A Jersey Shore Rodeo

I'm off to the Jersey Shore for the weekend, returning for the final ten days before the start of training camp.  Then I shall spend a month of my life hoping never to read "Cutler carted off practice field with a knee."

Driver Doesn't Like Our Wide Receivers

Green Bay wide receiver Donald Driver, one of the most underrated players in the sport, doesn't like the collection of talent assembled at wideout for the Chicago Bears.  And outside of the state of Illinois (and parts of Indiana), neither does anybody else.  But read the rest of Driver's comments and you'll realize that this division suddenly has a lot of respect for the Bears, especially since the acquisition of Jay Cutler.

I Don't Play Fantasy Football...

...but if I did, the Bears' player I think is going to have the biggest season (at his position) is Greg Olsen.  While the league harps on our lack of depth at wide receiver, Olsen possesses the combination of size and speed that should make Jay Cutler salivate.  It wouldn't surprise me at all to see G-Reg finish 2009 with 75 catches and 10 touchdowns.

Ross Tucker: American Hero?

When the Chiefs announced they'd signed Matt Cassell to a monster contract, my only question was, "Really?"  One good season in a system that has produced nothing but good seasons for a decade leads to $63 million?  Needless to say, nobody at ESPN seemed to question the move because (1) they're morons and (2) it didn't involve Brett Favre.  Ross Tucker, the new guy over Sports Illustrated, did question it in a sound and lucid manner.  Is there finally a reasonable, national football voice?



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  • LOVED your slap at the 4 -Letter network , Jeff.

  • I also think while Driver was just speaking matter of factly and saying nothing that hasn't already been said, if I was his coach I would be thinking "Please, just let sleeping bears lie".

    Would it be terrible to just lineup Greg Olson up outside opposite Hester? There's nothing wrong with Des Clark at tight end and they drafted 1 tight end, signed another and were supposedly high on Kellen Davis, no?. They're looking for someone to be the "possession" wideout. What's wrong with a nice, big, target like Olson? Or am I missing something?

  • Before we crown "Ross Tucker - American Hero" it should be noted that he is no fan of Jay Cutler and in the same article you reference, Jeff, Tucker reiterates his disdain for the Bears' new QB.

  • Whoops, my bad. The Bears did NOT draft a tight end this year but they did sign one, Michael Gaines.

  • TWO WEEKS! Bears' rookies and veterans report to training camp
    July 31st!

  • Hey Albert, I have no problem with guys not liking Cutler. I have a problem when they inanely write that he doesn't improve the Bears. Cutler's critics make their valid points quite often but ALL have to remember how young this guy is. He's still developing. And I think we're about to get one of the league's elite players in his prime.

  • Pretty sure coaches are coming, too, Albert. In other words, everyone reports on July 31.

  • My gripe with Tucker is that a large part of his evidence against Cutler is "his 17-20 record and 18 interceptions last season". Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't recall Cutler lining up on defense for Denver. The Broncos ranked 30th in points allowed, 29th in yards allowed, 31st in interceptions, etc. etc. etc. With THAT defense it's amazing that the Bronocs finished 8-8. And they were basically just as bad in 2007 at 7-9.

    Plus, I'm tired of the "he's immature" blather. Any criticism of Cutler for the Denver fiasco should include the bumbling & fumbling exhibited by Coach Josh "I'd rather have Matt Cassel" McDaniels and Owner "Here I am to close the barn door after the horse is gone" Pat Bowlen.

    Houston Chronicle columnist, Richard Justice, attributes the following to NFL Network's Jamie Dukes:

    "Josh McDaniels has a problem with telling the truth..."


    If dismissing people who LIE TO YOU is a mark of immaturity, well, I guess I'm immature. Cutler decided playing for "Boy Wonder / Liar" McDaniels (He just turned 33. I think I have a Bears' cap older than that.) was no longer an option. Eli Manning and John Elway kissed off The Chargers & Colts, respectively, before they even showed up!

  • well guess what our WR just got a lil bit more hungrier for respect....I will be back, im off to a softball game wish my team luck

  • Just so you know Jeff, yes GO will be a fantasy stud (6th rated TE in mock drafts), but just about every mock draft i've seen has Forte going 2nd overall, just behind AP.

  • FYI: NFL Live aired the Driver /Sirius-NFL comments this evening.

    Here are some stats to chew on:
    In Jerry Rice's rookie season he had 49 catches, started only 4 games and caught 3 TD passes. All that with JOE MONTANA throwing to him. And as I recall, early on he had the 49ers 2nd guessing themselves over using the 16th overall pick in the draft to get him because of the number of balls he was dropping. I guess you could say he worked the kinks out after that first year, eh? But if you could look at that first season and then say "Here comes one of the best football players in the history of the NFL" then you would have to be NOSTRADAMUS! And Rice was a receiver in college.

    OK, OK, I can hear the clicking already but BACK AWAY from the keyboards, men, I am NOT, in any way, shape or form, trying to insinuate that Devin Hester is the 2nd coming of Jerry Rice. However, last season WAS Hester's FIRST FULL ONE as a wideout and he snagged 51 balls and 3 TD passes WITHOUT THE BENEFIT of Joe Montana throwing to him. I don't think it's a stretch to expect Hester to improve on those numbers with a year of experience under his belt and a clear-cut upgrade at the QB position. Plus, he's learning the ins and outs of the receiving postion, not brain surgery.

  • You guys remember when I called Brett Favre a franchise wrecking-ball? 'Tis begun!


  • Jeff, regarding your final question, I'm betting on "no".

  • The the latest company line regarduing the Offensive line...


  • So...

    How bout them Bears.

  • Well, Ghost, as long as you asked...

    While getting the my Sunday paper at Circle K, I picked up the USA TODAY SPORTS WEEKLY Pro Football Preview issue.

    Their fantasy guy, Matt Pizer, describes Cutler as "not elite".

    Whoever did the overview of the Bears talked about all the additions to the O-line but failed to mention Chris Williams.
    And they both lamented "who is he going to throw to?" without a word about maybe as good a tight-end tandem as there is in the league.

    They put the Bears 14th in their league-wide power rankings.

    To all this I say, "fine". I think the Bears always do better when they are under rated and flying under the radar.

  • Albert: Yup, Bears play best with a chip on their shoulder, especially the defense. Let me help YOU SUCK BEARS DEFENSE, YOU'RE OLD AND WORN OUT!

    Jeff: Greg Olsen is going to have a huge year. I've said this before, I watched Cutler all last year since he was on my fantasy team and he was a huge fan of their TE Tony Scheffler...and that's while having Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal to throw to.

  • interesting post BAM

  • Excellent information, BaM, and likely the result of more research than the most of the talking heads at the 4-letter network have done when looking at the Bears lately.

    Research? Facts? What a concept!

  • some links talking about our position battles at strongside LB and WR



  • JUST the kind of news the Steelers want to begin defense of their title with...


  • Viewing reminders:

    2 Bears' pre-season games will be carried LIVE, including the Buffalo game which will be part of a a triple-header that night on the NFL Network. In addition, the NFL Network will show ALL pre-season games on a delayed basis.

    T minus 9 days.

  • 9 more days until the dance begins...

    Baseball, feel free to see yourself out when you are done.

    I'm just imagining the roar of the crowd after our defense forces the first 3 and out of the season and Cutler jogs onto the field as we take over at our own 35 yd line. 1st and 10...so many plays to chose from, who's number shall we call? Hester deep on a play action stop and go? Forte behind Mount Pace and Omiyale for 6 yds? Play action and a 20yd seam route to Olsen or Dez?


  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Johnny Chi, you forgot to mention Ron Turner's FAVORITE call: "Fullback up the middle for little or no gain." "

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Turner knows that shit won't fly anymore. If he calls that kind of ridiculous play again he will be ripped apart by us and fired by the bears.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    People seem to have strong opinions against putting advertisment patches onto the practice jersies. I could not care less. It doesn't matter at all that a small white rectangle is going to be on our players' left shoulders.

    What will tee me off is when they start putting ads on game-day jersies. That might be the end of my Pro Football fan career.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I guarantee it will happen, Ghost of Halas. Brace yourself. I remember when everyone was up in arms over putting TV commercials on before movies in the theater. Now it's part of the multi-plex, and even arthouse, movie going experience.

    Placing ads on jerseys is an easy way for companies to ensure we see their brand. We may not be watching during a commercial break, but we'll sure as hell be watching the game. The money will be too good for the NFL to pass up. It will happen.

    But like you GOH, I'm hoping against hope it doesn't.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    i would be disappointed if it went that direction but it wouldn't stop me from watching.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    I think I recoginize that Cheese-Head!


  • In reply to hollywood1:

    How football became Nascar:


    So I've read that this change is for pre-season jerseys only, but I've also read that this is a permanat move that will carry on into the regular season for the next few years. If that is in fact the case, I will become one angry Bears fan.

    There are a lot of 'goings on' in the NFL lately, why are we still stuck on the Jersey Shore? There are plenty of Bears issues up for debate and discussion, why are you slackin' Jefe?

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