The All Jay Cutler Rodeo

Nothing going on around Halas Hall right now.  Absolutely zero.  Here's some mindless crap, in case you're bored.

Jay Likes Brandon
Jay Cutler sings the praises of Brandon Marshall during a visit to William & Mary, saying he could become one of the greatest to ever play the position.  We've outlined all the personality risks, contractual demands and required draft picks but if the Bears were to make a move for Marshall, it'd be incredibly difficult not to think this team becomes the favorite to reach the Super Bowl in the NFC.  Don't count on it, however.  Jerry Angelo is a subscriber to the belief that the quarterback makes the receivers.  (I'm assuming he started believing this in March.)

I like Jay
I wish the work in the Daily Herald were better, as Bob Legere would be a welcome addition to the Sun-Times v. Tribune "battle".  LeGere does have a quote in his OTA wrap-up that warms my heart even more at the thought of Jay Cutler playing quarterback for this club:

"This is the time when we have to have everything going right," Cutler
said, "and if it's not, we have to get it corrected. That's the first
time I think it's happened to Devin like that, so he's going to be
fine. It's going to happen. It's going to happen in games, but we just
have to try to limit it as much as possible."   


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  • FIRST!

  • Thanks Jeff. I was bored. And this isn't really mindless. It's patriotic.

  • I agree with GhostOfHalas, it is not mindless. This is why i come here. 365 days of Bear discussion.
    I'm a little confused though, when you say that Jay's comment warms your heart. Why? If #23 drops two bombs in week one, do we want a Calm Jay that tells the media afterwards that drops happen and we want to limit them? Or do we want Crazy Jay that chews out Devin in front of a national audience?
    I'm not sure which Jay I want to show up. Although I am curious what you mean by "warms mt heart".

  • I dunno. The more I think about adding a WR to this group, the more I'm leaning to letting the young guys grow together. Yeah, would love to win this year, but I'd rather have a whole bunch of winning seasons. Torn, I am.

    And I don't get the 'Warms my heart' thing either, altho correcting mistakes is a good thing.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, the chemistry we've got right now will only get worse by adding another WR. Let's see if Devin and Company can step up and shut down the criticism.

    I know Cutler and Marshall have great history, and I'm sure Cutler not only wants to look out for a buddy, but also validate his leaving by saying "see, I wasn't wrong, the organization was wrong." I can respect that train of thought, but I still don't want a KNOWN wife beater on my team.

    As for Cutler's reactions to drops and general miscues on offense......I'm looking for, dare I say it, a McMahonesque attitude on the field. I think he's got it, and it's exactly what we need to be Champions.

    Bear Down!!

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Funny thing about chemistry.

    Is it good chemistry that leads to winning, or does winning lead to good chemistry?

    Think about it folks.

  • I dunno. It would seem to speak volumes that NOBODY seems to be sniffing around Mssrs. Toomer or Harrison. The silence on both of those fronts is deafening.

  • I'm interested to know what you guys think about players who might not seem integral to the success of the 2009 season now, but will eventually emerge as significant contributors to your 2009 Chicago Bears.

    We all know the core players of this franchise (Cutler, Forte, Olsen, Urlacher, Harris, Tillman) will be counted on to help carry the Chicago Bears next season, but every year an unknown rookie or overlooked backup makes a significant contribution that helps this team win games. Whether it is due to injury, a trade or outstanding performance in training camp - an opportunity arises for a relative unknown to make his mark on the Bears and in the NFL.

    Last year it was rookies Matt Forte, Marcus Harrison and backup Corey Graham all stepping up to make a difference in 2008. The year before it was Greg Olsen contributing as a rookie and free agent Adam Archuletta making ridiculous plays in the secondary (kidding! sorry). In 2006 it was Devin Hester, Bernard Berrian, Mark Anderson and Robbie Gould all stepping up to help carry the bears to a Super Bowl. My question to you is: Who is it going to be in 2009?

    Who do I think it's going to be? Well, here are just a few guys we might look back on as unexpected key contributors to a successful 2009 season:

    1. Kevin Jones
    -When you declare yourself a team that "gets off the bus running" (even after aquiring a franchise QB) you'd better have depth at the RB position. The Bears had the luxury last season of having an unknown rookie in Matt Forte unexpectedly running wild over opposing defenses. This year, defenses will pay much closer attention to Forte and with all the carries (and catches) Matt had last year, there is bound to be a bit of wear on those tires of his. Kevin Jones will most likely be called upon this year to spell Forte more frequently than he did last year. Having over a year to rehabilitate his surgically repaired knee and learn the Chicago Bears Ron Turner led offense, he should be ready to contribute big time in 2009.

    2. Brandon Rideau
    -I think this is the year we finally see this guy making big plays on the football field (and not just in camp or in preseason like in years past). While all of the WRs on this roster should benefit from the upgrade at the QB position, Rideau is one of the taller WRs of the group and I have a feelnig Cutler is going to make Brandon a favorite target of his. Why Rideau hasn't seen the field the past few years I'm not sure, but this could be the year he breaks out and shows this team why he should have been starting all along.

    3. Zach Bowman
    - Bowman spent the majority of his rookie season last year on injured reserve due to a torn bicep, but he certainly showed promise in a game against the Vikings when he fell on a TD stemming from a blocked punt on special teams, and coming up with a game sealing INT even AFTER tearing the bicep. This guy certainly has flashed the talent and heart to start in the NFL, but his durability has always been his biggest question mark. Going in this season, Bowman is sure to push Vasher for the starters role, but he will most likely serve as a backup CB next year. With Tillman and Vasher both coming off of injury plagued seasons resulting in surgery in the offseason, there is a strong possibility Bowman could see some significant playing time in 2009.

    Honorable mentions:
    Craig Steltz, Garrett Wolfe, Jarron Gilbert, D.J. Moore, Joaquin Iglesias, Johnny Knox, Rashied Davis, Ron Turner, Rod Marinelli, Jamar Williams, Frank Omiyale, Chris Williams and Caleb Hanie.

    Don't be shy, tell us who you think could have an unexpectedly great season for your 2009 Chicago Bears!

  • Yeah. It seems a bit out of context. Not to mention random.

  • Excellent topic of discussion, Shady.

    I'm looking forward to big contributions from all three of those players.

    Players whom I am looking forward to seeing progress:

    Zack Bowman: I agree with you, Shady. This guy could be something special, but only time will tell. He only made an impact in one game last season, but as you say, he played part of an NFL game and made the game ending INT with a torn bicep. That's the kind of tough I like.

    Johnny Knox: Everything I have read states that this guy was on fire in OTA. It might be wishful thinking that a rookie Wide Out would suddenly arrive and contribute, but you never know. I can't wait to go to Bourbonnais and see for myself.

    Will Ta'ufo'ou: Honestly, I don't care if this guy is the shittiest Fullback since...well...Jason McKie. I just want him to make the team so I can get that jersey!

    Pisa Tinoisamoa: Because it's Pisa Tinoisamoa and he's a Chicago Bear!


  • My picks to click for this year are:

    1. Lance Briggs
    2. Tinoisamoa
    3. Marcus Harrison
    4. Idonije
    5. Kevin Jones

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    My only problem with that list would be Lance Briggs, it wouldn't surprise anyone if Briggs hand ANOTHER pro-bowl caliber year in 2009. Is there anyone who is flying under the radar you think is going to 'click' in '09?

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    i think Brandon Rideau is going to contribute and i am going to go out on a limb and say that Zack Bowman, if healthy will find his way onto the field at some point in the year...that is unless his arm gets ripped off like it almost did last year.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    i think Brandon Rideau is going to contribute and i am going to go out on a limb and say that Zack Bowman, if healthy will find his way onto the field at some point in the year...that is unless his arm gets ripped off like it almost did last year.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Pick's to Click in 2009

    Defense - Jarron Gilbert. If Marinelli is as magical as advertised he should be able to turn the pool jumpers raw athleticism into good production.

    Offense - I would love to say Johnny Knox, but I doubt he'll see the field much this year. I'm gonna go with Earl Bennet here. I think he'll end up with more catches than Hester. Jay is familiar with him from their days at Bears U, Vandy, and all reports are that he's looked great in otas.

    Special Teams - Danielle Manning. With a full year of full time kick return duty I think he'll make the pro bowl as a returner, if he can manage to not fumble.

  • In reply to MASOCHR:

    Like the Jarron Gilbert pick, he should definitely benefit from having an experienced guy like Marinelli mentoring him in the ways of pool jumping, er um, pass rushing. It should be interesting to see how much playing time he gets with serious depth at the DT position.

    I also agree it could be tough for Knox to see much of the field this year. It's unusual for rookie WR to make a significant impact in their 1st year, especially if they're from a smaller college program, but then again Eddie Royal seemed to have a pretty solid rookie campaign in Denver last year.

    Danieal "Don't call me Danielle, it's too feminine) Manning should be an interesting guy to watch this year. Dave Toub has always gotten the best out of his special teams players and has made it a privilege to play special teams for the Chicago Bears. This year, his unit should be even stronger than last with established return men as well as adding guys like Jamar Williams, Nick Roach, Izzy Idonije and Marcus Freeman to fly around the field, creating holes for Manning and Hester to burst through. Should be exciting to watch, as usual.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Defense - Corey Graham as FS (I also think Harris and Urlacher will revert to ProBowl form, just not sure if that's expected or not.)

    Offense - Rideaux, he has been mentioned several times by Cutler who is already missing a tall receiver, he could be it.

    Special Teams - Iglesias

  • In reply to dutsami:

    It's been reported (this site included) that the Corey Graham at FS experiment has ended, for now. They've moved him to the nickle corner spot for the time being and hopefully that's where he stays. As I've said before, I don't believe it is in the best interest of the players to be moved around from position to position throughout camp.

    Iglesias is an interesting pick for special teams contributions, and I'm assuming you're talking about returning kicks. While "Sprinkles" has indeed led the Sooners in return yards last year, I'm not sure what kind of opportunity he's going to get behind return aces in Hester and Manning.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Riddeau. I think for the good of this team, he NEEDS to see the field. I also think Marcus Freeman sees some productive time this year.

  • Do any of you guys find yourselves checking the site multiple times daily hoping to see new information on a free agent signing or some other crazy move that will put us even closer to a super bowl?

    I find myself half expecting to see some breaking news about a big name signing everytime i log in. that is how ridiculous our off season was...

  • I hope you're right BDG, this team desparately needs an improved pass rush from last year. If Anderson can return to '06 form (or even close to it) this defense will get a huge shot in the arm. Ogunleye is also in a contract year and has stated he needs to prove this year why he deserves a big contract. Should be interesting to se what kind of production the Bears get from these two in 2009.

  • Last year, who here thought John St. Clair was going to make as big of an impact as he did?

    I think the Bears picked up a couple guys this offseason and last who could prove to be an equally important insurance policy for the o-line. Can you name these Chicago Bears?

  • I also think that Manning will have a good year as a returner. If he hangs on to the ball and doesn't turn it over in our red zone it will be exciting to watch him. He is truly a great athlete...just doesn't have the instincts to play defensive back in the NFL. He hit the holes so hard on those returns. I predict 3 touchdown returns by Manning this year and a couple 50 yarders.

    I also actually told someone in a drunk haze at a bbq that Bennett was going to catch at least 50 balls this year for about 800 yards.

  • my buddy just said that a bartender in Mundelein who sreves drinks to all of the players up there said there is big news coming out Thurs. so stay tuned.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Talk about a tease. I hope your buddy wasn't talking about a thirsty Thursday special or anything like that and he was actually talking Bears football.

    Nathan Vasher and Hunter Hillenmeyer for Brandon Marshall? I'd take that deal if I were the Bears.

    Oh man, Johnny I hope you're not messin' with us.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Well it seems JCut has begun to gain confidence from his receiving corps, judging from what Devin said about him in the Trib article from yesterday, as well as seeing him out with Olsen doing a little (or a lot) of team bonding. So that's the kind of thing ya like to hear. I really don't think that JA will make a move on a WR myself, especially one with character issues and pending Imperial Entanglements. I would think that waiting until cuts are made after training camp would prove to be more prudent, and I would rather they add someone who could bolster the defense in some way.
    I don't know if it was just me, but when watching the interview of Fartve tossing the ball around at some HS down home, it almost seemed he was struggling to put the right words together when he was talking. I don't know man, that guy has absorbed a lot of blows over the years. I don't think it's just his throwing mechanics that may have changed. And you don't recover and heal at 40yrs old like you do a 25yrs old. Hell, he's got more gray than me and I'm 20 yrs older.

  • I dont really know what to think about the drops and Cutler's comments toward them but I do know its only freakin' June! That's why we have OTA's and Mini Camps and Training iron out all the bullshit. Have the drops now, not in Sept. Cutler will jump asses when he needs to and he understands that Devin, as well as all the others wr's are working out the kinks. No Need to sound the alram. Its bad enough that NFL Network shows our guys dropping passes left and right in our first 2 days of OTA's, we dont need to turn something miniscule into someting major.What those assholes didnt show is the progress our guys have been making. Its total bullshit....

    The Chicago Bears only get National respect after we beat the shit out of whatever team happens to be the center of the media love affair at that time( Minn,Ind,GB,Phi). Doubt us, go ahead and not respect us. Do what you gotta do. We'll take that fucking respect back this year.

  • Schaffer and Beunning were exactly the guys I was thinking of who could prove to be extremely worthwhile insurance policies on Pace, Garza and Williams, none of whom are sure bets to last the entire season. Remember when re-signing John St. Clair was this offseason's top priority? Ha!! Go Bears!

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