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We'll waste some midweek space by focusing on some fan-related points of interest around the club. 

Tickets On Sale July 25th
Vaughn McClure thinks "there is sure to be a mad rush" for tickets, as the Bears welcome their first franchise quarterback in...ever.  We here at DaBlog plan on being in attendance for the October 4th victory against the Detroit Lions and are hoping to be having some kind of festive occasion on the evening of the 3rd (most likely at Rossi's on North State).  More on that as we get closer.

Shocker! Tailgating More Expensive
Dave Newbart has a Sun-Times story, detailing the steep price increase for regular folks trying to attend a football game in difficult economic times. 

A lot beneath McCormick Place Lakeside Center and another at 31st and
S. Moe Drive will cost $25, up from $17 last season. RV drivers must
pay $50, up from $34.

I'm not some kind of working man's muckraker but I've got a space and I'd like to use it.  Municipalities are in financial disarray (along with everybody else) and it's about damn time regular people stop being punished for the mistakes of the wealthy and powerful.  An $8 increase on $17 and a $16 increase on $34 is not "steep" - it is robbery.  It is theft.  I have no problem with inflation but inflation does not operate in 50% increments.  Some folks have no other means but the only way to show your disapproval is to leave the cars at home, carpool to games, use public transportation...etc. 

Training Camp Photos Wanted
If you're headed to training camp in Bourbonnais this summer, please send us any photos or videos you might think will be of interest to fans.  We'll be scouring the media world for any and all information throughout camp and if you're attending, you can help.  


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  • First!!

    You know it

    Bear Down!!

  • Yeah Chicago has never been an inexpensive place to live. That sucks.

    What if we let the first 50 women at home games punch Brandon Marshall in the nuts? Then should we give him a chance? Maybe it could be after the game and the number of women is determined by his performance. I don't think we have the firepower to pull of that trade. I guess Plax or current WR's.

  • *off

  • Have to disagree. I just don't think Brett Favre makes any football team better anymore. Anyone who watched his play down the stretch last season can't believe this is still a playoff quarterback. Let's hope it drives the Packers nuts.

  • Minny just found a way to turn the ball over even more at the QB position. I thought Tarvaris sucked at securing the football..that team is absolutely going to implode by game 7, when Brett's little tendon-wendy goes "twing" and Childress can't decide which horrendously bitter backup QB to plug in.

  • I agree with you, Jeff. I think he's a much better signal-caller than Tavaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, or John David Booty. I'm excited about this move, because Lovie Smith and the Bears' D is 6-2 against Brett Favre.

    Plus, Favre is a franchise wrecking ball. According to those "in the know," the Vikings are the best team in the history of the NFL (cough). The only missing component is the Quarterback. The Vikings will come to rely on Favre next year to take them over the hump. If they fail to make the playoffs and Favre throws 15 TDs and 25 INTs then he'll retire again and throw that organization into a year or two of turmoil. Enough time for Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, and Co. to plant the seeds of a dynasty.

    Bombastic? I think not!

  • Bravo, Devin Hester!,0,7150659.story

  • BDG beat me to it: Brad Biggs just tweeted "Mike brown reportedly agrees to terms with the kansas city chiefs"

    Le sigh.

  • Let's hope the kids at Safety step up and stay healthy so we don't really regret unceremoniously dumping Browny.

  • Well, best of luck to Brownie in KC. The Bears backtracking and resigning him to a one year deal was probably always a pipe dream for some of us on this site...regardless, he will always be one of my favorite Bears. He is all guts and plays the game for the right can't knock that.

  • Good-bye and good luck, Mike Brown. Thanks for the thrills you provided and the class you displayed.

  • The Chief's defense just got a lot better...until Brown goes down midway through the season.

  • Oh, BDG, I hope he does great at Arrowhead. It was a quip about why our poor Mike Brown is no longer a Chicago Bear.

    Sorry to have offended your sensibilities.

  • I hope Brown has a kick ass season as he deserves it more than anyone. It takes a special player to come back from injury much less ones as serious as he had to deal with.

    Here's to a Pro Bowl for Brownie and a Super Bowl for the BEARS!

  • Wait!

    The U.S. has a soccer team?

  • Jeff, completely off the subject, but Dwight Freeney just publicly endorsed Richard Dent's acceptance into Canton. I got to tell you, being there this summer and only seeing his picture for Superbowl XX MVP was disappointing. Do you think, now with your new blog clout, we can start a new campaign to get him in? Is there anything that you think we can try. He deserves it man.

  • Nice Wayne. I'm in. Sign me up.

  • Sad to see #30 make his departure official. I'll miss what he brought physically and mentally to our D when healthy. It will be nice, though, for us to finally be able to move on and not deal with the topic of bringing him back anymore. We finally have closure.

    I keep waiting for Ghost to tell all of us to get off his lawn. The combination of Papa Bear's picture with his cantankerous disposition just screams pissed off old man. I'm not complaining, I think we need that here. Keep doing your thing Ghost.

  • I think some big news is coming by Friday. I'm going out on a limb here by saying that based on my sources so if it doesn't happen i will bow out of the blog gracefully and you will never hear from johnny Southside ever again.

    Plax will be a Bear by the end of the on it.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Hey bro you are getting my dick hard with all this teasing ha ha! If you know something man, help us out! Friday is 2 whole days away!

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Johnny- u yanking our chains or what! mofo you better cough up any info you got!

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Haha. I'm more sarcastic than cantankerous, but I thank you Matty. And the picture was indeed thought out.

    BearDown11-As long as I have been a Bears fan (67 1/2 years) it seems Chicago has taken a backseat to nearly every other team in the league. A brief exception being 1984-1987. Even the 1963 team (which is one of the most underrated defenses of all time) was overshadowed by New York Giants and those asshole Lombardi Packers.

    You know, ESPN has done it for years. A "mainstream media" approach to sports broadcasting. That is unequal coverage, covering players and teams whom the media deem to be interesting to ALL sports fans. In their defense they do have a difficult job attempting to make football exciting during this mid-June purgatory.

    I gets really bad whenever the NFL Network reports daily on Terrell Owens' search for a house in Buffalo, New York. Is Jay Cutler having trouble finding housing in Chicago? Kyle Orton in Denver? Albert Haynesworth somewhere in south-central Maryland? No. It is what it is, pal. I wish it would change, but that seems unlikely. Until the Bears win one or more Super Bowls they will be on the back-burner at ESPN.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    And get off my fucking lawn you goddamn kids! Next time that ball lands in my yard I'm keeping it!

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    lol. While I have about 20 less years as a Bears fan than you, Ghost, you are absolutely right about the media. Do you suppose they have spent the last 23 years trying to make up for going so over the top with The Fridge?

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    This just in:

    "Mike Brown arrived in the Kansas City airport today en route to signing a contract with the Chiefs. Brown hurt his ankle upon arrival however and there are some questions about the signing. Brown will literally have landed on IR if he is signed."

    Oh Im just kidding but I for one am with Ghost on this one, I loved Brownie but this is kind of a blessing in that at least I won't have to read anymore pleas to sign Mike Brown and we won't delay the development of a FS that lasts a whole season anymore.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Ghost, that was huge and I will treasure it forever!!! Way to channel your inner Eastwood. About the media giving no love, I enjoy that more than anything. I've still got the printout of ESPN's studio show predicitions for the 2005(played in 06) NFC Championship game which I was lucky enough to attend. I kept it in my pocket the entire game, because they all picked the Saints, and picked them big. That printout and my ticket stub are safely stored in the pages of our freakin' wedding album.

    The media go two ways, no repect or you can do no wrong. Those who can, do......Those who can't, talk about it on TV and radio for 8 hours a day wishing they still played.

    For the record, I'm AGAINST Plax. Freakin shoot me, but I don't want to ever have to say that we needed that guy to win.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Okay, fellas. Ghost is getting his big wooden shit pot spoon. Is everyone ready?

    I'm sorry, but I have little love lost on Mike Brown. He's gone. For three or four years he was a kickass player. Then his play decreased dramatically because he was NEVER ON THE FIELD. Some of you who have deified him say he was "one of the better players in the history of the team." If he remained healthy through 80% of his career, I would agree with you. But since he did not, he is stuck in pro football purgatory (otherwise known as Kansas City). Thanks for the effort Mike. Good luck in Kansas City. Whenever you play the Bears I hope you have a good game but your team loses.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Beardown11, ONE of the reasons for the "lack of respect" from the National media is, of course, the 4-letter network, ESPN.
    They are based in Bristol, CT and a bunch of their staffers are grads of the communications schools of Syracuse and Miami of Florida (Can you say "East Coast Bias?). They think their crap doesn't stink and that when they pass gas it smells like roses. They think New York is the center of the known universe. They foist clowns on us the likes of Chris "Back,back,back,back,back" Berman, who while amusing for a while early on, has become just an annoying caricature of himself and whose preparation of late is highly questionable. Or, the odious Keith Olbermann and "Ain't I hip" Dan Patrick who created "The Big Show" which is when SportsCenter ceased being a fan friendly, cornucopia of highlight after highlight and became, instead, a forum for how clever the talking heads could be resulting in fewer highlights and more "face-time". Analysts like drug-addled, Michael Irvin, who made sure he referenced his own skills and accomplishemnts almost every time he commented on someone elses. Mike Tirico who, reportedly, was TWICE suspended by ESPN for sexual harrassment and has still managed to ascend to being their #1 play by play man. I'm sure the cashiered Harold Reynolds is still trying to figure THAT one out. Radio hosts like the arrogant, Colin Cowherd,who steroetypes fans with the widest brush possible who happpily dispenses homilies on relationships as "Uncle Colin" despite the fact that, like the average trailer-trash couple, he added 2nd child to an already crumbling marriage that was headed for divorce. And, guess what, they're giving Colin a TV show! They also have producers who think putting an obviously intoxicated Joe Namath on the air LIVE is a good idea. As far as ESPN is concerned, there is very little life west of Ohio and virtually NONE west of the Mississippi. Don't look for things to change anytime soon. The arrogant are the last to realize that they are, in fact, arrogant.

    Other than that, I have no opinion on this matter.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    That was an excellent post, as usual, Alberto. Love the Booya network analysis.

    I also think BDG has a great point about the Bears' traditional style of football not being easy to market to a national audience. Outside of Devin Hester, the whole defense and special teams "ball control" philosophy just doesn't appeal to the average football fan and thus isn't embraced by the national media.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Thank you, Shady. By the way, any other aging "boomers" here who had the pleasure of watching "Galloping Gale" in the flesh, at Wrigley field? My Dad got box seats on the 3rd base line for the Steelers game in the Bears' most forgetable season
    season of 1969! Gale ran for 100 yards, Bobby Douglass threw a TD pass to Brian Piccolo and the Dick Butkus led defense stuffed the Steelers for 2 safeties in a 38 to 7 victory.
    Alas, I was 1 & 2 seeing the Bears at Wrigley, with losses to the Colts (Johnny U. was injured & Gary Cuozzo QB for Baltimore)and The Rams in 1967. 1967? GEEZ I'm gettin' old.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Whoops! Wrong! Unitas DID play that day. 1 TD pass to Mackey.
    Colts also scored 2 defensive TDs that day in a 24-3 victory.
    Geez. I AM old!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I'm with Ghost again. While I reemphasize that my view is not as long as his, Mike Brown is simply not one of the better players in history of the team. Anyone thinking so might get a better perspective starting here and reading on through:

    Although Mike Brown cannot be faulted for injuries (and has my everlasting admiration for coming back from so many), in the final analysis he did not play enough to warrant being spoken of so glowingly.

    As an aside, were I to look for someone that deserves more credit, it would have to be Neal Anderson. But his accomplishments have been overlooked for a long time - he had the misfortune of being Payton's successor.

  • In reply to hollywood1:

    Please, please, please don't compare Mike Brown to Gale Sayers.

  • This is for Jeff, Max, BDG, Ghost, Posse, Z, and all the other regulars. Tell me what u think. Ive been burning on this for quite some time now and frankly, It pisses me off and im fucking sick of it. THE CHICAGO BEARS DO NOT GET NATIONAL RESPECT FROM ANY MEDIA OUTLET!.........

    We have taken shit for years over our mis-management of the QB position and deservedly so. So we go out and pull off the biggest trade in the 89 year history of this flagship franchise and land a young ballsy QB and proven stud. After the initial shock wore off, it was right back to Bear bashing. We answered the criticism but now the argument is his "maturity level and ability to lead". Once we answer that question with his first big game, it will be another knock about something else thats wrong with us. Hester pretty much told the media how it was....."If you havent sat down with Jay, how can you comment on him as a person"? A great big FUCK YOU to all the doubters.

    I just cant handle this media love affair with certain teams. For the last 2 years all we've heard is that Minnesota is the Super Bowl favorite in the April. Why? Peterson? Ok, but what else? Who has the edge?

    Even with #4, Bears clearly have the edge at QB. The RB's are even in my book. AP rips off long runs but Forte can do things in the passing game. Minnesota's wr's are a joke. $40 million they spent on BB and the guy has never cracked 1000 yds. Bobby wade? Sidney Rice? Please. The media wants to clown us? Look at the chumps in purple! Offensive line edge probably goes to Minn but we are not far behind. contest. Olsen and Dez are superior to all TE tandems in the League. Def Line. Ok so they have two fat asses that blow up the middle and take steriods and a cheap shot artist with a bad haircut on the edge. Ill take our guys but I will respect what Minn has. Can you even name 1 Viking LB? Please! They are a joke as well and other than Antione Winfield, who they hell scares anyone in the secondary? Edge....Bears.

    So what have we learned? Minnesota is prob (besides Dallas)the most inconsistent team in the NFL. They are half an offense (running game), and half a defense (run stop) and are considered to be NFC fav's for the SB.

    Fuck the media hype.....we'll show em all, like we alwys do. what do u guys think?

  • Alright, first of all DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT compare Mike Brown to Gale Sayers. That's not something that needs a discussion, just don't do it.

    Secondly, I already covered the grumpy Ghost material, but thanks for the verbatim rehash.

    Lastly, Plax in a Bear's uniform is a huge mistake. I'm serious, the turmoil it will cause from the media's interest to his work ethic is a nightmare 10 times worse than Good Rex/Bad Rex. It would be a season-killer, and I don't want it.

  • In reference to ESPN's bias against Chicago, I point out this small fact:

    To my knowledge, there IS NOT a ESPNLA.COM, ESPNNEWYORK.COM, or ESPNMIAMI.COM. There is, in fact, an ESPNCHICAGO.COM and that's pretty cool. Yeah, they bag on us too much, but we got our own site. By no means am I on "The Network"'s side, just an observation.

  • Speak of the devil...One of SPORTSCENTER'S (3PM PDT Edition) teasers is: "Are the Bears about to get Jay Cutler some help at Wide receiver?" The Weasel, er The Professor, John Clayton will have a info.

  • L.A. Times reports: Michael Jackson is dead at 50.

  • John Clayton reports the Bears will NOT be going after Plaxico Burress and Brandon Marshall will remain a Bronco. NFL Rumers has Marvin Harrison Headed to NFC North. Team not specified.

  • As a relatively new bears fan since the mid 90's I think Mike Brown holds a warm place in our hearts along with Urlacher because I personally fee that they represent a shift in the Bears being an after thought to a team that could win big games and actually were contenders. I could be totally wrong and i am by no means a stat guy but when i was in the prime of my football career I could have cared less about the Bears but by 2000 and more importantly 2001 as i entered the work force we were running around the lakefront after games diving in the rain soaked grass emulating the revitalized Bears defense. (drunk off our asses of course). even though we had some of the worst offensive playcalling in the history of the game we still had a chance to win every single game because of Urlacher, Brown and the rest of the crew.

    Mike Brown and Urlacher were the guys that brought me back to the Bears with their passion, intensity and heart and for that he goes down in my book as one of the greats of Chicago regardless of their stats.

  • Apparently, it is the Vikings doing a possible mating dance with Marvin Harrison.

  • Saw this a few days ago and just made me smile when thinking about how awesome this offseason has been.

    Gotta love 'Lando.

  • "The Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to trade veteran receiver Dennis Northcutt, the most productive receiver they have left from last year's team, Northcutt's agent confirmed."

    What do you guys think? I guess i just have WR's on the brain now that we have Cutty.

  • An undersized WR known for big drops in critical situations? No thanks.

  • In reply to Shady:

    do you think Northcutt and Rash are related?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Mike Brown: loved his stretch of defensive TDs... but he was never the elite kind of safety like a Polamalu or Reed. More often than not, his football intelligence put him in the right place at the right time. He never had the height, strength, or speed to be a real nightmare for opposing offenses.

    When he was in his prime, there was probably no better safety at play-recognition and getting the rest of the defense lined up. We definitely don't have that cerebral leader in the secondary any more. Unfortunately he doesn't have the athleticism to get it done anymore, and I wish him well, but I'm glad to see him go. The Bears need to develop young talent at safety, and they're not going to get that done on the bench.

    As far as Northcutt goes; we already have two kick-returners. That's all Northcutt really is. Being that no other teams have bit on Plax, we really have very little to lose by signing him to a contract that's essentially a league minimum w/bonuses for 100% participation in training camp, being on time to all meetings, and whatever else they can think of. He's a lazy asshole, but I bet he loves money. He'd pretty much be the only turd on the team, and I'll take him for a year if it means a Superbowl.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Oh, right. John Clayton works at Halas Hall. He called the Cutler signing before it happened too, right? Let's wait and see.

  • In reply to Shady:

    BDG, totally agree that the best thing about his blog is being able to argue back and forth with knowledgable and informed fans. Look, I am a "Defense First" guy and always will be and I loved Mike Brown and what he brought. To me, for about 4-5 years, he was the most important defender we had because he set the tone. Missing 44 games over the past 5 years, though, says something. The comparison to short and productive careers makes sense with Sayers, but the skill level and legacy are in two different categories and I know you weren't trying to compare them on that level.

    Sometimes, it's just fun to break somebody's balls. Glad to see the hoopla over Plax and Marshall can die down. I hope the Vikes add Favre and Harrison, breaking both of them in half will look great in HD.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I have decided to retire from blogging until the start of the pre-season. Too much of my day is spent trying to find out new and exciting info on the team while at work. I think i may even try to work harder to take my mind off of the team until about 35 days from now.

    I will leave you with several items to ponder as i take my hiatus:

    -Idonije is now 6'6 285 of pure death on wheels.
    -Marcus Harrsion has "bulked up" in the offseason. When he falls on Farve this year he will officially retire him.
    -Our starting LB's are Urlacher, Briggs and Pisa (you can smile, it's ok to admit they will be awesome)
    -We have 2 of the most dangerous return men in the game for Kickoffs and Punts.
    -We have 2 running backs that could start on almost every team in the league.
    -We have 2 tightends that could start on almost every team in the league.
    -A healthy Orlando Pace is our starting Left Tackle.
    -Our field goal kicker is 110 out of 128 attempts.
    -We have 4 extremely talented cornerbacks.
    -Our depth at D-Line is huge (Adams, Harris, Harrison, Dvoracek, Idonije, Gilbert, Anderson, Ogunleye, Brown, Melton, Toeaina and their coach is Marinelli.
    -Even our long snapper is awesome.
    -Hester, Olsen, Clark, Forte, Rideau and the rest of the crew.
    -Our Quarter Back can throw a 30yard seam route that doesn't get more than 10feet off of the ground. His name is Jay "motherfucking" Cutler.

    This season is going to be fun.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'd be very curious to see everybody's take on this list from another ChicagoNow blogger...

    Top Ten Bears Wide Receivers of the Last 25 Years

  • In reply to Shady:

    You will be missed, Johnny!

    I liked everyone on the Top Ten Recievers list, but I dislike the order. I think Willie Gault is #1, Booker #2. I'd put Tom Waddle ahead of Curtis Conway any day of the week. I'd switch Berrian ahead of Muhammad and that's about it. Really neat list, even though I just destroyed it.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I made my comments on your blog Jimmy. Ghost and I are close in our rankings, though.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I checked out the top ten list and commented. My biggest beef was not having Jeff Graham on the list. He was the #1 target on the '95 Air Bear team, and the only legit threat on the '94 playoff team. He was great in the Wild Card game that year against Minny.
    Anyway, I have to offically say I'm annoyed at the decision to not get Mike Brown back. To me he's an all time great Bear, and can still start on this team.

  • In reply to Shady:

    NFLN Top Ten Return Aces

    Gale Sayers #7

    Devin Hester#1


  • In reply to Shady:

    WHAT?! You left DAVID TERRELL off the TOP TEN LIST? HOW COULD YOU...Huh? Ohhhh, sorry, my bad. HE goes on that WASTED FIRST ROUND PICKS list!

    That's kind of a DAMNING list when you think about it. Conway had his moments but he was a California boy who shrank up when it got cold. I think McKinnon was the more dependable target thatn Willie Gault. I remember too many Gault drops. Ya gotta love Tom Waddle. The prototypical "too slow, too small" guy. Man he took a beating week in and week out.

    For more pathetic Bear lists, how about tight ends over the last 25? And, of course, QBs.

  • my first game was the one against the packers that we won in overtime last year. i spent the first 18 years of my life in arlington heights and never saw them live until i was living in texas, and home on leave.

  • Max, good job on your BReport blog.I have a few ideas to add to that. I like your 52/53, although if we go ahead and drop Buenning AND Reed(i think 3 guards is enough), and drop M. Freeman off your list then we have room for H.Hillenmeyer, AP, and Kellen Davis.

  • Two years ago i could see the love for R.Davis. But last year i remember almost throwing my monitor or tv a few times on 3rd/long when he dropped a pass.
    I also don't quite understand all the hate for HH. That crazy mofo broke his hand(or thumb) last year and still dressed for games, and made specialteam tackles!Thats what being a Bear is all about.
    That out of our way~ if you like AP and McBride instead of Davis and HH then we agree on 51/53. And im down with that.
    That being said~ I am totally pumped for this season. It will be an interesting training camp and I'm anxious to see all the propoganda the Bears throw our way. That is by far the biggest reason i come to the bears blog. I used to believe everything i read on and the Bears homepage. Now, i totally see through most of the BS and 2nd-rate-player hype.

  • Hey Max, i signed up for your blog but didn't see a button to post a comment. Is that the way you are set up there, or did i miss something?

  • ESPN Radio Saturday morning: Mel Kiper was talking up the Bears, Earl Bennett and Rod Marinelli and said he ALREADY likes the Bears in the NFC North because he absolutely HATES what the Vikings are doing at QB.

    Uh-oh.Haven't seen any other bloggers admit to seeing Sayers and Butkus play. U of I in 2002? Ouch. I remember when they did a stretch at DYCHE Stadium during Soldier Field's first renovation. Sigh. Maybe I should change my name to Albert The Dinosaur or Rip Van Albert.

  • Gee, poor Plax hasn't been signed up yet. Hope we don't either.

  • I wish I had clear memories of my first Bears game. I was 14 or 15 (1955 or 1956) and me and my old man went to Wrigley Field and the Bears beat the Chicago Cardinals. I don't remember much of it, though. Stinks! I remember listening to football games on the radio WAY back. I distinctly remember sitting in the living room at my boyhood home playing with a train set or something while dad was always sitting in his leather chair listening intently with his chin resting on his right hand. He never got exciting like I do now. Just smiled and said things like "Atta boy," when they did something good and sat quietly when they did something bad. Happy days.

    I think I am the only Bears fan who did not watch the Fog Bowl! My wife planned a Australian vacation when my college football season was completed. Unfortunately she did it in the middle of the NFL postseason! Unbelievable story Murph! That must have been an amazing experience.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Yee-HAW! There IS somebody older than me on this blog! Thank you, Ghost. You too, Murph, even though I apparently have YOU by at least a couple of years. I'll settle for close though. HAH! And they said dinosaurs were extinct! Welcome to the "Dinosaur Club", boys!

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    aaarrgh most of the greatest bears things happened before i was born

  • So....

    I had my 10 year high school reunion (Chesterton Indiana, class of '99) last night, which was surreal in the first place.... 5 hour drive and it's weird seeing ppl you havent seen in forever... anyway, we had a blast. open bar, my wife looked amazing, and we felt like a million bucks...

    So, afterwards we wanted to change clothes and go to a bar. We did. Dandee put on some jeans and a nice shirt, and i threw on ye ole authentic, home, bears, cutler jersey....

    A little bird at the bar told me something that related to my shirt. I told my wife "i'll be right back," so as to investigate. 2 miles and a tiny shithole dive bar later, i'm watching the value of said jersey increase 10 fold as a one Jay Cutler, quaterback of these Chicago Bears, is signing the 6 on the back.... the way, my ex-girlfriend, the one that broke my heart, is alone, preagnant, broke, and unhappy.

    BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!


  • Duff,

    That was an awesome experience. I enjoyed telling my boss the Denver fan while reading it to him just now. My story isn't as good as yours, but when I was stationed in Hawaii the NFL always does the warm up events prior to the Pro-Bowl. I was an ice replenisher and all around help-guy at the Legends Beach Bowl event held at Waikiki Beach. Jimmy Mac was one of the players there.

    Background on the story is that maybe 3-4 years prior a friend had painted me a plexiglass collage of all the teams Jimbo played on (Chicago being the primary of course) and though the event runners frown upon it I was still able to get his signature with a paint pen that I had brought with me. He asked me for some beer, MGD I think and of course I complied and with handing him the beer I asked him if he wouldnt mind, he didn't, but he corrected the collage as it was missing the Cleveland Browns that he was with for two weeks. I said come on, they don't matter. Anyways, it's my thumbnail on the blog.

    Your story is much better though.

    Go Bears!

  • Wasn't something really important supposed to happen on Thursday or Friday?

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