Five Reasons the Bears Won't Win the North

A 9-7 teams adds a quarterback, outside linebacker, aging offensive tackle, unproven guard and 0-16 coach and suddenly they're going to the Super Bowl?  That better be some quarterback.  Without further adieu, here are the five reasons the Bears won't win the division in 2009.

#5. They start 0-2
The Packers had an awful 2008 but it was also a season they let get away.  If the Bears were to lose to their oldest rival at Lambeau in primetime to start the season, it wouldn't be unforgivable.  If they lost (as they'll be predicted to do) the following week against the world champions, would this coaching staff and group of players be able to handle the subsequent fan and media pressure?

#4. Devin Hester = Mediocre Receiver
If Hester is no more than his 51-665-3 of a year ago, the team will be forced to utilize a controlled, underneath passing game that allows defenses to stack the box against the run.  Or, as one might say, the offense will look eerily similar to the offense of the last decade. 

#3. Orlando Pace Has Nothing Left

What if we learn, in the opening weeks of the season, that Pace is no longer capable of blocking the league's elite pass rushers?  Do the Bears attempt to move Chris Williams to the left side?  Does Omiyale slide out to tackle?  Will the unit have any time to mesh?  Pace has been a great player in the league for an awful long time but he's a risky start at one of the sport's most important positions.

#2. The Secondary Acts Like the Secondary
Remember 2008?  Bernard Berrian uncovered up the sideline?  Matt Ryan completing the only pass that would enable a Falcons victory?  Brian Griese looking like Bob Griese?  Andre Johnson keeping the Bears from the postseason? do I. 

...and of course, #1 
Lovie Smith.


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  • I surely hope you're right BaM. I've been pretty optimistic to this point, but Jeff managed to call up all the things that I've refused to admit worry me...

  • ...which had better be followed with 5 reasons the Bears WILL win the North

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    Um, IowaBear, 5 REASONS THE BEAR WILL WIN... directly preceded this thread.

    As mentioned in Jeff's Fullback rebuttal, 5 positive and 5 negative 2009 SCENARIOS were put up for discussion. All 10 are viable in my opinion and the season will no doubt be some sort of mix of them. We can only hope the positives outnumber the negatives.

    I've said it before and I will say it again, the NFL is a week to week proposition based largely upon who got hurt the previous week. If the Bears start 6-0 they will be the best team in football, unless in the course of that 6th win Cutler or Forte got shelved with an injury which is why I DETEST the concept of going through the schedule and ticking off wins and losses before a live down has even been played.

    No offense, folks, but I would like to caution that some of us need to slow down a bit, review at least SOME recent threads and posts and see if there is actually water in the pool before diving in.

    Jeff certainly doesn't need me to defend him but if you're looking for a Chicago Bears "cheerleader", I submit
    you have come to the wrong blog.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    stupid Iowa internet only loaded the first post on the page...thanks for the info

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    Oh, surrrrre. It was your internet provider's fault, eh?
    LOL. Just yanking your chain, IowaBear and I don't mean to come across as the BLOG POLICE. As necessary as they are these day we are all at the mercy of these damn computers and internet providers.

    I have to confess that not only do I still use the much reviled AOL at home, but I am, as yet, too cheap to spring for high speed access and still have DIAL-UP at home as well!

    Tick, tick, tick...T-Minus 7 days and counting!

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    Meanwhile, back in DIVA-QB LAND...

    ESPN puckered up AGAIN yesterday with Ed Werder reporting how ANGST-RIDDEN poor Brett Favre is, trying to decide whether to join the Vikings or not. Boo-hoo, boo-hoo. Now, A. Peterson and Jared Allen are supposedly IMPLORING him to sign on via texts and e-mails. Didn't we just read that Allen was grousing about the whole Favre nonsense?

    There's another hearing about the Williams situation in August.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    You said it Max!

    IMO you need to replace the name in #1 reason we won't win with Ron Turner.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    Fair points all especially the #1 reason. Honestly my incredible lack of faith in Lovie Smith is the one thing holding me back from declaring the Bears SB favorites.
    I know it's an old arguement but I've never been wild about clark kent coaches ala Jauron and Smith. I grew up with Ditka, and I'd kill to have Singletary as HC right now. That's what I'm looking for from a head coach.
    But really I was warming to Smith in the '06 playoffs, but the Super Bowl loss I put largely on his shoulders. From there it only got worse in '07 and '08. You have the twin issues of coordinator fiascos in Rivera out/Babich in, and the stubborn sticking with Ron Turner. (For all the hate directed at Turner here, he answers to the head coach and every thing he does Smith either signs off on or allows to happen.)
    Adding to all that is the fact that both of the playoff losses under Smith were games he was badly out coached. The failure to adjust to Steve Smith in 2005, and the insainly conservative game plan against the Colts.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    I hate to say this but your 5 reasons why they wont win are more convincing than your 5 reasons why they will win.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    Holding on to Lovie was JA's worst decision of the off season, but demoting him to DC should account for something (I know he has the title). The man has no business drafting a game plan. I mean what do you think runs through his head at half-time? Deer in the headlights. Boo!

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    and how about this as food for thought?

    It won't happen, but which would be more intimidating, Favre or Vick?

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    These are all legitimate concerns. Let's not forget that the third game of the season is in Seattle...never an easy place to play. So at least splitting the first two games is absolutely critical in my opinion.

    Did anyone see the new Devin Hester commercial? It's pretty cool, the premise of it is a day in the life of Devin me hyped.

    FYI...Bears tix go on sale TODAY starting at 12pm central time. They will be gone within minutes, so happy hunting. I'm gonna shoot for the Lions or Browns game, they won't be as sought after.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    Did the season start yet?

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    No kidding, Jeff. One week from today.

  • In reply to IowaBear:

    Who are these "Bears" you guys keep talking about? I'm here just to see if I can get the infamous first comment. Oh and from what I gather, Packers suck!

  • Jeff, this is the biggest turd sandwich you

  • Fullback, are you new here? I do this every season as we enter camp. It's called presenting scenarios. I don't particularly believe either of the posts and I think prognostication, in general, is a sham. But what we don't do here is blind optimism.

    All five of the options above are possible. Just as yesterday's five are.

    I dare you to find one definitive statement above that doesn't involve the word "if".

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