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Somehow I knew it would pick up steam.  As I read through David Haugh's harmless column in the Tribune yesterday, I knew one of the 10 things he knows would not go gentle into that good night.

5. I know Cutler already has alienated enough small pockets of fans at various appearances in Chicago to produce a flurry of furious e-mails, such as the one from a guy at Wrigley Field last week who criticized the quarterback for waving off autograph seekers. "His lack of appreciation for fans will be his undoing in Chicago," Glen. R. wrote me.

We'll see, but if Cutler experiences an undoing in Chicago it will have more to do with the people on the field than in the stands. Generally speaking, the same folks complaining about Cutler's insouciant behavior will be cheering him on his first 350-yard Sunday.

Sure, Cutler could do himself some favors by exuding more charm or suffering the occasional fool with a little less outward disdain. But those who have been Bears fans for two decades, or two generations, need to remember Cutler has been here for two months. There will be -- and has been -- a degree of culture shock. Denver isn't Chicago. Eventually, Cutler will adjust because he will learn life is easier that way in this tradition-rich football city. If he doesn't, then he will get what he deserves.

But it's too early in his tenure to predict that.

Sure enough the top headline on ProFootballTalk reads: "CUTLER ALIENATING BEARS FANS?"  The combination of Florio/Wilson at PFT look for (an in some cases create) controversy and have swiftly become the most influential website in the sport.  We can pretend this is a non-story but the minute it appears on their site, it is.

I, for one, don't care if Jay Cutler signs autographs at Cubs games or Fire games or performances of American Buffalo at Steppenwolf.  (I don't understand the fascination with autographs to begin with.)  I don't care if he's nice to the media.  I don't care if he has intercourse with every woman in the city of Chicago.  I don't care about Jay Cutler's life outside his preparation or his play.  Preparation.  Play.  That's what football is about.

Rex Grossman didn't lose the fans because he refused to sign autographs.  He lost the fans (including myself) because after a ballgame where he should have been focused on sending Brett Favre into the sunset with a loss (wasn't I naive?), he was focused on everything else

"And the situation was I felt like I was going to play about a half, and it was the last game, it was New Year's Eve -- there were so many other factors that brought my focus away from what is actually important, and that's something that I am never going to do again.

"There is too much I am responsible for to not give it 100 percent during the week and just the full attention," Grossman said. "It's another lesson."

Everything about Jay Cutler is going to be scrutinized by the Chicago media.  Not here.  Here we're going to scrutinize what Jay Cutler does on the football field - practice and game.  We're going to request Cutler be what he's been advertised to be: the greatest quarterback in the history of the franchise.  We'll require touchdowns not autographs.  Victories not handshakes.  Super Bowls not smiles. 

And twenty-five years from now, we'll all wait in line to pose with Jay at the grand opening of his second Prime Cutler's Steakhouse in Lincoln Park.  Believe me, he'll sign autographs then.


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  • PFT is taking a nothing story way further than it needs to go, and that's what happens in May in the NFL.

    Look at Brian Urlacher. He isn't exactly the most fan/media friendly guy and he made it OK. The bottom line comes down to how Jay results on the football field. We know this.

    There are disgruntled Broncos fans out there who are looking for any story to tarnish Jay Cutler's reputation. I can understand that kind of behavior from fans whose new head coach just forced their franchise QB out of town, and looks to have botched their draft even with all of the picks at his disposal.

    As ridiculous as that point was about the fan being dismissed by Cutler, Haugh did make a couple other good points:

    1. I know it would be hard to argue with anybody objectively labeling this the best off-season in Bears history -- finding a franchise quarterback, rebuilding the offensive line, plugging holes on defense with proven veterans such as Tinoisamoa, shoring up the coaching staff with experienced assistants such as Rod Marinelli and Jon Hoke ...is Jerry Angelo done or can he finagle a wide receiver to help Jay Cutler?

    "4. I know that Marvin Harrison might not be the best influence on a group of receivers as young as the Bears' the first time he doesn't catch as many passes as he thinks he should. That said, he's still a Hall of Fame-bound wide receiver who caught 60 passes last year and possesses skills that haven't fully eroded at 37. At this point of the off-season, with few other smart options available for the Bears, they should call Harrison's agent to gauge interest."

    10. I know Israel Idonije signing a two-year contract extension Friday with $7 million in new money still rates as one of the biggest bargains on the Bears' payroll. Idonije has more uses than your cell phone. His willingness to cut weight to move between defensive end and tackle on nickel downs will improve the Bears' pass rush, and more important, make him more effective on special teams than he was lugging 300 pounds around in 2008."

  • In reply to Shady:

    We have a qb people let him do what the hell he wants to we can cuss him out later when and if he does not perform but for now let cutler live!!

  • In reply to Shady:


  • In reply to Shady:

    He's from Indiana; clearly a Sox fan. Probably just went to the Cubs game to scope out tail. Then, a 300 pound drunkard in a Fukudome jersky comes by and slobbers on Jay trying to get an autograph. I'd have done the same thing.

    From what I've heard, he's been nice to some fans, and dismissive to others. He hasn't whipped it out on the golf course, or anything McMahon-ish yet, that I've heard. He isn't a regular guy; why do we expect him to act like one? Olin Kreutz isn't exactly a lovable Teddy Bear either. This is football. Bear Down!

  • In reply to Shady:

    It's been said, but 'bears' repeating: If he delivers on the field he'll be viewd as "aloof".In not, he'll be a "jerk". The McMahon analogy is dead on. Plus, it's June. "The doldrums" for football writers.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Here a ranking of the 32 team(note this isn't a power ranking) based on teams overall from front office to players


    something to ponder, on these lean NFL days

  • In reply to Shady:

    An here Mr Sour Pants thought on them

  • In reply to Shady:

    Well this is weird. No more old site. I'll get used to it, right now I'm kinda sad. Something about font size and layout. And now I'll need some kind of avatar - never did one before, ever. Jeff, that's you in the middle?

    I kind of like that Cutler's being an ass. As David Haugh apparently said, go see what people think of him when he throws for four touchdowns. Rex Grossman was one of nicest guys we've had at QB and look where that attitude got him with Chicago fans - Jeffrey Dahmer got better treatment. Jay's cocky, we damn well need cocky. He's already proven that his cocky is backed up by talent and results on the field. Is this Tinoisamoa signing a big deal for us? Shady or someone, tell me. In fact, here's something fun - let's rank the off-season signings/draftees in order of importance.

    I'll start
    Veal Cutler
    Orlando "I Guess My Momma Loved Disney World" Pace
    Frank Omi- "God I'm Good" Yale

    Don't know where to go from there - maybe Joaquin "I'm not Julio" Iglesias next? Then Kevin "Not Letterman's Sidekick" Shaffer? (ooh these are bad)

    What you got? Order of importance? I guess you could throw the coaching changes in there too if you want.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Autographs? Are we talking about autographs? Who gives a good *#@/! about autographs. Throw TD's son and it is all good. Other than that do what you want and stay out of jails and hospitals.


  • In reply to Shady:

    It has to be. Read the rest of the article where he talks about f'ing Mark Schlereth up. The rest of his articles seem real though.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I meant it has to be fake. Who could keep up with him though? He is the fastest man on Earth. By far.

  • In reply to Shady:

    There is nothing wrong with adding another Pisa da puzzle if you know what I mean. While Hiilenmeyer and Roach are serviceable, Pisa Tinoisamoa is a pure tackling machine and should make a significant impact to an already stout front 7. Another up side to Pisa is the fact he is familiar with Lovie and Babich from their time in St. Louis and should catch on quickly.

    Lovie has said (in a recent article on da site, someone can post a link) that his defense has not performed the way it was supposed to for the last 2 years. Now, whether the problem was coaching, execution or both, we don't know, but the fact remains that the unit has underperformed to expectations and it's now time for Lovie to take over. If Lovie has guys who know his system inside and out, it should make life easier for Smith. The level of knowledge for his defensive unit should also make it possible to include complicated wrinkles that only veteran players with a strong understanding of Lovie's system would be able to execute properly. Adding a guy like Tino to the mix can only add to the horsepower of this defense. Do I expect Pisa to make a big difference in the pass game? Not so much, but he just might be a big Pisa da puzzle of how to slow down Adrian Peterson.

    Of course there is always the pessimistic point of view. Who was the last Ram brought in to help run a Lovie Smith cover 2? That's right, the Arche Deluxe. Yeah, just what you wanted to hear, sorry. But at least AA sucked in Washington before he sucked here. Pisa has never sucked and should make a serious impact on our defense next year, provided he stays healthy.

    Bear down.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Sign in is now at the top and not near where you would post.
    Took me 5 minutes to find it. Who really cares about how Cutler acts when he is out at a cubs game. If someone asked me to fix his computer while I was at a ballgame I'd say piss off too. He will do his job when he is in uniform and at work not out having fun; leave the poor guy alone.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Sdwat52 thanks that was great. Funny, funny.

  • Not sure why anyone should care about whether he is nice to Cubs fans. Were it the fans of the grown up version (i.e. BEARS), then there might be a story.

  • I know this dates me but I remember the headband ordeal. That SOB was such a trouble maker too! Bless his heart!

  • intercourse with every woman in chicago? does that count the suburbs? im okay with my sisters but he better not have sex with my mom

  • Let's just see what the kid can do on the field.

  • To keep with the un-pronounceable names the Bears keep, what do we know about

    Devin Aromashodu (6-2, 201)

    i saw him catch a TD from Peyton Manning in a pre season game, but havent heard of him since, and that was like 2 years ago... any thoughts/info on this kid? his size is alright, and he probably knows the routes by now.

  • It

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