Expectations of Greatness

I had a wonderful conversation last night at Josie Woods Pub, conveniently located here in the city that never sleeps (but often feels like it's in a coma).  We discussed what I believe is the coming Golden Age of American Soccer, compared the depth of the PGA field during the heydays of Nicklaus and Woods, argued about whether Tony Stewart's wrecking of Kyle Busch to win at Daytona on Saturday night was warranted and he explained to me what a blue line is. 

When the conversation got to football, the Giants and Bears fans asked each other one question.  "What do you expect from your club this season?" 

"11-5," he said.  "Division title and one playoff win."  A very honest answer.

"How about you?" he asked.

"Super Bowl."

He laughed but I realized that for the first time in my life as a Chicago Bears fan, I believed what I was saying.  For the first time in my life as a Chicago Bears fan, I expect them to be the best team in the NFC.  I expect them to win more games than any team in the conference.  I won't expect a championship because anything can happen in those sixty minutes in February.  But I expect them to be in the game.

Now I challenge you.  Tell me who'll stop them from getting there.  And make a convincing argument.  If I go into the actual season feeling this way, this place can erupt into anger and disappointment quite fast.

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  • First! Super Bears Super Bowl!

  • well:

    The D-line
    the free safety
    the WRs

    come to mind. I'm not trying to harsh your mellow, but those three things really matter, and are unproven.

  • Okay, a bunch of weeks out here is my exceptionally biased predictions, because it's the middle of the worst month in the offseason and I have nothing better to do.

    @Green Bay W 1-0
    Pittsburgh L 1-1
    @Seattle W 2-1
    Detroit W 3-1
    @Atlanta L 3-2
    @Cincinatti W 4-2
    Cleveland W 5-2
    Arizona W 6-2
    @San Francisco W 7-2
    Philadelphia W 8-2
    @Minnesota L 8-3
    St. Louis W 9-3
    Green Bay W 10-3
    @Baltimore L 10-4
    Minnesota W 11-4* Clinch Division
    @Detroit W 12-4* Clinch First Round Bye

  • Jdawg, I agree with you on the D-line and FS but when it comes to the WR's, I think we will all be pleasantly surprised. We all know Hester is lit and ready to blow up, but the addition of JC is going to help Earl and Joaquin make the transition into solid pro's. Can anybody honestly say they KNEW Brandon Marshall was going to be Brandon Marshall when he was drafted in the 4th round???? As for Eddie Royal, NOBODY could say they saw it coming with him and if they did......they are a fucking liar!Look at the WR's Brady had to throw to on his 3 Super Bowl winning teams! Who the fuck were those assholes? Dion Branch, David Patten, Troy Brown???? This QB will make all pass catchers step their game up.

    I say 13-3/12-4. That Philly game is gonna be brutal. We've took it to them the last 2 years. It might be coming back for us this time.

  • Themselves, Jeff. Themselves....

    There is a blairing weakness in our secondary, and our D-Line has plenty of questions to be answered (that can only be answered on the field)... other than that??? No one.

    Here are your NFC Playoffs + Seedings...

    1. Bears
    2. Eagles
    3. Falcons
    4. Seahawks
    5. Giants
    6. Packers

    ....yep i said it. no Minnesota. fuck them, dallas, arizona, carolina, washington, and tampa...

    Round 1:

    Giants @ Falcons= Falcons 24, Giants 21
    Packers @ Seahawks= Shit Packers 14, Seahawks 13

    Round 2:

    Packers @ Bears= Bears 34, Pack 10 (our 3rd win over the pack in 2009...)
    Falcons @ Eagles= Eagles 27, Falcons 17

    NFC Championship:

    Eagles @ Bears= Bears 20, Eagles 14

  • Seattle? Why Seattle?

  • Bold, heady stuff, men, but it's waaay to early for me to buy into it. Even though I'm not from Missouri they will have to "show me" first.

    Mainly, I want to see strong, regular pressure on opposing QBs from the defensive line, sans blitzes. ESPECIALLY on those 3rd and longs, so many of which they could not close the deal on last season. How soon we forget: They open with a win at Indy, then have Carolina by the short-hairs but get run out of the building in the 2nd half and let it get away. Who can forget Atlanta's Matt Ryan dropping back 53 times without getting sacked! Either of those last 2 games cost them a playoff slot! If the defensive line controls the line of scrimmage then the linebackers and D-backs are better by default. If not, it's more of what we saw last season. Yes, we all expect them to provide more offense, something which will also aid the defense, but I can't help thinking "It's still Ron Turner running the offense".

    There are just sooo many questions that need the right answers. This post isn't even 10 comments old and D-Line already figures in it prominently. Plus, for your consideration: Can the defense actually improve without the prescence of Mike Brown? Does Orlando Pace have a healthy, quality season left in him? Is Chris Williams the real deal, even at RIGHT tackle? Is SOMEONE going to step up and make an impact at wide receiver opposite Hester? Can Matt Forte avoid a sophomore slump? There's an AWFUL lot that has to break our way get to the big dance and I think some of us are reading an AWFUL lot from the OTAs.

    Let's wait and see what we look like after week 1.

  • I have been feeling this way for the past month....Bears are going to the superbowl, we have the best D and the best QB and one of the best TE and RB in the NFC.... we will be there come feb.

  • They named a car after the greatest Half Back in the NFC!


  • I'm with you Albert, we made some some great changes and I feel very good about them and can't wait for the season to start. But, been there done that and I'll contain my enthusiasm and see how it goes before I place any bets. I worry about injuries in the defense that would be very detrimental. I'm hoping I'm wrong.

  • Here is a long post, sorry if it's a killer.

    Ghost, I am with you, this is all conjecture, but putting some hope out there and notwithstanding silly penalty calls (peanut), turnovers (Olsen), miscues (some one day trade secondary guy from Tampa?). that's amicrocosm of the Carolina, Tampa Bay and Atlanta losses that shoulda, coulda, woulda likely made for a much different season, but also would have resulted in more clamor about not trying to make a significant step towards a real QB. So maybe in the long run those were important losses that helped create the building blocks to get us the JC.

    @Green Bay W 1-0

    I say this is a win, GB will be trying out their new 3-4 and still working out the kinks. Our guys are going to be pumped trying to show everybody what's up. the D wanting to prove last year was just a down one and the O trying to show the world that our receivers are better than they think.

    Pittsburgh L 2-0

    I think the approach to this game is the champs will be letting their guard down a little, short off season and all, we are at home again trying to show the fans our new jiz, Hester will come alive with a runback, special teams wins this one. No super acrobatics for Burger, he won't evade a sac. The Bears will be as pumped as they were in last years Indy game and come through.

    @Seattle W 3-0

    Please, new coach, this team is in major rebuilding right now.

    Detroit W 4-0

    They will be excited about their new QB who will have had some good highlites by now, but they still have "losers mentality". the minute they get down a little, their heads will follow and they will say "here we go again, man we are losers". They will have to fight this feeling to get to the next level, it's a climate of LM (losers mentality). They will need some break throughs and this isn't the time yet. It will probably be after they have about a four game win streak to end the season to propel them with hope for the following season.

    @Atlanta L 5-0

    No way! We have something to prove to this young QB, that we didn't show him our real stuff last year, but watch out for Turner! I think the wear and tear of being the primary starter will slow him down a bit this year though. The Bears need this game for their previous seasons loss that should ahve never been!

    @Cincinatti W 5-1

    Hate to say it, but this is one of those, we play a team that has one of our X's on it and suddenly we find a way to give it away. I'm seeing Carson Palmer back to style and our focus of trying to make sure Ced doesn't do anything will open the door for the passing game for a pro like Carson. In addition, I predict our guys will go into the game a little over-confident and come away with their first loss. Thank goodness Cleveland is the following week to step it back up again.

    Cleveland W 6-1

    I'm just going to say that after the previous weeks loss the Bears hit the practice hard and take out their frustrations on the Browns in their house and in front of their own fans, looking for some Hester action, or Manning on special teams again, home town needs some Hester revival, this is the perfect week for it.

    Arizona W 7-1

    These guys are where we were, except they came closer to the prize than we did. I'm thinking the post SB loss will be too much for them by this time of the season. the 49rs are going to be pressing them hard and they arent going to be as strong as some might think. We again take over.

    @San Francisco W 8-1

    This is a tough one, this is dependent on whether the Niners gel as they are capable of under the Samauri, it's in their house, if they are on a run at this mid season game, it will be tough to travel to the west coast (for any team) and come out on top. This is a game for the D to hold tight and JC to take the reigns and lead the team. It also could be a QB circle the jerk by this time of the season for SF and if that is the case, no problem for the win. Just concerned that they will be a potentially well oiled machine under Mike's leadership.

    Philadelphia W 8-2

    Simple, Phily wants last years goal line stand back, Macklin should be looking great and Donovan is renewed, they are going to make another run. The Bears will again be overconfident thinking they deserved last years win and with they record looking great at mid season, they will need another shocker to get them back on track.

    @Minnesota L 9-2

    Ah, so far into the season before we finally get to take these guys on, well look for a drag ass BFeverah and an injured fumbling AP may not even be in the game, he really is my greatest worry because much like Barry Sanders, he seems to play his best against us. Either way, the Bears want this one bad, still trying to spit the taste out of their mouth from last season's failings to a lesser team. They will be hungry for this win!

    St. Louis W 10-2

    Simply put, the Rams arent ready yet, not to come in our house. SJ will be very tired by this time of the season. Another Special Teams show for the home town.

    Green Bay W 10-3

    In our house we must win, this is the home stretch, time to show the division we rule. No doubt in our house!

    @Baltimore L 10-4

    Not sure what Baltimore will be looking like at this point, but again I'm going to say an overconfident bunch of Bears are going to give this one away to a team that was a gnat's ass away from the big game last year, Flac with a season under his belt (almost two at this point) will be doing pretty well. Their D is going to shut us down.

    Minnesota W 11-4

    After the previous weeks loss, it's time to let the cold weather do it's job on the dykes, this is another important go back to the drawing board game for the Bears to get refocused enroute to the playoffs, go back to basics from the previous weeks loss and take out oour aggression on the lesser opponent IN OUR HOUSE!

    @Detroit W 12-4

    Here's a game to warm up Hanie for the second half and let him show his stuff. Problem is we will probably be cooling off our key defensive players and this one might get out of hand until a last second RG uprights splitter dashes the Lions hopes yet again.

    Games that I think could go bad, or either way:

    Pittsburgh (just hate the way they find a way to win, no matter how the game looks overall, watch out for Troy P.)
    San Francisco (depends on how things come together for them, they ended strong last year and that usually bodes well going into the following season, I think they are going to the playoffs this year if their QB play evens out)
    Green Bay (could split, we just know each other too well)
    Minnesota (same as GB)

    Problem is sometimes they have a tendency to win ones they shouldnt and lose ones they shouldn't so either way, I predict any record to be 10-6 to 12-4 as possible.

    Again, injuries, execution, turnovers, crazy unknowns throughout the season.

    It's exciting to think about and also wastes more time getting us minutes closer to the season.

    Like many of you I too will be watching cautiously to see how many times Ron's play calling potentially screws the pooch, giving up good downs constantly going for the long ball or big play, not sustaining drives which keeps the D on the field. Lot's of factors and I can't wait to obsess about all of those factors in a few weeks.

    Go Bears!

  • man...it's crazy how many Bears fans think alike. on another MB, i did a prediction of this season (and it was pretty close). sorry for the long jumbledness (yea it's not a word...big whup...wanna fight a/b it?), but here it goes:

    FQD's Predictions
    2009 Chicago Bears

    with training camp looming days away (and work boredom), here are my predictions for the

    Week 1: @ Green Bay Packers (contrary to popular belief, we're gonna start the season off right. 1-0)
    Week 2: Pittsburgh Steelers (although i'm optimistic that we can get to Big Ben, seriously doubt we're going to take this one...even at home. 1-1)
    Week 3: @ Seattle Seahawks (shouldn't be much of a problem. 2-1)
    Week 4: Detroit Lions (are you serious? ok thought so. 3-1)
    Week 5: BYE WEEK (starting the season off right)
    Week 6: @ Atlanta Falcons (even though I want to say they'll get payback for last year's....sigh let's not even go down that road....i think they'll drop this one. 3-2)
    Week 7: @ Cincinnati Bengals (anytime you have a dysfuntional team going against another one....and Ocho Cinco talking shit to anybody that'll listen....it's a recipe for disaster. 4-2)
    Week 8: Cleveland Browns (although I like mangenius, Bears find a way to pull out a squeaker at home. 5-2)
    Week 9: Arizona Cardinals (runner-up super bowl champs. hard decision. unproven....and very raw....running game, but VERY proven passing game. defense needs work (and it doesn't help that they've pissed off darnell dockett). 6-2, but the jury's still out on this one))
    Week 10: @ San Francisco 49ers (one of the few we drop for some odd reason. 6-3)
    Week 11: Philadelphia Eagles (i really want to, but against that line, mcnabb is going to do damage. 6-4)
    Week 12: @ Minnesota Vikings (we should get this one, but you never know. uncomfortably, 7-4)
    Week 13: St. Louis Rams (the greatest show on turf is not coming back. after one of the shittiest drafts this season, they'll be lucky to win 3 games. 8-4 blowout)
    Week 14: Green Bay Packers (seriously think we can get the broom action this year. 9-4)
    Week 15: @ Baltimore Ravens (lol i love my team, but not against these boys and their weak-ass offense. 9-5 in a defensive struggle)
    Week 16: Minnesota Vikings (since we took the one there, i'll give them this one....late playoff push for the Viks and we don't need it. 10-5
    Week 17: @ Detroit Lions (oh wait. you were serious last time? get your head examined. seriously. 11-5)

    11-5. Win Division Title. No First-Round Bye.

    We'll take the North by storm (and might even snag a receiver in the process). Just depends on what the defense does this year (albeit considering the injuries, they were 1 win away from being in the playoffs).

    after seeing the competition, i'm on the SB bandwagon too. barring any critical injuries, i FULLY expect for the Bears to be playoff contenders AND win that Halas Trophy. the SB will be hard as hell though (b/c it will either be the patriots or the steelers), but fuck it, our boys can handle it.

  • Stick to reporting Football, you obviously are blind when it comes to NASCAR references. If you don't know what you're talking about, leave it off!

  • In reply to WICPA74:

    1) who are you talking to?
    2) the fuck is your problem?

  • In reply to WICPA74:

    nevermind man....my bad (just saw what you were talking about)

    question to everyone: how do you delete posts?

  • In reply to WICPA74:

    Are you referring to my "reference" to a conversation I actually had? A reference that involved no opinion whatsoever, other than reporting what the conversation topic was. Would you like to engage me with some of your NASCAR genius? I'm pretty sure I can hold my own.

  • In reply to WICPA74:

    Nascar can suck my hairy asspipe.

  • In reply to WICPA74:

    I second that!

  • In reply to WICPA74:

    Super Bowl!? GOD I HOPE SO!!

    However.. In an effort not to cause any bad luck on what could be an AMAZING SEASON.. I wont go out and say "Super Bowl Bound!" just yet.

    Now that being said I cant see any reason why we dont walk away with the Division. Personally I wouldnt be at all surpised if we end up sweeping the entire North!

    I; for one, am not that scared of the Vikings. First off they wear purple! and second ALL they have is AP (granted AP alone is quite scary) I really dont think that the Vikings will even be able to pull out a game against us.

    Super Bowl bound?.. I wont go that far yet.. Playoffs!?.. NO DOUBT!!

  • In reply to WICPA74:

    Did I hear the word "Potential"? Oh boy!
    That and $1.79 will get you a cup of coffee at Circle K.

    Please, let's at LEAST see the product under battlefield conditions before we annoint it as "Super Bowl Quality".

    Nascar? As a casual observer, here is what I perceive about NASCAR:

    1) The next crash involving Kyle Busch that Kyle think's is HIS fault will be the first and B er,
    2) Apparently, there is 1 set of rules for "Little E" and another set for everybody else not named Earnhardt.

  • In reply to WICPA74:


    WOW, you guys just made my day. You Bears fans are fucking delusional. LOL!!!!!!!!

    Best D in the league? Are you kidding me. Weren't the Bears ranked 30th against the pass last year. thats almost dead fucking last in the NFL.

    You have the worst safeties in the league including perennial pro-bowler Josh Bullocks. LMAO

    Your D-Line also sucks ass and don't give me that bullshit that Rod Marinelli is going to all of sudden turn these sorry excuses for football players into hall of famers. Why don't you ask the lions how that worked out for them.

    and your running game isn't very good either. Matt forte averaged a whopping 3.9 ypc last year and the bears were the 24th best rushing team in the league. talk about a monster running game. LOL

    The Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings, Cardinals, Panthers, Falcons, all have a better shot at making the SB than the Bears.

    All you Bears fans are going to cry when you see your golden boy cutler look scared and lost when he realizes he doesnt have royal and marshall and a great o-line to make him look good

  • In reply to WICPA74:

    Oh, and I didn't even bother to mention your WR situation because it could possibly the worst the WR group in the history of the NFL. And dont give me that "potential" BS because I've heard it 1000 times before.

  • In reply to John:

    Hey John-
    Ok First off I seriously doubt that the Bears have the "worst" safety's in the League.. Who plays safety for the Loins?

    Ohh and the Bears Defensive Line.. "sorry excuses for football players" Do you watch football? Last year; yes, they slumped. However this is the same group that two years back was arguably the best defensive line in the League. Its clear you're not a huge Marinelli fan, but what happened in Detroit means nothing. YES he SUCKED as a head coach however ask anybody in the league "who would you want coaching you d-line?" 9 out of 10 pick Marinelli. He is easly one of the best position coaches around.

    Forte's YPC? 3.9? You're right.. 3.9 YPC against a 8 man box EVERY PLAY!.. and he still almost single handedly got the Bears to the playoffs last year. Forte isnt going to be seeing those 8 man boxes this year. The addition of Cutler solves that problem. Forte = Pro Bowl

    and finally the Wideouts.. worst in the history of football? Again I ask "Do you even watch the NFL?" Who plays wideout for any of these teams and tell me how they're SO much better than the Bears WRs?:


    Also you cant forget about Greg Olsen.. Greg Olsen = Pro Bowl

    Enough Said

  • In reply to John:

    Wow, that's quite a statement Jeff. I love your enthusiasm, and your confidence. I'm just not sure I can share it at this point. Perhaps it's because I've been burned before, and don't want to step out there like that. But I'm just not ready too.
    I mean 2007 looked like that and then.... Not to mention all the post '85 seasons when on paper the Bears looked destined to dominate only to be upset at home.
    If I were with you at the bar that night I would have said that I feel the Bears are the slight favorites to win the division in a three-battle with GB, and the Queens. And I expect at least one playoff win. From there it will depend on if the Bears and specifically Lovie Smith can get this team over the hump.
    To be honest my lack of faith in the Head Coach is my biggest reason for hesitation.

  • In reply to John:

    One more thing, I predict Mike Singletary's San Francisco 49ers will win the NFC west.

  • In reply to John:

    I would have to say that was more useful than the usual "John" type post. Looking forward to seeing how it all lays out. That's why they play the games... 23 days till training camp, 37 days till preseason game 1.

  • In reply to John:

    ALinWI- i totally agree with you on the 49ers,I can see them winning the West. My Wife is a die hard niner fan, and we will be going to the Bears@49er game this year, ha I better be ready for all the shit im gonna get from the niner fans. Hope they dont throw Kethup and mustard at me like the Raider fans did when the bears went there and WON! lol it was great!

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    Fresno......I will be at the SF game as well my friend and I got ur back if any of those fuckers want to start shit........like "JOHN", the fucking ass pirate that probably as we speak is penning his next masterpiece about the Bears in the basement of his mom's house. Hey John.......go fuck yourself you miserable cocksucker!

    Anyway Fresno, we west coast Bear fans gotta stick together. I'll be representing the Valley baby....Bakersfield style!

    P.s. John is still a cocksucker.

  • In reply to John:

    On Da site I have seen the most positive thing ever in reference to the first real admitted slight on Rash (sorry Max) for last years performance as a starting receiver coming from coach Darryl Drake.

    What role do you envision Rashied Davis filling this season?

    "The role that Rashied had a couple years ago; being a third-down guy, coming in and helping us in certain situations. That

  • In reply to John:

    I've said it once and I'll say it again. I'm not an idiotic homer who thinks his team is the greatest ever.

    Unlike most of you Bears fans(not all), who quickly dismiss the Vikings and say they will suck ass and Brett Favre will be the worst QB in the league and the vikings will go 5-11 next year and constantly call them the "queens", I actually believe the Bears will make the playoffs. (Yes, I said that).

    I also believe the Vikings will make the playoffs and I think they will probably be around 10-6 to 12-4.

    What annoys me is how most of you(not all), are all talking about super bowl this and super bowl that, and going 13-3. Seriously, we might as well skip this season since the Bears are the defending Champions according to you guys. all these statements about the Bears having the best D in the nfc, the best qb, and the best rb are ridiculously biased and laughable.

  • In reply to John:

    although i agree the Bears won't go 13-5, what is the purpose of your argument? are you even a Bears fan? let me guess.....you masturbate to Lombardi and Starr's pictures huh?

    all jokes aside, who's side are you on bro?

  • In reply to John:

    I have to disagree, today I think John was much more insightful than usual and not as spewy as in the past.

    Shady, just to defend my "homerism" (don't really know what that is, eveytime I read it i think of the simpsons, Doh!)

    I never said we were going to the Super Bowl, but I did lay down some predictions that are totally possible based in bias, hope and dreams, but not in fact as we know not what will happen till the games actually start and even then, you still never can predict what will happen. Who would have predicted not only that the Cardinals would make it to the SB, but almost actually nearly win it. I have all the same concerns I've had about our team. The Defense, secondary, Ron Turner, receivers, Ron Turner, injuries, Ron Turner...

    In some ways, as much as I hate that we didn't make the playoffs last year, I think I am glad we didn't because now the team may be taking things more seriously, willing to take more drastic measures to right the ship. Had we made it and lost, then the team would be touting "oh yes, we are right on track, we just left some plays on the field, we need to execute better, we just didn't want it as much as they did, we have all the players we need to get it done", blah blah blah, heard it all before and don't want to hear it anymore.

    I want this team to get it done like the Steelers and Patriots consistently do, but better. We have one of the NFL's founding teams and the best fans and should be in the serious mix every year, not necesarily winning the SB, but in the mix at the very least. I am tired of the mediocrity, if one or two things are good about us, it seems ok that other things are lame or average. I want the excellence to spread to the whole team and then see the results on the field. I want the confidence of a Patriots fan that "yea we will win this game" and amazingly they usually do it year in and year out. My confidence in our team is usually being on the edge of my seat hoping we won't blow a lead or feeling like the lead isn't big enough for me to breathe easy. Last year I almost turned off the Atlanta game thinking it was in the bag, but I couldn't bring myself to let go and before my very eyes I died a little more inside seeing it go away and if that wasn't enough it wasn't the first time or the last time something like that happened.

    This link is to me a snapshot of the way the season went.


    I don't want that anymore, I will never give up on them, but I want to walk away from a victory with the assurance that I knew it was going to happen rather than the relief that we squeaked by on a lucky play. I will take those from time to time, but I don't want it to be the norm or standard.

    Go Bears! T23-P37

  • In reply to John:

    Bashed? Hardly.

    I put him on the spot. You don't have to think Lovie's a good coach to understand that he wins a lot of games.

  • In reply to John:

    No one can ever accuse me of homerism, in fact usually I am getting yelled at for being too pessimistic, but if there is ever a time of year indulge in a little optimism its this part of the offseason when nothings going on and all a team's problems can be papered over or ignored.

    I'm definitely much more on the Max and Shady end of the spectrum, but if people want to drink the Kool-Aid, there is no better time than right now.

    Just make sure its sugar-free Grape cause that stuff is the shit.

  • In reply to John:

    Ha. Ghost of Halas: I saw that commercial and thought the exact same thing.

    Let's all settle down; ignore the troll, John-boy. They only stick around if you feed them.

    Is it fricking September yet? The blogs are all terrible lately. Nothing to talk about.

  • In reply to John:

    OK Jeff, put the kool aid down and step AWAY from the keyboard. You want a convincing argument for why the Bears might not make it to the dance this season? Just read your last post. You BASHED Lovie yesterday and today you're singing Super Bears Super Bowl? I don't know man, which one is it?

    The fact is it's freakin' July. There is no way to tell how ANY team is going to be this year in July. But, because it IS July, I guess there really is nothing better to do then speculate about how the season might turn out, so here goes:

    It's all about the Chicago defense. We know the unit has underperformed the past couple years here, and if the Bears want to go anywhere this year they have to play (better than)good defense again.

    Last season, there were two plays that summed up the year for his defense. The 1st was during the game against the Falcons, where the Bears (Marcus Hamilton) let Matt Ryan steal the game back from Kyle and the rest of the Bears. If Hamilton doesn't fuck up his incredibly simple defensive assignment, EVERYONE is talking about how Kyle looked like Jay Cutler with his game winning laser TD pass to Rashied Davis. This play was one of many last year in which the Bears seemingly had the advantage on defense, forcing the opponent into an obvious passing situation, only to somehow allow a big play 1st down. Yeah, that pissed the hell out of me. No more of that guys, please.

    The second play which helped define the season for the Chicago defense last year was the game in Lambeau against the rival Packers. With the ball on the Bears' 4 yard line, the GB offensive line proceeded to blow up the entire front 8 of the Bears which ultimately lead to a 37-3 beat down. Mind you the Bears would win the next contest against Green Bay who would eventually go on to have an awful 6-10 record. That's right GB, you suck. That being said, the Bears cracked physically and mentally on that play and allowed the GB offense to dominate the entire contest.

    In both plays, the Bears defense uncharacteristically blew the game for the entire team and in the process cost the Bears a shot at the playoffs. If the 2009 Bears hope to go anywhere, they can't afford to have repeat performances of the 3rd and long conversion debacle. Now, the Bears are telling us the problem for the defense was the coaching and not the players. Well, normally I wouldn't buy that kind of crap but considering this unit has played GREAT defense as recently as '06, I can hold out hope that maybe they're right and maybe an 0-16 Hot Rod coach can turn things around for this unit. We'll see.

    Honestly I couldn't believe all the homerism on this post today. I know it's a Bears blog but c'mon people, visions of home field advantage en route to the Super Bowl?? Lay off the Cutler aid. I couldn't help but agree with John and especially Max and Al. There are many questions that need to be answered before we start crowning their asses. I said it last year (after the horribly disappointing '07 season) and I'll say it again: Don't believe the hype... Well not ALL of it anyway. There is so much optimism during OTAs and in camp that you'd think this team would roll into the playoffs every season. The reality is, we won't know much until that first week in Green Bay on Sunday Night. Bear down.

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    John- FUCK YOU! its motherfuckers like you that get motherfuckers like me thrown into jail! keep talking buddy cause pretty soon some Bear fan is gonna punch you right in your fucken mouth for talking all that shit on the Da BEARS!

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