and Brandon Rideau "A Deer a Female Deer".  The other options?  Derek Kinder?  John Broussard?  Eric Peterman?  The only real tension around the position is whether one of the rookies can supplant Jay Cutler's former teammate in the starting lineup.  And really,what are the odds of that?

Two Things I Don't Care About (and neither should you) 

Larry Mayer wastes column space responding to Fox Sports' Power Rankings and arguing the merits of the Bears.  I'd like to reiterate a previously-made statement: Power Rankings are what football columnists write when they have absolutely no other use as journalists. 

Seeing the headline of Brad Biggs' not-going-to-make-Bob-Woodward-nervous Sun-Times column should tell you all you need to know: "Does Cutler mean at least 10 wins?" Maybe, after three months, we could stop speculating about how many games Cutler is going to win?  Maybe we could just wait and see how well he gels with the offense on Friday and beyond?  Maybe we could just look at their record after sixteen games and use that number as a barometer?  


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  • Pre-season Power rankings. They're right up there with going thru the schedule and ticking off wins & losses on my list of useless exercises.

  • Mr. Mayer DOES point out that NFL pre-season power rankings, unlike the odious College pre-season rankings, have no real power to affect what happens on the field when thy start snapping the ball for real.

  • Vaulable information for those of us not in the Beqars' local viewing market, courtesy of Larry Mayer's column that Jeff referenced:

    The Bears-Bills game Aug. 15 in Buffalo will be one of the 12 preseason games that NFL Network broadcasts LIVE this summer. The Aug. 22 Bears-Giants game will be shown at 6 p.m. (CT) Aug. 23; the Aug. 30 Bears-Broncos game will be replayed at 3 p.m. Aug. 31; and the Sept. 3 Bears-Browns game will be broadcast at 3 p.m. Sept. 5.

  • The WR position isn't that bad... and in some ways, i think it's similar to Denver's, a year ago...

    Greg Olsen is a TE. I know that. And I know Brandon Marshall (who I haven't ruled out, as far as a potential bear) is a top 5-10 WR...

    ...but our position with the most depth is TE. Why do you guys think the "experts" are predicting a breakout year for Olsen??? ...all the meanwhile, Des Clark will be getting an almost equal amount of playing time to what he's averaged over the past few years...


    Our coaches just don't want to broadcast that fact. So, again, no, he's not Brandon Marshall, but his size, hands, and overall skill set is most definently comparable.

    Also, we have Hester, Iglesias, Knox, etc....

    One of those guys will emerge Eddie Royal-esque....

    Our OL is better....
    Cutler makes everyone better!!!
    Plus it's going to make it real mind-fuck for to teams to double-up on "unproven" WRs when Forte is gashing them for 5+ YPC.

    ...Imagine opposing safeties shitting there pants on a play-action when they have to worry about Forte. When they realize he doesn't have the ball, they go to cover an open Olsen slanting thru the middle as Cutler pumps. All the meanwhile, Devin and Johnny are streaking by them down the sidelines for the bomb. It's beautiful. WR isn't our problem.

    It's our SAFETIES. Shut the fuck up about our goddamn receivers already.

  • I hope to Johnny Knox on the field playing this year, cause the kid has some serious potential.

  • Today's David Haugh article dredges up another damning Bears passing game statistic: The team record for receptions by a rookie receiver is held by Harlon Hill. 45 catches. IN 1954 FOR CRISSAKES!!! And no, even I never saw him play. It's my understanding that after 3 outstanding (for their time) seasons (32 TD receptions)
    Mr. Hill discovered alcohol. That was in the days of the 12 game schedule. His 12 TD receptions that rookie year stood as the team record until Dick Gordon caught 13 1970. It's STILL #2 all-time for the Bears, tied with Da Coach, Ditka, who hauled in 12TDs as a rookie in 1961. So, at least receptions-wise, the bar isn't set terribly high for a rookie (or even 2nd year) wideout to step and an make his mark this season.

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