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Welcome to the Party, David

First off, kudos to David Haugh.  I've been hard on him in the past but he opens today's column with something I've been dying to write all week:

Unless either Don Shula or Chuck Noll wants to weigh in, let's wait at least a day before hearing from another Super Bowl-winning head coach interested in questioning Jay Cutler's character publicly, OK?

I understand the city's (and my own) infatuation with Captain Cutler but asking every coach who has ever stood on the sideline whether he'll be a success or not is getting ridiculous. 

The column itself asks the question, "Do the Bears need a veteran backup quarterback?"  The answer - as I wrote two weeks ago - is yes.  Absolutely.  This team should refuse to be one vicious tackle away from Caleb Hanie and a 6-10 season.  They're not going to find a star on the market but they can find a serviceable veteran.

Anybody have a grain of salt?

The Bears need to stop congratulating themselves for signing all their draft picks, especially when they have no picks in the first two rounds.  These are slotted salaries and contracts.  They require about as much creativity as painting the walls in a hospital room.  I like that there won't be any holdouts in a month but I'd like a legitimate number one receiver more.



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  • matt forte said " he thinks we will go back to the superbowl this year" wow!!!!!!! watch this whole video....

  • Said it before and I'll say it again, J.P. Losman should be on the Bears' radar as a backup. I, for one, do not see another experienced QB available with the arm and mobility to at least APPROXIMATE Cutler's abilities and therefore be able to manage an offense built around the starting QBs skills. I submit Losman at least qualifies as "serviceable".

  • I think it's funny how Chicago and national media are reacting to the Jay Cutler situation. Belly-ache and belly-ache about the Bears not having a decent signal-caller since Sid Luckman. When the Bears get a legitimate Pro Bowl and potentially franchise Quarterback...

    ...well then oh! He's too immature! That's his problem. He won't sign autographs for fans at a White Sox game. Oh no!

    There is so much criticism which can be lobbed at the unproven recieving corps and at the (porous at best) pass defense. Last year Jay Cutler was the NFL's darling QB. Now he's not.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Well, of course he wouldn't sign autographs for Sox fans. Wouldn't it be different at Wrigley?

    /I'm so sorry, but I couldn't resist...

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    While I agree totally shonbear, a better surprise would be for Ron Turner to show he has a clue.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I dont want to initiate one last round of rex debate but whatever your thoughts on him are does it really make sense he could only get the one year league minimum deal of $620k when Dan Orlovsky managed a three year $8.5 mil contract?

    That's ridiculous.

  • In reply to Reverenddave:

    I agree here too... How Dan "i like to run out of the endzone" O got that kind of money is crazy... he really proved nothing in any of the games that he played in.. crazy how old rexy gets shit on so bad....

  • In reply to Reverenddave:

    Bobby Douglas! You are my new favorite pseudonym!

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Thanks Mr. Halas! Bobby D. will always be near and dear to the childhood Bear fan in me.

    And I agree with big rob and Reverenddave. Rex has got to be worth at least as much as Orlovsky! Geez Louise!

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I noticed also that the post seem less often. Just curious Jeff, are you getting more veiws? or can you even tell?
    btw, I have a feeling that more fans will be supporting Hanie after this preseason.I'm a supporter of his after one preseason. Look what Orton did after One preseason. If Cutler goes down then Caleb hands off to Forte every play. Worse case, 10-6

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Dude. It's June 13th. We've pretty much re-hashed every plot line possible since the Cutler signing. Nothing much to do now, except obsess over mini-camp videos and wait for the pre-season in August. Seriously doubt JA has any big moves left, as he's out of draft picks to make them with.

    Just 2 1/2 months of watching the Sox and Cubs choke (though w/the Cubs talent it's much funnier).... soon there will be football.... soon.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I read that bleacher report article. But I might be somewhat biased...

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    Well, Josh McDaniels appears to be sending us another player, even if he is a knucklehead that can't eat a burger without punching a TV.


    Given that they unloaded Cutler, I think it's very likely that Marshall is already on the trading block.

    He is still a knucklehead that I'd rather NOT see in a Bears uniform, but I think it's getting alot more likely that he will be soon.

  • In reply to TheGhostofHalas:

    I love Mike Singletary.... Wish we had him on our coaching staff.... Love the guy!


  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    Mike Singletary, Big Rob? Come on! To paraphrase Alphonso Bedoya from TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE: "Mike Chingletary? What Mike Chingletary? We ain' god no Mike Chingletary. I ain' god to cho you no Mike Chingleary. We don need no STEENKIN' Mike Chingletary!" I mean, really, what could "Sammurai Mike" have brought to the table besides, class, fire, discipline and Hall-of-Fame defensive credentials? I mean, the 49ers only got NOTICEABLY better the INSTANT he took over. Who needs a guy like that on the staff? Throw him on the discard pile with Ron Rivera. ANOTHER guy we didn't need on the staff.

  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    Just got off of chicagobears.com and watched some videos of the defense and oter OTA activities. I think the players realize that this is going to be a special year. Soldier Field is going to be an absolute mad house this year...
    I am still scared about safety though. How could we not sign a veteran or at least sign Brown to a vet minimum contract with incentives????????

  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    Interesting article by Mulligan at the bankrupt Sun-Times. He claims that (Hello I'm) Johnny Knox has been having a great time at OTA's catching "everything thrown his way." He predicts Knox to have a better year than Inglesias.

    Also he writes about how amazing Greg Olsen is as a reciever and the rapport he and Hester have with our new signal-caller.


  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    After Reading that link it makes me wonder again. I understand that JC is better than Orton or any other QB's we've had, but why does it seem like many of the things we've been talking about over and over again on this site (Formerly known as Da Bears Blog) are finally happening this year.

    - Turner is now training receivers on one position rather than holding them back until they have mastered all three. It's about time! Johnny Knox and Julio Eglacious are likely getting on the field this year.

    Last year Rash dropped like his 3rd of 6-7 drops at critical times in games that instantly killed drives as fast as a farmers daughter jumps into bed with a traveling salesman. We didn't see any line up changes when we needed to, while other teams were making rookies stars.

    - How long did we say bench Dusty because there was somthing wrong before that finally happened with Alex Brown playing spectacular (do I have those positions right? Whatever, you know what I'm saying).

    - Then this whole symbolic Defensive Coach change without getting rid of Blabitch. We talked about that for two years.

    - Now as DH is going to be a #1 receiver as it stands now they will be cutting back his punt returns.

    I'm sure there are more examples of our amazing armchair insights that they are talking about or doing now, please provide more examples if you've got them.

    I think these guys are knowing they need to pull a rabbit out of their hat because with JC in the House, they need to win to stay in the Chitown.

  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    Bears have now signed all their draft picks.

  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    wow, WTF this site has gone dead! we are still on thursday rodeo. Well Bear Fans Lets TALK! questions that I have been thinking about.
    1) what will be the Bears record this season? do you expect them to be in playoffs? and if so, how far in the playoffs?
    Does anyone else feel something in their belly for this upcoming season? excited? I am

  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    This site was always pretty dead in the gap between the draft and preseason. I've been coming here every day as always, but there's just nothing of importance to talk about. Veteran backup, plax, blah blah blah.I was going to go back to past years and see what the comment counts were and then I just discovered that you can't access the archives anymore. Too bad. I used to have a good time scanning back through and seeing what we were talking about "this time last year". I like the new site, but now I guess I have my first complaint. Any chance we can get access to the archives back jeff?

  • In reply to bigrobstunner:

    Well I say get marshall and package vasher/hillemeyer in some sort of deal cause signing burris will distract our team from its ultimate goal the super bowl!

  • We should sign Losman or someone else with experience as a backup. Remember the years we started Henry "blow the whistle" Burris after a few injuries? Boy was that year embarassing. Hanie did great in the preseason against other teams practice squad players, but agains #1's i have no faith in him at all. Hanie could very well be the caucasion version of Henry Burris...sign a backup.

  • ...but then again, folks, how do we know if Caleb Hanie is the next Jeff Hostetler?

    They're not going to sign another back-up and I think that no action is the proper action.

  • Rex Grossman...now a Houston Texan.

  • I for one hope he does good for himself down there.

  • I used to be a Grossman supporter, but I think his days are done. Those early injuries cost him and now he's a rattled shell of his former self.

    I have no idea what to say about a bu QB. Lossman is a poorer option than Hanie.

  • so Hanie and then who?

    Grossman was a decent player but he didnt work for us...maybe he'll grow some mental toughness, but I doubt it...good luck dude!

  • my favorite part about that sports illustrated article is right at the end when he's talking about favre joining the vikings. "If Matthew Stafford becomes the Detroit equivalent of Matt Ryan, favre will finish the season as the fourth-best quarterback in the division."

  • Sexy Rexy is in Texy.

    Sorry I just wanted to say that.

    I hope he does awesome as a demonstration of RT's inability to develop virtually anyone. Offensively speaking, basically you have to be an already talented player that develops naturally and then you'd be fine with the Bears, but if you need real coaching, Ron is not your man. His play calling is symbolic of the way he develops talent. Pwove me wong won!

  • If Jeff will pay my per diems, I vow to go to Bourbonnais and take notes. I'd make that sacrifice.

  • Item 1:In Losman's defense, remember who his coach has been. Our very own Dick "One winning season in my head coaching career" Jauron. And hasn't he been another victim of "musical offensive coordinators as well?

    Item 2: Hearing / seeing WAY too much "Cutler's a crybaby" over his parting of ways with the Broncos and not enough "Maybe young hotshot Head Coach, Josh McDaniels, thinks he's the 2nd coming of Don Shula but in reality is in over his head".

    Item 3: Broncos named Kyle Orton their starting QB Saturday. Well, DUH! THERE'S a big surprise, eh, gang? The Broncos couldn't very well claim that "getting Orton was why we made the deal" and then name Chris Simms their starter. Not that I wish KO anything but success. He was a class act in Chiacgo and if he'd just been a little more accurate on those deep throws to Hester he'd probably still be a Bear.

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