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I've been waiting three months for word that Mike Brown was making an official visit to a professional football team so I could write the following:


"Brown told another source he is motivated to prove he remains a starting-caliber player," according to Brad Biggs.  If that's the case, he should attempt to prove it on Lakeshore Drive.  The Bears have a significant need at the free (and strong) safety position and enough cap room to bring in "risks" like #30.

I don't necessarily believe Brown is capable of staying healthy for sixteen games or being the elite player he was in the early part of the decade but I do believe his leadership in the defensive huddle is worth a one-year deal.  I also believe his signing would align perfectly with Jerry Angelo's 2009 off-season approach of loading positions with as much competition as possible.

Think about it this way.  If Brown were to show up at camp this summer, do any of you doubt he'd win a starting job?  Isn't that reason enough to sign him?

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  • I disagree with this one. It is time for Mike Brown and the Bears to move on in their different directions. He would need to prove he is a starting caliber FS; so does Corey Graham, difference being if Graham can prove it we have a FS for the foreseeable future, if Brown can... we are still in the same spot next season.

  • I agree with Jeff. In my opinion, there is no downside. If Mike Brown shows up to camp and proves he is the best S on the field than that is one less position that needs to develop in 2009. If he shows up and is slow and worthless than we are right back to where we started. This Bears team is not in a rebuilding phase, this Bears team is ready to win now. I am all for developing Corey Graham but not at the expense of the 2009 season and certiantly not if #30 can come in and show flashes of what made him one of the GREAT Chicago Bears safeties.


    good article on wide receivers.

  • plus we are already at the cap of 80 players, and already talking about who to cut to sign a practice squad punter.. and if Plax becomes very viable thats another player to make room for, I'm not even certain Brown would make the 53 man roster at this point.. who do you drop Afalava.. Payne.. Steltz.. I would be more interested in hanging on to guys who can develop not injury prone vets; yes great heart, great Bear, great leader, but no room on the roster at this point. I think that is why the Bears let him go the way they did instead of elevating some rookie above him and demoting him to ST or off the 53 man, how bad would that have looked for him, at least this way he appears viable to other teams.

  • don't worry about the 80 players thing. ten of those are non-entities.

  • I have always been a big Mike Brown booster, but I think it is time to take off the rose-colored glasses on this issue. The injuries have taken a precipitous toll on MB and he is a mere shadow of the impact safety who could win games in overtime on consecutive weeks be a sparkplug and leader on the field. He just no longer physically brings to the table what the defensive backfield requires. I would, however, heartily endorse bringing in "Coach" Mike Brown.


  • It just wouldn't make any sense at all.. why cut a guy outright with essentially no negotiation or talks, then hire him back 3 months later after he talks to another team?

    They hopefully have a plan in place at FS as they let true FS vets slide by in FA and din't address a safety at all in the draft until round 6. So they weren't worried about keeping him when the safeties were Steltz and Payne.. now they have added Bullocks, Afalava, and Graham; why would they want him now.. with more options than they had when they didn't want him?

  • I'm obviously biased on this (see photo), but I still think Brownie had a solid year in 2008. No, he can't be expected to make game changing interceptions at free safety anymore, and expecting him to be healthy for an entire season at strong safety is a stretch, but I still think he is worth having in the mix. Safety is clearly a position that will be a weakness this season. Having Brownie back by no means makes it a strength, but it certainly couldn't hurt. The guy is still a solid tackler, great teammate, and a consumate Chicago Bear. If you can get him on the cheap for another year, I say YES.

    Honestly, if I'm Jerry Angelo, why not put the icing on a great offseason by bringing back fan favorite Mike Brown? A majority of Bears fans would be more than pleased.

    If he ends up elsewhere, I really hope he stays healthy and proves his worth.

  • No dice, time to move on. I love Mike Brown but the Bears need to develop some other talent, and find a new defensive leader. Someone that will be more reliable (no offense to MB, one of my favorite Bears of all time). Maybe that person is already on the team, but we wouldn't find out if MB came back.

  • first off, dammit jeff you always seem to start a new post very soon after i post. for those who missed it i was making the argument that almost all elite wide receivers come with character concerns. i think it could be harder to find a perennial probowler without any baggage than to find the previously mythical franchise quarterback. we might have to just deal with a potential headache if we want to get elite talent. to show what i mean heres the last five years of all pro wide recievers

    larry fitz, restraining order from girlfriend
    andre johnson, nothing that i know about
    randy moss, running over a cop
    TO, dont get me started
    marvin harrison, someone got killed with his gun
    ocho cinco, TO jr.
    steve smith, punching ken lucas
    chad johnson again
    TO when he was on the eagles
    and last but not least, the one and only
    muhsin "throw him under the bus" muhammad

  • back to the mike brown matter. one of the few moves they made that i didnt like was releasing mike brown. i dont know if they should try to resign him and to tell you the truth i was kind of hoping he would remain unsigned, one of our safetys gets injured and we resign him kind of like how they resigned fred miller after chris williams hurt himself. whether it worked out or not i would cheer my heart out whenever he is on the field. if nothing else is the assistant secondary coach job available?

  • I can't believe I'm saying this after having been a huge Brown fan over the years, but I think if he came back it would need to be as a backup mentor type. Basically a way to remain a player and hopefully transition into a coaching career. If the younger starter gets injured then in he comes and I have no doubt he would be a solid performer. I guess I feel like a younger guys will play about as well at this stage in his career, and therefore it makes sense to go with the younger guy. It happens to all the great ones. I'm in the minority but I feel like Olin Kreutz is also there (which is why I stumped for drafting an heir during the draft) and sadly BU is getting close. Mike Brown is an all-time Bears hero in my book. One of my top 10 favorite Bears that I've watched play.

  • I agree. You don't let players like that go. Shit, by JA's logic we should release Tommie Harris. Who wants to be that he's on the field for all 16 games this season?

  • First off I have to say Mike Brown is one of my favorite Bears of all time. Unfortunately, all the injuries have left him as more of a liability then anything else. I keep reading "whats the harm in signing him to a one year contract?". The harm is he has lost a step and is likely to miss tackles and be out of position. I'm all for him coaching but I think his playing days have passed.

  • In reply to Brian:

    I think alot of people are forgetting that Mike Brown came back from 3 career threatening injuries each season that he missed. When you rehab from those kind of injuries other parts of your body have to compensate and other injuries occur. MIKE BROWN IS NOT REHABBING FROM INJURIES THIS OFFSEASON! Am i the only one who realizes that he played 14.8 games last year? Now he is completely healthy and we let him go? Do you really feel more comfortable "developing" a cornerback into a safety this year? Do you think Payne, Steltz, Bullocks or a rehabbed Glen Earl are more attractive candidates than a healthy Mike Brown? You are nuts if you can't admit that he is our best option and since he is completely healthy he would have been a great option at Safety. We will give Harris millions of dollars to play the equivalent of 8 games a year but we won't give one of our best all time safeties a shot at starting now that he is completely healthy. that is lunacy. This is not a rebuilding year. This is THE YEAR. We need the strongest squad out there and we made ourselves weaker by getting rid of Mike and keeping Kevin "the unguided missle" Payne and a safety to be name later as our only viable options. If Manning even touches the field i will puke on my new TV that i bought specifically for Bears season.

  • In reply to Brian:

    All we are saying is give Brown a chance.

    We are getting flooded with this Burress love all of a sudden from Chicago. Sure why not. Cutler and Pace along with Kreutz will hopefully keep him in check. Hopefully Forte and some other young guns will step up to that role in the next few seasons too.

  • In reply to Brian:

    I'm going to have some roasted crow here.

    I initially lauded the decision not to re-sign Mike Brown because I thought the same thing Urlacher FTW still believes. He's old. He hasn't completed a season since...2002...2003? I don't even remember. He's injured constantly. In a desperate 2007 campaign he was injured at the end of Week 1.

    Plus, look at the free agent Defensive Backs this year. Brian Dawkins! Dawan Landry. The late Rodney Harrison. Darren Sharper. Some old guys, but some great talents that might be able to contribute in putting the Bears over the top. Instead, the Bears signed Josh Bullocks. Neat!

    After such a spirited offseason signing Pace, Omiyale, Cutler, Gaines, Tinoisamoa, and Shaffer I expected more out of you Mr. Angelo. NO serious moves on Reciever outside of the Draft. NO serious moves on legitimate D-Backs. As far as I'm concerned, every other aspect of this team is emaculate.

  • In reply to Brian:

    Boo, I leave for a few months and now I come back and the site's all weird, and you made me register jeff. Boo indeed

  • In reply to Brian:

    SC- Jim Finks retired from the Bears in 1982. Do you know what happened between 1982 and 1985. Well, I'll tell you.

    In 1983, Jim Covert, Willie Gault, Mike Richardson, Dave Duerson, Tom Thayer, Richard Dent, and Mark Bortz happened.

    In 1984, Wilber Marshall, Ron Rivera, and Shaun Gayle happened.

    And in 1985, William Perry, Reggie Phillips, and Kevin Butler happened.

    All without Jim Finks. Finks did a Hall of Fame caliber job, and maybe set the framework, but he DID NOT build that Super Bowl team. Not to denegrate Finks, but I think you give Da Coach too little credit. Can you imagine the '85 Bears without all those players?

  • @BDG, don't jinx us, I just saw something that Matt Forte was seen limping off the field after practice today with trainer Chris Hanks. It looked like his left knee.

  • In reply to brandonpurcell:

    Heard Turner doesn't think it's serious, hopefully he'll be OK.

    This does bring up an interesting point though, how much faith do you have in the backup RBs? Honestly, if Kevin Jones isn't 100%, AP is our best option for a Forte replacement. How comfortable are you with that? Me, not so much. The Kevin Jones factor is going to loom large on how the offense performs this upcoming year.

    By the way, Tony Dungy (who just agreed to sit in on Sunday Night football his year) just told the media he questions Jay Cutler's maturity. You know what Tony? Why don't you get a damn personality already? Watching and listening to you in the booth is going to be BRUTAL, especially if you bring up God with every other comment. Please don't ruin the Sunday Night opener for me, please.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Coming from Dungy, who's an apologist for Mike Vick of all people, I'm going to take that with a bottle of full-flavored soy sauce.

    Please, Jerry, sign Mike for one year. You can always cut him if he doesn't win the job in camp.

  • In reply to Shady:

    And from I what I was reading about Forte - it was leg stiffness. If you even think about being gimpy at this time of year, the coaches are pulling you out of OTAs...I ain't scurred.

  • In reply to Shady:


    The WR article was good, but my gosh the video. The found four drops to make sure we had to watch, most of them made by Forte. That was painful.

  • Hahaha nice. Ditto.

  • Sign him and let the players who perform the best stay and play. Period. Should have MB have to outplay someone a little to earn the roster spot over a younger player? Yes. But give him his chance. And if he doesn't earn it, offer him a coaching job. Which alternative is a proven success at that position? I can hear a pin drop.


    I like it!!! I like it a lot!!!

  • I agree that Mike Brown was a difference maker on the field and the kind of guy you want on your team.

    That being said, do those of you advocating he become a coach have any particular reason to suspect that he would be good at it? Good players do not necessarily make good coaches - what intangibles do you think he brings that qualify him as a coach?

    Being an on-field firebrand does not necessarily translate into coaching success. At risk of being pilloried for having the temerity to even suggest this, Ditka is a perfect example. He gets *far* too much credit given the mediocre coach that he was. Jim Finks made that team.

  • When you look back on it, the Bears have had as much trouble with head coaches as quarterbacks.

    To be fair to Ditka, he was certainly better than Dooley, Gibron, Pardee, Armstrong, Wannstadt, and Jauron.


    Maybe we do have a no.1 WR??

  • I love Mike Brown, and if he'd sign for the vet minimum why not give him a chance? Others have said and I agree, leadership and ability to teach would be worth it even if he can't play.

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