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Rod Remembers 0-16
Thomas George does a nice job for NFL.com, breaking down Rod Marinelli's everything-riding-on-it impact on the defensive line.  The most interesting passage involves Tommie Harris:

"Tommie is strong, motivated, bright, perfect for the system,"
Marinelli said. "He was banged up last year. He seems pretty healthy.
He's done it. This group is going to compete. It is exciting to see
them come together."

I think most of us - myself included - forget how different this defense is with a healthy, disruptive Tommie Harris at defensive tackle.  He is capable of being the best defensive player in the sport and I think an argument can be made that he's the team's most important player.

Off-the-Radar, In-Camp
Brad Biggs lists the non-headliners to keep an eye on when camp opens next week.  The guy I'll be watching closest, as I've said many times, is backup quarterback Caleb Hanie.  Biggs recognizes the impact Hanie is capable of having on the 2009 campaign:

All eyes will be on Cutler but Hanie's basically blank resume is going
to make it imperative that he perform well in preseason. The Bears
aren't going to panic if it looks sketchy behind Cutler, who has never
missed an NFL start, but seeing some solid outings out of Hanie will
make them feel pretty good about a potential No. 2 for a few seasons.
You can be young and ineffective and hold down a job as a No. 3 a team
is looking to develop. The backup needs to be able to come in and get a
team through a game.

Brett Favre = Jackoff
Say what I will about Brett Favre, his capacity to be a dickhead knows no bounds.  Brett Favre has gone from the most popular player in the sport to utter douche bag in just three years.  Unless you murder dogs in your backyard, that's plain difficult.  While Favre is mulling his decision to return and half the Vikings' roster is reaching out to him, there's a couple guys actually in purple uniforms that are becoming more and more irritated by it.  Favre has become the football equivalent of meth.  He emerges in a new town every year and leaves devastation in his wake.   



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  • Brett Favre is running away from the demons that exist in all of us. Not the least of which is the agony that is listening to the wife nag endlessly.

    I feel for him. He was great. I wish he were a Bear 10 years ago.

  • Max, I recommend looking into a TV package which includes the NFL Network. All football. All day. Every day. It's not always great, but it always kicks the hell out of the so-called "four letter" network. Pretty much the only times I have watched ESPN in the last two years has been when the Bears were playing on Monday night (and occasionally watching bits of whoever was playing other Mondays) and the Jay Cutler press conference.

    Maybe I'll watch more Monday Night Football like I used to now that dipshit Kornheiser is gone.

    And also, I wouldn't associate Brett Favre with jacking off. Jacking off is much more productive than he will be in Minneapolis. Plus you give masturbation a bad name.

  • Haha! Meth Favre is Classic!!!!

  • Phantom, Phantom, Phantom, Pul-LEASE! SPARE us the the "Favre and battling demons" excuse. Stop watching so much ESPN. Brett's been to the mountain top of his sport, been loved and/or respected by fans and opponents alike and made multi-millions! Any ONE of those should be quite satisfying, especially when you think of guys who toiled for years without so much as a single championship appearance or 7-figure paycheck! If he's battling anything, it's the realization that he's pissed all or most of that respect right down the toilet with his All-Pro Diva impersonation of the last few seasons. But no, he's NOT or he wouldn't have gone out of his way to stretch his latest "drama" another week, not that any of us here doubted for a second that he would.

    Max, I can only echo the Ghost and cannot emphasize strongly enough how refreshing it is to have ana 24-hour alternative to the Four-letter-full-of-iself network an it's gaggle of Brett Favre apologists and butt-kissers. Aside from a whole different set of talking heads, the NFL Network brings you ALL the pre-season games, NFL REPLAY and more!

    Murph, I understand and share your Tommie Harris skepticism.
    Talk is cheap, coach Marinelli. I'll believe it when I see him blowing up offensive lines REGULARLY instead of OCCASSIONALLY.

    T-minus 5 days and counting.

    Some camps have alredy opened!

  • You know Murphy, I've shared that opinion on Harris for a while. But football people you read and listen to say that he's ony been 100% for one season. As for comparing him to Danny Hampton, that's a Hall of Famer. Tommie ain't that.

  • Albert -

    I do not watch ESPN.

    The comments I made concerning Favre's demons (namely, the avoidance of a nagging wife) were intended to be humorous.

    Your girlishness never ceases to amaze me. "Pul-LEASE!". Who uses that connotation?

    Well, until the next time you try to pass off the opinions of others as your own, have a good day.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    "Girlishness"? "... pass off opinnions as your own"?
    Wow. Sorry I hit a nerve there, Phantom.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Say what you want about T.O., and I am NOT a fan and would RELISH the image that BDG invokes, but I have to grudgingly give him credit where credit is due. Last weekend Terrell was on Fox Radio with Bruce Jacobs, who spent most of the interview trying to get a rise out of T.O. To his credit, Owens didn't bite and Jacobs was the one who came off as upset and looking like the blowwhard-Jets-fan-masquerading-as-a-Sports-talk-host that he is.
    Much rather have Owens save HIS meltdown for the Bills locker room or sideline.
    STILL trying, without success, to picture the comatose, Dick Jauron, exhibiting any sort of influence over the combustable Mr. Owens.

    And no, haven't seen the "T.O. Show" (MTV, I believe?) and don't intend to.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Dan Hampton and Tommie are apples and oranges.. Danimal was much more of a freak athelete than a football player, I don't think he even played football unil his senior year of high school, he was taller and thinner than Tommie, played in a completely different scheme and played a different position than Harris half the time. Hampton split his time between DE and DT, more like Idonijie and was built .. more like Idonijie. Hard to compare them stat wise as well because they didn't really track sacks Dan's first few years but again he would spend entire seasons at DE and switch off between games at times as well. I would consider Dan the best DLineman we ever had but in our scheme against current offenses, Id rather have Tommie at DT.
    I think a healthy TH will really shine this year and make the whole team around him better.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    The Trib's David Haugh is throwing those "magic words" around in his latest column though many of his points will not be news to regular readers of this blog:


  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    It has been a long time and my memory is not so great, but so far as I remember William Perry commanded double teams more often than Tommie Harris does.

    As good as Hampton was (I loved the guy), so far as he being the best defensive lineman "we ever had" I imagine those that saw 8-time Pro-Bowler Doug Atkins play would have a thing or two to say about that. Unfortunately, Doug was before my time.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    I just wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone that has made this offseason tolerable by posting opinions and research regarding the team as we head into the season. this is my first year on the blog even though i am 31 and this site has made it possible for me not to fall into a bottle of Jameson during the week out of sheer frustration at the lack of Bears activity.

    For anyone looking to get a new flat screen before the season (like me) my tech guy at work let me know about www.newegg.com which seems to have some of the best prices on plasmas and lcd's. I don't think there is any sales tax so the prices are awesome. Always trust tech guys.

    Anyway, I want to express my condolences in advance to Brett Farve, Rogers and young Stafford because i predict bad things happening to them when they play the Bears this year...the bad things being Briggs, Urlacher, Tino and a RESURGENT DEFENSIVE LINE. Bring on Training Camp.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    @johnny chicago: I see deals for flat screens on slickdeals.net almost every day, I'm sort of a tech guy and would recommend that site since it takes all websites into account instead of just blindly going with one site.

    As for Tommie, he's had one good year, time to put up or shut up.

    On a related note, Brett Favre sucks balls.

  • In reply to PhantomOne:

    Oh guys, seriously? After 1986, William Perry was dull as dishwater (not that he was too bright before). Sure, I rooted for him like hell in '85-'86, etc., and jumped up and down when he scored that rushing touchdown in the Super Bowl. But this guy was a textbook definition of a mediocre Defensive Lineman. Double-teamed more than Harris? Are you guys telling me that as an offensive line coach when you're staring at Dan Hampton, Richard Dent, and Steve McMichael that the guy you pick to double-team is William Perry?

    I looked up the stats just to back myself up. In 11 seasons playing in the NFL William Perry recorded 29.5 sacks. In 5 NFL seasons Tommie Harris has recorded 24.5 sacks. People on here are always so quick to throw Tommie Harris under the bus.

    Perry was a fan favorite, sure enough. I myself was a hardcore Perry fan the first three years he was in the league, but over time you really saw he lost it...ballooned up to over 400 pounds. It's true, Harris will have to be a more dominant force than he has been, but don't write him off yet!

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Agreed that we are hard on Tommie. He does need to stay relatively healthy and have a good year, just like several veterans on D do. The Fridge's TD in the SB was one of my most disappointing moments as a Bears fan. Not getting Payton a TD in the SB after how he carried this team for so long was a travesty.

  • Anyone who compares Tommie Harris to Dan Hampton never saw Dan Hampton. Nobody on the Bears' current D-Line compares to anyone on the '85 D-Line. Except Perry. Harris is much better than Perry ever was.

  • Tickets just arrived for the Bears/Bills preseason game. I was able to score good tickets on Stub Hub 8 rows behind the Bears bench. I am so psyched for the season to start!

    The T.O. circus is in full swing here in Rochester with the Bills opening camp here. I am sick of talking about what might happen, there are too many what ifs.

  • BDG, that was a sweet double-post! 'Tis rare nowadays.

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