Wale Extension? Not So Fast My Friends.

Note: My best to ESPN College Football analyst Lee Corso, who suffered a minor stroke a few days ago.  College Gameday is - without question - the best studio show in all of sports and Corso is a major reason why.  I extend my selfish hope for a speedy recovery so that I can see Lee throw on that oversize Gator head in front of the Seminole faithful, drawing the boos you just know he adores.

With the Bears announcing a two-year extension for Israel "Don't Call me Palestine" Idonije, Anquan Boldin's former agent Drew Rosenhaus is hoping to parlay the thrifty negotiation into a deal for Adewale Ogunleye. 

"Israel is very excited about continuing his career in Chicago,"
Rosenhaus wrote. "It was a smooth negotiation with the Bears and
hopefully we can have the same type of success with Israel's teammate, Adewale Ogunleye."

Jerry Angelo should not touch Wale's contract.  The Prince - while being a favorite person and player of mine - has underperformed an already-lucrative contract.  He has struggled against elite offensive tackles, watched his sack totals nosedive and disappeared on the pivotal third-and-longs that haunted the 2008 Chicago Bears.  Wale - to his unsurprising credit - agrees he might not be a priority for the club:

``I'm in agreement with Jerry,'' Ogunleye said
Tuesday. ``Last year, we gave out a lot of extensions and a lot of
contracts to guys, and we didn't win. So you can't expect that to
happen two years in a row.

``I'm not going to stress it out. I know what I bring to the table.
What I'm going to do is go out there and have the best year I can have.
Maybe then hopefully before the season is over, we'll get something
done. Or maybe when the season's over. But I would love to be in
Chicago, finish my career here.'

Let Adewale Ogunleye join the club that includes Lovie Smith, Ron Turner and Brian Urlacher - individuals whose futures on Lakeshore Drive will be determined by the 2009 season.  If Ogunleye returns to his 2005 double-digit sack form, then reward him with a contract that will allow his career to end in Chicago.

If not, nice guy or otherwise, move on. 

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  • First!

  • Thanx for the love on the last post Matty!

    I'm so glad they locked up Izzy. If we wouldn't have got Cutler, the QB contest shoulda been between Maynard, Izzy, and Hanie. lol.

    Wale is just about done. In two years from now, our starting DL will be:


    ....at thats gonna be sick! Rotate wale, brown, & anderson in as much as super cheap extentions will allow. If not, move on.

    Great work from the front office locking up 6 draft picks + Izzy. Here at da blog we are in the nick-naming business (and i like the palastine ref.), and since Izzy's canadian, i'm going with "Sasquatch" (or "Samsquampch" for anyone who watches trailer park boys...) from now on....


  • I like that statement from Wale'
    its sounds like he wants to prove to the organization that he deserves an extention, and that he wants to show them and not just demand one
    that shows class...
    Oh and yea, I'm happy about the Izzy extension, he's one of my favorite players!

  • Not bad having Izzy around for a while. I like his versatility and the fact that he blocks a field goal or two every year.

    As for the Prince...glad to see he is being realistic about an extenstion at this point. That said, I imagine he will be singing a different tune half way through the year if his sack total is on the rise...although, I see no reason to expect it to, so I guess that would be a welcome problem to have for a change.

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