The Marshall Plan?

David Haugh teased it last week and ESPN is rumoring it today but the Bears do seem logical entrants into the Brandon Marshall sweepstakes come the end of the 2009 season.  Marshall - according to the Denver Post - was unhappy with the Broncos' treatment of a nagging hip injury he dealt with throughout the 2008 season and, of course, doesn't like what his contract has in store:

[His agent Kennard] McGuire acknowledged concern about
Marshall's long-term security. Marshall is in the final season of a
four-year contract that will pay him $2.2 million this year. But
instead of having unrestricted free agency waiting for him at the end
of this season, NFL owners reopened the new collective bargaining
agreement -- a labor strategy that would make fourth-year players such
as Marshall a restricted free agent after this season.

A restricted free agent tops out at one year and $2.792
million. The NFL top receivers make from $7 million to $10 million a

It should be noted that Brandon Marshall is worse than Ochocinco, Plax and T.O.combined.  Those guys may be locker room cancers and self-inflicted gunshot wounds waiting to happen but Brandon actually beats women (or specifically one woman) on a regular basis.  This is the very reason that Denver has been unwilling to sign one of the best receiving talents in the game long-term.

Why bring this up now?  Because the Denver Broncos should be a pretty terrible football team in the 2009 season.  John Clayton believes they have been "acting like the equivalent of an expansion team. They made 14 unrestricted free-agent signings and already have cut two."  If things get ugly quickly for the Broncos in 2009, unloading a problem-child wide receiver for draft picks might become an October priority.  And Marshall should be eager to re-join Cutler after a couple months with Chris Simms and Kyle Orton, specifically because Jay has proven to be one of the only folks around capable of getting through to him.

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  • Pretty sure this would be all but impossible... we would offer Marshall at least 3 mil a year yah? So for an RFA that means the original team could match that offer and force us to spend our first and third round picks to get him... oh wait; we don't have a 1st round pick next year so; we simply would not be able to afford the draft picks it would take to get him.

  • Do you have to pass some narcissim and violence quotient test to become a WR? DO any of these guys have their head screwed on at least a little?

  • S and WR
    S and WR
    S and WR
    S and WR

    I wake up in cold sweats from nightmares of these 3 letters keeping me from celebrating the 2nd SB victory witnessed in my lifetime.

  • Z, when did this start is the question?

    Remember when the best receivers in the game were guys like Jerry Rice and Tim Brown? That's not so long ago. Hell, even nine years ago it was guys like Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce.

    There's a cultural things going on here and a money thing and I ain't touching either right now.

  • Oh and if the Tackling Tower of Pisa is an upgrade, which it definitely sounds like he is, Lovie will have very few excuses not to have this D humming and flying to the ball.

  • Well, the reality is it spans other sports as well.. not like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were flashing gang signs to their homies in lock-up. Did Rodman ever jump out into the stands to beat up a fan, and he was a hot head?

    It is more of an entire culture difference than just within sports. Look how jaded we are to certain things; I watched a movie called Admit Nothing (bad movie btw) that had a sub theme where people were more disturbed to see this dog get shot than to see a person get shot. People in general are just different, we don't care about anyone outside of our own little world anymore.

  • What an amazing, tantalizing, but alas, RADIOACTIVE array of talent at the wide receiver postion which we'd all like to see the Bears upgrade with a veteran prescence. But you need a lead-lined suit and 6 foot tongs to handle these guys! Plaxico Burress, Brandon Marshall and Matt Jones. All talented receivers. And All MASTERS of self-destruction. Take your pick, "Just Shoot me" Burress, "Coke-Head" Jones or "Misogynist" Marhsall. NONE of them is a first time offender, either. Plus, Mr. Marshall has, yet again, placed himself squarely in the sights of Roger "Zero Tolerance" Goodell. Marshall got whacked with a suspension LAST season. You think Goodell will SMILE when he sees "Brandon the Beater" on his "personal conduct" radar screen? I bet the Commish already has "suspension scuds" on the launch pad with Brandon Marshall's name on them. Let's move on, folks, none of the three is worth the carload of baggage, real and/or potential, that they bring with them.

  • But... listening to Crist over at Scout, Olsen is the only pass catcher getting any separation. Its early, but still...

  • I think most are spoiled from being told since grade school that they are the second coming and then feel entitled to anything and everything even if they haven't earned it yet. And this having to attack someone physically over the tiniest slight or insult seems to be just plain insecure pride. I also know that some have had a real messed up life and had to beat some serious odds to make it this far and had to build walls to survive but we all can choose to let our hard times consume us or teach us to overcome.

  • Forget him, if we have the year we hope we will have we won't need him. Let's see where we are at with these guys before we start reaching for one like that.

  • Is there any veteran WR worth picking up? Somebody make a case for one of them. Please. You have to be a real douchebag to have a high skill level, teams that have millions of dollars available and a desperate need at the position that you play and they still don't want you. WTF?!

  • All the comments in the archives are gone.


  • Out of the four WRs listed earlier,
    Ocho - the physicality is going downhill fast; I don't think he's a top-shelf receiver any more but he definitely is convinced he is. I guess he would be entertaining when he wasn't busy pulling a muscle.
    Burress - probably the most likely to land with the Bears out of this bunch, but a long shot at best; on the downside of his career anyway and he's dumb enough to wear an unsecured pistol in his sweatpants...gfg.
    Jones - no way; between the coke and the fact that he has never been anything more than a project, I don't see this happening. I don't think he'd ever see the field.
    Marshall - I agree with Murph and I don't think Cutler's going to go vouching for a guy that spends his off-seasons winning tough-man tournaments against women and televisions.

  • i can only think of three top tier receivers that haven't made negative news.(arrests, mouthing off, questions about work ethic ect) larry fitzgerald, reggie wayne and andre johnson. although i bet at least one of those has and i just dont remember it. can any one else think of any elite ones that dont have character issues?

  • there are probably more hall of fame quarterbacks in the league right now than issue free elite wide recievers.

  • everyone has to be a gangsta now a days.........

  • I can dream... Boldin, Marshall, Hester, Bennett, Iglesias, Forte, Olsen... hmmmmm

  • While I think it was maybe less endemic a decade or so ago I dont think the troubled wide receiver thing is a new development. Look at Michael Irvin. I think it has more to do with the rise of the internet and the 24 hr news cycle.

    Zisk - Didnt Fitz allegedly beat his girlfriend?

  • apparently so, i hadnt heard about it before, but i just did a google search and found a bunch of stories about his baby's momma filing a restraining order against him. but as i said one of those probably had something i didnt remember.

    the all pro receivers from the last five years were
    larry fitz, restraining order from girlfriend
    andre johnson, nothing that i know about
    randy moss, running over a cop
    TO, dont get me started
    marvin harrison, someone got killed with his gun
    ocho cinco, TO jr.
    steve smith, punching ken lucas
    chad johnson again
    TO when he was on the eagles
    and last but not least, the one and only
    muhsin "throw him under the bus" muhammad

  • this season's WR corps reminds me of NE in 2006. Cutler is no Brady and Lovie is no Belicheck. We'll probably make the playoffs, but we're going to see passes bouncing off our receiver's hands and shoulder pads. Luckily Cutler is only 26 and maybe JA can land a real WR next off-season.

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