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Just the Plax, Ma'am
Brad Biggs writes today about the Bears' seeming interest in attaining Plaxico Burress, free agent wide receiver and amateur gun enthusiast.  I've written it before and I'll write it again: Plax is a pain in the ass but he's not an evil guy.  If you think he's the only professional football player carrying concealed weapons, you're out to lunch.  He is, however, the only one who doesn't know enough to wear a pair of jeans.  Des Clark sums up what Giants players repeated often about Plax:

"Talent is talent,'' Clark said. ''But the one thing you don't want are
bad guys. Just from people I talk to, everybody says he is a really,
really good guy.''

Plaxico Burress wouldn't make the Bears better.  He'd make the Bears an immediate Super Bowl contender (if they're not already).  I know we're starting to be fed the company line regarding the young wide receivers looking brilliant with Cutler during OTAs.  Save it.  I'll wait for Earl Bennett to catch a professional pass before I buy the jersey.  If the Bears believe Plax will suit up in 2009, he should suit up in navy and orange.

Dear Mr. Holier-than-Thou, Shut Up
I don't like Tony Dungy.  I never have.  I think he lost too many games with too-talented a defense in Tampa Bay.  I think he escaped moral responsibility for his leaving his eighteen year-old, pre-diagnosed, manic depressive son half a country away and turned the event into some kind of springboard for lecture tours and Sunday sermons.  It may not be a popular opinion but it its mine.  Now, aside from showcasing a brilliant knowledge of maturity, Dungy is showing his football acumen may not be so hot.

"[They got] Cutler because of Green Bay's defense and all of the press
and man coverage," Dungy said, according to the Tribune. "[The Bears]
have to have that threat." 

The man doesn't know a thing about offense and never has.  Jay Cutler doesn't make the Bears better against man-to-man.  He makes the Bears better against every single defensive alignment the league can produce.  I'm sure in his head the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears for his only Super Bowl title because of his team's maturity or his unrelenting faith in Jesus.  Neither is true.  His team beat our team because we couldn't stop the run and they had the real quarterback.  We fixed the run defense.  Then the quarterback.  Apparently, that's not good enough.  And so Tony Dungy remains lost while his opinions are treated like they flow from the mouth of Buddha.

On a positive note...   
Everybody's talking about Jamar Williams.  This team has to have the deepest linebacking corps in the league.

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  • First!

    Yep. Dungy is annoying. You think Michael Vick deserves a 2nd chance, but Cutler is somehow overrated? Have fun on the lecture circuit Tony.

    Plax is a great receiver; he also fakes injuries so he doesn't have to practice, and is late for almost every team meeting that he was ever supposed to attend. He's also clearly not that bright. I just don't want the headache. We've got a relatively drama-free team right now (excluding Urlacher's crazy baby momma, and our Type-1 diabetes hard-drinking QB), and I'd like to keep it that way. That being said, maybe he'd fit in w/Lovie's laid-back style. I think we'll win some games w/the receivers as-is. It's probably not realistic to expect a SBowl this year anyways (QBs first year in a system).

  • Someone made a good point that almost every elite receiver available (or becoming available) has some sort of baggage. If Desmond Clark says he's a good guy, then he's a good guy. We all make mistakes, yes he's probably not the hardest worker, but come game day the guy is fantastic. It would be another Brandon Marshall for Cutler to throw to.

    On Dungy, I don't know the details about his son but I've had some similar thoughts and totally agree that he should have won more games. I can't wait to fall asleep listening to his monotone voice on the set of Sunday Night Football on NBC.

  • me no likey Tony Dungy. Never had.

    He's a homophobe to boot.

  • I'm not all that caught up on the legal situation for Plax. Isn't there a good chance he could get jail time and miss a portion or all of this coming season?

    He may be worth the chance. I think Cutler has the ability to make our receiving corps better, but an addition like Plax coupled with Cutler could make our offense very, very good.

    As for Dungy, I could care less. He is an analyst now, so he is paid to have an opinion. Good for him.

  • If there is any way to get Plax we should do it. He really does change the dynamic of the offense and puts us over the top. I'd still prefer Boldin (not giving up on that idea) but Plax is more than acceptable as an alternative.

  • Great QBs make good receivers great. They also make coaches "great". See Dungy, Tony.

  • I don't know if I want Plax.....seems like a big distraction. The logical mind says he has a clean record otherwise and is probably a decent guy who made a mistake. Unfortunantly, the Chicago Media does NOT have a "logical mind." All they will talk about is plax the troubled star, Plax the gun slinger blah, blah, blah...I truly believe it could take away from the focus this team needs to win the Super Bowl.

  • I agree with Jeff on all of this :)

    Tony Dungy is a double-talking douche bag. MORON: you had to go to a PRISON to f'ng talk to Vick and you say you think he deserves another shot... what has Vick ever, ever done at the QB position.. ever but a young guy who hasn't been to the county jail and has already been to a pro-bowl; he's a risk? What the fuck are you smoking and pass it on around.

    I like the idea of having Plax here even if he doesn't play till 6 games in, look what happened when he left NYG, they went from a superbowl contender to not throwing a TD to a WR in the last 5 games. Yah he makes a big difference and he would make us phenomenal.

  • Dungy could'nt be more correct. Cuntler is a HUGE risk.

    You brain dead dumb shits missed the point. He simply pointed out what Denver already had. Cuntler is a cry baby bitch who will never win because his attitude will always get in the way. You can't change that.

    Now you know why comparisons to Jeff George are flying around. George could make all the throws. Had a strong arm. But man, fucking cried when things didn't go his way.

    You are correct when saying he should have won more games in Tampa. Probably should have won a S/B. I guess he's alot like Ditka, who probably had the greatest defense of all time and could only manage one S/B. Boy he really choked.

    As for the comments about Dungy's son, you guys are some real fucking scumbag. Suicide among our youth is increasing at an alarming rate. This is a mental health issue.

    You just insulted all parent who have suffered the lose of a child to in such a tragic way.


  • To say Dungy doesn't know a thing about offense shows just how fucking stupid you really are.

    In order to understand and design defenses, you have to have a complete understanding of offenses.

    He's dead on in his observations about Cuntler.

  • In reply to Dave:

    Hey Dave,

    There's a blog for people like you, so you won't have to listen to us call you a moron and/or a douche-bag. Let me give you the URL:


  • In reply to TheKnightofOwnage:

    Jeff, I want this guy off this site. It appears he's a child predator and he's trying to get people to go to his site.

    How dare you try and spread this crap on here.

  • In reply to Dave:

    Welcome back, Dave, We really missed you.

  • In reply to Dave:

    yes -- Dungy is a dooosh.

  • In reply to Dave:

    Hey Dave.....your fucking grammar is tragic. You are a collossal cumstain and should swallow a shotgun. Do us a favor and go all the way the next time you auto asphyxiate while jerking off to all the hype your ViQueers are getting from the Favre Network.

    Oh yeah, my bad. Dave.....auto asphixiate is when you choke yourself near unconscienceness for sexual gratification. Something im sure all your boys were doing on the Love Boat. Thought I should spell it out to you since im sure you didnt get that far in school. Bear Down mother fuckers!

  • In reply to smooks11:

    My grammer sucks because I was educated in the Chicago public school system.

    Appears some of your fellow brain dead Bear fans attended the same schools I did.

  • In reply to smooks11:

    Hey Beardown11, how do you know so much about auto asphixiating? You are as sorry you have to resort to such activity.

    Enough with your weird sexual habits. Dungy is correct. Cuntler is going to choke.

  • In reply to smooks11:

    Sorry if I'm repeating what's already been said, but the whole Plax thing will either A. Go Away once he gets thrown in the klink or B. Go Away once he starts a season with a team.

    I can only hope that if it's not A., that it's B., with the Bears.

  • In reply to smooks11:

    This whole conversation about Plax is useless. As we have seen in the past the Bears do not deal with behavioral issues. I can't imagine we would bring him in after he shot himself and if we did the Bears would not put up with him missing meetings and practices. Seems like a unnecessary distraction.

  • In reply to smooks11:

    Hello people. I apologize in advance for possible grammar errors, English is not my mother tongue.

    It's a shame people don't appear capable to express an opinion with the necessary nuances in their comments. Dave in particular, chill out dude.

    About Dungy's comments (and i will not go into his 'legacy' as i don't know enough about the circumstances in which he worked during his career), it seems to me he has some valid points. Cutler is a big risk (i won't use HUGE, because imo it was the right move). You never know how a QB will react when put in high pressure situations like say, 3rd and long in the 4th quarter of a SB, when his team is trailing by 5 points. That's the beauty of the sport. Maybe he'll choke, maybe he won't. or maybe the other team will come through with an even bigger performance.

    And Dungy does have experience with this particular issue. Manning has been one of the best QB's for years, but we all have heard those 'Manning face' jokes.

    Now, Cutler is VERY talented. But he did somewhat fade away last year, when his team needed wins. Yes, Broncos D sucked and there are HUNDREDS of other things to consider in how an NFL game plays out. All we know pretty much for sure, is that he could put up very nice numbers with an excellent line (2 great young tackles etc) en very good receivers. He's never been to the playoffs. So by definition, the Bears have nothing to base themselves upon that he will come through in the clutch. Also, all those discussion that he did or did not have a good running game in Denver are pointless. Some people say he didn't because there was no 'name' RB, others look at the stats of the noname RB's and say he did. But the Line, and the fact that the passing game was awesome certainly played a role too. So that evens out imo.

    BUT that does absolutely NOT change the fact that the Bears did the right thing by trading for him. Dungy can talk all he wants about the risk, but i'm sure that if put in the same situation, he would have done the same thing. This is a 26 yrs old probowl QB with a much higher ceiling than Orton (who i absolutely liked btw, i really thought we could win with him if we added the right players around him), and they have several years to build a team around him. dozens of draft picks, and hundreds of college players and NFL FA's to work with here. And besides, Cutler can change, like the rest of us. Hell, i'm 30 yrs old and can still act like a complete idiot, an a regular basis. Of course i'm not payed like a Saudi Prince to do my job, but that's another discussion. :-)

    A GM should look at the long term, put in the research, and at the end of the day, work the odds and go for the biggest possibility at success. Which JA absolutely did in my mind. He should pat himself on the back, and go on with dis daily work.

    For the short term, that's on the coaches and players now. Go out and prove JA right. With Cutler, Forte, Olsen and Hester, we have a very solid foundation to say the least. And I for one, see the coming year as a learning experience (despite a quick fix like Pace). After this year, we can really go out and fill in the blanks:
    - A true No. 1 receiver if Anytime doesn't break through (and settles in as the no.2 then, but i foresee big things for him. He WILL get open deep, and the ball will be there for him to make big plays. I can take a couple drops, if he gets 1 or 2 really big plays a game. Will be HUGE for the running game).
    - Draft of sign a good tackle (which will have to be done no matter what imo) and probably a nice big OG too.
    - Beef up the secondary.
    - Get a middle linebacker to take over for #54 (unless Jamar Williams breaks through, and Briggs slides to the middle, which is an option i like, i think...).

    Just my two cents. Been following this blog for a while now, and thought it was time to speak out.

    Cheers from THE biggest Bears fan in Belgium ! And nice weekend everybody. I'm starting mine with a Stella right now. Belgian beer is da best !! I've seen that NY bar Jeff attends has them on the menu, so i'm sure he concurs :-)

  • In reply to smooks11:

    Jeff, for what it's worth, never disagreed with you more about a post. In fact, I just told someone that I figured out that Tony Dungy is the sports guy I'd most like to meet and hang out with. Not because he's a great coach, I think he's very good, definitely well above average, but not sure if he's great. But he's a great man, and a great human being, and a guy worthy of admiration. If you want to slam him for his son killing himself, I say you're sick and clearly have never been a parent. It's by far the worst thing that ever happened to him. The fact that he's trying to help Michael Vick is not evidence of his hypocrisy, it's evidence of his heart. Not a football genius, just a great, humble and faith-filled person. For many around here, that doesn't count for much, for others of us it does.

  • In reply to smooks11:

    Hello my fellow Bear fans. I have not posted lately because theres really nothing good to talk about. Im just anxious for August to get hear. Da Bears will go to the big show this year and win it. They are looking awsome. I have not been this excited in a long time. Ive been working on business networking on the web and hoping that my fellow Bear Fans can check out my website at www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jheredia
    I know that this is a Bear Fan blog and we should only post football but this will benefit everyone. thanks for the support and GOOOOOOOOO BEARS!!!!!

  • In reply to smooks11:

    Maybe I'm just too "old school," but I've got to go with Phil from SATX on this one. Too harsh on Tony, Jeff. I have my own personal distaste for Tony Dungy (largely centered on the fact that he coached the greatest Quarterback in the league to only one world championship when he should have built a team which could win two or three). But who am I to judge?

    That being said, he can kiss my wrinkled Irish ass for what he said about my Quarterback.

    That's my Quarterback!

  • In reply to smooks11:

    I somewhat agree with Phil, and somewhat agree with Jeff. I am a father of two Studs and I would not leave any of my sons in that condition, but Tony did and that is his fault, but too have lost a son would be the worst thing in the world...I cant even think of losing one of my boys..so my sympathy goes to Tony. But we are talking about football here, so lets not get all Doctor Phil up in this bitch......I admire Tony he is a great guy with a great heart and I would rather of had him beat us in the superbowl than any other coach... but Disrespecting Cutler is like Kicking my dog....Two WORDS my FELLOW BEAR FANS
    "SUPERBOWL" oo wait is that one word............

  • In reply to smooks11:

    I say "Amen", Jeff, to the "Holier than thou" post.

    Didn't Coach/Father/Reverend/Imam/Rabbi Dungy retire to pour his oh so sensitive energies into something OTHER than NFL football? Oh yeah, NFL TV analyst? THAT'S really stepping away from the game! Puh-LEEZE! Strikes me as MORE than a bit disingenuine, if not downright hypocritical.

    If you detect just a bit of disdain for the "I-won-a-football-game-thank-you-Jesus" crowd, you are not in error.

  • In reply to smooks11:

    Just a little commentary about Jay Cutler's reputation around the league from another Chicago Sports blogger at ChicagoNow David Kaplan:


    Just had to say that comment from Frenso about 'not getting all Dr. Phil in here' was classic. We HAVE to remember that one for later. Anyway...

    You know folks, I don't ever remember national football analysts ever commenting on Kyle Orton's MATURITY or SAVINESS WITH THE PRESS. It was always about how Kyle Orton performed on the football field and how it was good, but never good enough to win playoffs games. Well now Chicago has a pro-bowl QB and all people want to talk about is his behavior and actions off the field. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! The national media is so full of shit it's disgusting. For years it's been "well the Bears have a great defense and special teams, but they don't have a QB so they'll never win another one" and now even though Angelo the Bears have acquired a pro bowl QB, those same people are finding reasons that it may not work because he's a "cry baby" or "doesn't interview well"?? So which is it? Do they need a QB with a nice and polite personality that doesn't offend you? Or do they want a QB who has the full skill set of an elite QB? Give me a break, who are you trying to crap?

    As far as I'm concerned, these national media types are always looking for a reason to drag the Bears (and especially their QB) through the mud. Well you know what? Fuck 'em. Wait until Jay Cutler makes Devin Hester look like Steve Smith, Earl Bennett look like Eddie Royal and Greg Olsen look like Tony Gonzalez, then we'll see if people are talking about his interview skills or the fact he's putting up record numbers for a franchise that hasn't seen great QB play since Luckman. I'm sick an tired of watching 'nice guys' interview during post-game press conferences about how the offense just 'wasn't good enough that day'. Do you ever remember anyone talking about how they were impressed with Kordell, McNown, Grossman or Orton's interview skills? No! It's always been about their performance on the field! Bears fans could care less about having a polite and respectful QB, all we care about is having a guy who can put up points for a unit that has historically been extremely underwhelming. I don't care if Jay Cutler insults me and my family personally during post game interviews, as long as he helps carry this unit and this team to the Super Bowl, I could care less what he has to say to reporters after the game.

    The hypocrisy around the league from reporters who feel 'disrespected' by Jay is overwhelming and it's complete bullshit. Hopefully I can ignore it and go about my business without worrying about it, just like I know my man Jay Cutler will. Bear down Chicago Bears (fans).

  • In reply to smooks11:

    Nice little piece on the Bears' Cliff Stein aka "The Negotiator":


  • In reply to smooks11:

    I don't think that God cares about football games. That being said, I think the bit about his kid maybe is a little over the line.

    But onto the argument: M Vick has pretty much demonstrated by his blowing through 50-60 million dollars on jewelry, cars, women and clothes; having firearms around, associating with thugs and drug dealers, and running an interstate dog fighting ring (to the point where he was intimately involved in the training; to me this would be like Tony Montana helping his lackeys cut blow) what kind of a person that he is. His lack of production on it doesn't surprise me a bit. On the other hand, Jay hasn't had any off-the-field incidents that I'm aware of. He's put up big numbers at all 3 levels, but never won anything. So who do you stand up for? The career thug? I don't like Tony Dungy, because he's a complete and utter hypocrite.

  • In reply to smooks11:

    I think Dungy is a good coach. Good not great. He got the superstar QB, thats what gets him all the praise. I think that Manning made Dungy. Without Manning, Dungy is just another decent coach in the league at best. And at this point, he's just a new commentator. Just another talking head trying to do things (Vick) and say things (Cutler) that will get his name in the spotlight and get a buzz going. So whatever. I don't care, really. That's my opinion of him from a football standpoint. As a guy, he seems like he could be cool, but I guess I don't really care. The only medium I have to know him through is football and so I have a football opinion of him. I don't care about the personalities of athletes, politicians, actors, and other people in the spotlight. I just care about what they do.

  • In reply to Dave:

    OK, whoever had today in the Dave pool please see Jeff to collect your prize. Congrats to all who entered, and thanks for playing. I have a quick question for the admins of this site. If we all have to request a handle and sign up with those said handles anytime we post, shouldn't you be able to isolate a particular IP address of posters that are counter-productive to our Bear's conversations and generally hateful to the would in general? If that is the case, then it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility to then ban such a user, would it?

    Seriously, we've all retaliated against Dave, tried to reason with him, tried politely and not so politely to have him spread his joy somewhere else and none of these attempts work. We either all need to voice our concern to have him banned, or simply ignore him from here on out. I'm tired of skipping his posts to get to real topical entries. This will the the last time I reference this topic, either way.

    Also, Dungy's a blowhard having trouble letting go of the game, Mike Brown should be mentoring our secondary in some capacity, I hate thinking about Plaxico in Navy and Orange, and our LB's are freakin' STOUT. Bear Down.

  • In reply to Dave:

    What he said.

    Except I am greedy enough to put with Plax.

    I think.

  • In reply to Dave:

    I don't know about the Plaxico idea. I get the impression that he is a little too arrogant and thrives on attention. He may be talented but at this stage I think he's going to go for the money and not for the glory. Got to pay those legal fee's, lawyers and..... I personally think New York is going to make an example out of him, and try to make it very difficult for him to play outside of New York for awhile. Then he'll get a good suspension from the NFL as well if they let him back. At least that is what I would like to see. He had the world by the ass and he just does'nt get it.

    Hey Dave, good to know your ok. I read a couple of posts from the guys that said we hadn't heard from ya in a while. Really missed your unique ability and masterful use of the Enlgish language in expressing yourself. Be sure to check in every couple of months and let us know how your doing.

  • In reply to Dave:

    I think Plaxico could be a definite bootst to the passing game but I doubt the Bears (or anyone else) do anything till after the courtdate. Then they would probably want to see what the NFL hands down.

    I don't get the impression that Plaxico is locker room poison like some wide receivers. It really seems like the other players like the guy.

    Maybe we should wait and see what Tony Dungy thinks of Plaxico before the Bears seriously pursue him. We obviously screwed up with the Cutler deal.

  • Totally on the ball about Tony Dungy.

    With all the talent he had, he should have been able to win more than one lame ass Super Bowl.

    Hell, he should have owned Bill Belishit in New England, coached the real team of the decade.

    As a friend told me, nobody is going to remember how many 12-win seasons he coached the Colts to. In fifty years, all people will remember, all people will care about, except for the real diehards, is how many championships he won.

    Cutler is the real deal. You better f**king believe it.

  • In reply to TheKnightofOwnage:

    I guess it was a lame S/B victory. He had to beat a lame team to get it.

    To bad the NFC sucks so bad.

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