Brandon Marshall Requests Trade

This according to a report on Sportscenter.

I'll have more information as I keep on this.  Marshall has been unhappy since both Mike Shanahan was let go and Jay Cutler was traded.

Needless to say, the Bears will be interested.


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  • What do the Bears have left to give?

  • I'm with GOH...what do the Bears have left to give is a great question...Plax is the more realistic option I'd assume.

  • Not sure what We can trade for him, but it would be nice to have him on Da Team.

  • I like this idea. I'm not sure Tommie is ever going to be the elite player he was. Plus we got guys that can take his place.

  • hmm, I don't like trading Harris.. he is still our biggest possibility for a pro bowl Dlineman and we are going back to more pure cover 2... if we traded him and El Pool Leaper or Idonijie can't fill the void we would be El Screwed.

    Maybe Dvoracek or Adams and Hillenmeyer, he would fit great in a 3-4 at OLB.

    Not Tommie though, not til we see what Gilbert and Harrison have.

  • Tommie Harris for Brandon Marshall? No God Damn way!

    Nick Roach is probably going to back-up Tinoisamoa and from what I've read is taking names in OTA's.

    Hillenmeyer has about as much trade value as I do, especially going to Denver's 3-4.

    Maybe they could do Vasher and a draft pick...but that seems too costly. I'm sure Denver would love to have Vasher after losing Dre Bly.

    Very interesting, but I don't know that I would make a move on him were I Mr. Angelo.

  • Marshall is a huge talent and Cutler clearly loves throwing to him, but consider this: Maybe he likes throwing to him a little too much. I watched a lot of Broncos games last year for some reason and Cutler looked for Marshall on almost every play, forced the ball into coverage a lot, that sort of thing. Made some nice plays, sure, but most of his big plays came when he bought time with his legs and found Royal or Scheffler or Stokely on some improvised shit.

    So while having Marshall or Plax on the team could be explosive, I'm also alright with letting Cutler read the defense and throw to whichever no-name we have now is open on a given play, rather than locking in on a diva wideout who demands the ball 12 times a game.

  • As I was saying Saturday, I think Marshall gets traded one way or another. His problem with the Broncos medical staff has blown up into full-blown war with the Broncos administration and with the rest of his baggage (it ain't fitting in the overhead bin), they're going to unload him.

    He's a knucklehead, but he is a talented idiot...just like Plex. I agree with the comments that we'd have to give up less for Plex.

  • I'm not sure Denver could deal with the PR nightmare of trading us both Cutler and Marshall, plus the bottom line is that other teams who need/want him just as much can offer more. The brain trust played our cards already and did a heck of a job. There's just not a lot left to play with now.

    I'm still trying to figure out whether to drink the koolaid on Earl Bennett being a solid NFL starting WR. They try to feed us koolaid every year. Some years it's good (Forte being a 3 down starter from day one) and sometimes it tastes like crap (The supposed dominance our defense would deliver the last two years). I hope this ones true.

  • Wasn't Brandon Marshall just in trouble for domestic violence for at least the 2nd time? He has talent, but if there is one thing I know about the NFL it is that Domestic Violence and Dog Fighting are sure fire ways to kill your career. Involentary manslaughter? biggy, steroids?....4 games but domestic violence?...your screwed, no one wants to touch you. MARK MY WORDS....THE BEARS WILL NEVER, EVER CONSIDER MARSHALL...WONT EVEN LOOK AT HIM.
    Besides, at this point, I am far more nervous about our shitbag defense than our Cutler led offense. Tommie Harris for Brandon Marshall is a HORRIBLE trade...period. If we make a trade, get us a safety or a lock down corner.

  • I believe Tommie Harris has a lot more potential in him, and I wouldnt throw Harris under the bus just yet. Plax is out best option right now, and the guy Marshall is a real nutjob. I dont believe that kinda of guy would fit in with our team as far as Team Chemistry goes.

  • No way trade Harris for Marshall, even if you could.

    Until Harris shows he can again be a premier player, I cannot imagine any team taking on that contract.

  • I think it's all moot, regarding Plaxico or Marshall, based on this statement David Haugh cites from Jerry Angelo when he jettisoned Cedric Benson:

    "Cedric displayed a pattern of behavior we will not tolerate [and] everyone in this organization is held accountable for their actions. When individual priorities overshadow team goals, we suffer the consequences as a team. Those who fail to understand the importance of 'team' will not play for the Chicago Bears."

    I do not see how JA gets around that "pattern of behavior" line
    on either of these guys who, to paraphrase John Wayne from IN HARM'S WAY, have records that " like a bunch of pig tracks".


    Okay. Before anyone talks about the 3-4 versus the 4-3 ever again, read the damn Wikipedia page. Harris is undersized to play as a 3-4 NT, and too athletic (and probably not strong enought) to play end in a 3-4. 3-4 defensive lineman's job is to eat up blocks, and let the LBs behind them make the play. In the Cover-2, the lineman shoot up in the gaps, trying to make the play themselves. Totally differnt technique and philosophy. Tommie Harris is ill-suited for ANY position on a 3-4 defense. Broncos would not be interested. Alex Brown, on the other hand, I think would do great as a 3-4 end. Not that I want to see our only run-stopping DE traded.

    Brandon Marshall is certifiably insane; repeatedly beating up his baby momma. In a football crazed town like Denver, can you imagine how bad it would have to be for the cops to actually arrest him? The Donkeys' star wideout? I'd prefer Plax. He's an idiot, but not a woman-beating psychopath. Wouldn't cost us any draft picks either. There's a reason that guys with Marshall's size, athletic skill set, and hands end up playing at the University of Central Florida. He was too much of a thug even for the University of Miami (saying a lot).

  • No to Marshall......guy has zero character and beats his woman, which in my book makes him a complete and useless douche.

    No to Plax......he's ME FIRST all day, and doesn't think the rules apply to him. Rewarding athletes like this makes me sick to be a fan.

    I still say lets see what we've got on offense right now. I know the receivers are young, and we don't have a true #1, etc. I want to see what these kids can do with the "us against the world" motivation that they all must feel right now.

    If anything, I'd like to see the focus swing to the D, expecially as we move through camp. If we're missing anything this year I suspect it will be on that side of the ball.

    I live in Dallas, so I've had to hear all the T.O. garbage I can stand for the last 2+ years. I'll say this though, the guy plays AND PRACTICES all out and I would have been fine with him in Navy and Orange. Can't believe I just typed that, but there it is.

    Stop the whining about adding another WR, let's roll the dice with what we have and see how we end up.

  • Bears transplant beat me to it; Tommie is too small to play NT in a 3-4. That does even sound right, Tommie too small. Now, they could send Dusty and Kellen Davis to match up with Tony. That would be a deal, you would have your NT if he can stay healthy. We do not want this guy; at least Plax hurts himself by accident. Marshall is a coward beating on women and his girlfriend is stupid too for going back. Focus on one rap sheet at a time and get Plax. Use him for the year to show our young wide outs how to beat the press. And if he gets lock up, thanks for the memories! Although, him getting lock up for shooting yourself is stupid.

  • I was over at Football Outsiders. They've got a couple articles predicting the production of some QBs for the upcoming season based on a poll and capped with analysis. The author of the article reasonably predicted that Cutler's numbers will not be as high as the polling average because of Chi's WRs. What caught my attention was the first comment below the article:

    Cutler is unlikely to throw for 4500 yards this season as he is not going to be throwing 600+ passes. That would also imply that unless he becomes dramatically worse at reading defenses he is not going to throw as many interceptions.

    His interception percentage last season doubled when the Broncos were down by 9 points or more (from 2.1% to 4.2%). The Broncos also had the worst starting field position on offense despite their offense leading the league in yards per drive (which may be something to do with the defense simply letting the opposition score). By contrast the Bears defense was seventh in the league in DVOA and their offense enjoyed the best starting field postion on the NFL.

    me likey

  • I vote no on Marshall. This guy is a total douche. I'm not completely up on his entire criminal history, but I know there is one. The bears don't need a player like this on the roster.
    I'm willing to consider an exception in the case of Plax, because he really only has one issue. Plus he's likely a one-year guy who will have to perform to get paid next year. And therefore he'll have to behave himself too. Not to mention the fact that he's a much better player as well.

  • No on Marshall as well. Why would you take on a head case?

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