Finding a Backup Quarterback

I'm not down on Caleb
Hanie's ability or potential. I like the kid and I'm hoping he becomes
the Frank Reich to Jay Cutler's Jim Kelly (with the possible exception
of winning Super Bowls). But for the security of the
2009 campaign, the Bears need Hanie holding the clipboard. Here are
some options for the second banana on the QB tree...

The Tampa Two-Step
The quarterback collection agency known as the Tampa Bay Bucs
signed Byron Leftwich and drafted Kansas State's Josh Freeman. This
leaves either Luke McCown or Brian Griese as the odd-man out when it
comes to the regular season roster and both would be a considerable,
professional upgrades over Hanie. (Although things didn't necessarily
end well with Griese here.)

Damon Huard, San Francisco
Huard's ten-game stint with the Chiefs in 2006 proved he is capable of
holding down the fort for an NFL franchise. He's not a starter anymore
but - with a solid offensive line and running game - he's not going to
throw a season away. And with Shaun Hill and Alex Smith expected to
compete for the starting job, Huard might be attainable for a low-level
draft pick (7th).

Rex Grossman, Free Agent
This has disaster written all over it. The fans can't stand him. He
can't stand the fans. The organization clearly wants to move on. But
with no teams in the NFL showing even the slightest interest in the
kid, isn't the foundation in place for reconciliation? Grossman knows
the offense. He knows the players. He knows (I hope) that he's not on
the same level with the current starter. I don't want to see #8 fumble
snaps at Soldier Field any more than you do, but I'd take a fallen
leader with something to prove over an unproven, second-year kid any

J.P. Losman, Free Agent
Also a free agent, Losman is an intriguing option for the Bears. Call
him "Diet Cutler". He's a strong-armed, confident kid with excellent
mobility. He's Rex Grossman without the stigma of being Rex Grossman.
And what could he possibly cost? I'd think he'd be thrilled with the
opportunity to come into camp and compete with Caleb for the shot to
suit up each Sunday. And at this point in the year, the organization
should be looking for competitive bodies at the position, not potential

Brad Johnson, Free Agent

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  • First!

    I've wanted to do that for awhile.

  • heesh -- didn't you hear Lovie say, "Caleb is our back-up quarterback and we'll leave it at that."?

  • i wish we got leftwich when we had the chance. we was great as roethlesberger's backup.(i hope that's spelled right)

  • NO GROSSMAN!!! We've already beaten, spat on, pissed on, shit on, quartered, punched, grilled, butchered, driven over, kicked, bitten, drowned, hanged, electricuted, burned, and farted in the face of that dead horse... no more. i just cant handle another day of the sex cannnon... It'd be like re-electing Bush.

    Losman is a great idea. Lets go with that....

  • I actually really like the Rex idea although I agree that the pressure he would feel if he ever came into a game would be too much for him to handle. I cant believe another team has not scooped him up with all the QB trash that is actually in the just goes to show how far the stigma that was exagerrated and perpeturated by the media can impact one's career. Dont get me wrong...he totally f'd us more than a few times, but is he really worse than 70% of the 3rd stringers in the NFL? I guess Lossman is probably the best bet from the choices you listed but I am hoping against all hope that this conversation is 100% moot.
    One more point...there is NO WAY Griese gets an invite back to Halas Hall after he exposed Turner for the bonehead he really is....I will always have a special place in my heart for him because of how bad he made Turner look.

  • I have to agree with Murph in every way. The fans simply would not let Rex succeed even he were to improbably return to the QB we saw early in 2006. The treatment of him in Chicago got to the point where it was humiliating to be a Bears fan.

    Losman does see a reasonable option.

  • Maybe bring in Losman to compete with Hanie, but nothing guaranteed. I kind of want Hanie to be the #2 guy - He has shown signs of being a good QB, albeit against pre-season scrub teams.

    Rex - an emphatic no thanks.

  • God I know I sound like a broken record but "Dang it Lovie.. why didn't put in Caleb last year when ya had the chance so we could have seen a bit more of what the kids got.

    I don't know on this one Jeff, I feel pretty confident about Caleb, he's pretty quick on his feet as well and having a year under his belt, I think he would beat out Rexless. At this point though you may be right about Rex coming back with a huge chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Beats being unemployed. He does at times show brilliance, then.....

  • Rex Grossman can lick my salty California beanbag. I would rather kiss a goat's dick than have him back on our roster. The guy's a hack. We should have seen it coming out of college. I mean, The University of Florida produces garbage NFL offensive players (Emmitt Smith is not part of this convo). Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerfful, Chris Leak, Travis Taylor, Chad Jackson, Jaquez Green, Riddell Anthony, Jim Jackson, Dallas Baker, Ben Troupe,and soon to be Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow. Great track record they have at UF.

    Go with Losman. At least he's young and has starting exp. Worst case....he comes in, hands it to Forte and dumps it off to Greg and Dez. He's more of a stopgap than any other name available. Rex can go to hell. That guy dismantled and handicapped our team during his low points. By the this level there should NEVER be QB's turning in games like he did in '06. Those circumstances are reserved for freshman QB's making their first start in college, not on a top tier NFL team. Rex......go jack off in your gator hat.

  • What about Brett Basanez? You're not comfortable with him as backup? I feel he could be a longer term solution at backup than some of our other choices.

  • Steve Young would like a word.

  • To be honest, I'm not looking for a long-term choice. Jay Cutler is the long term everything. I'm looking for a short-term, life saver. I wouldn't want any of these players to see the field.

  • Hey Murph, you're right and I am a little embarassed that I forgot about Neal. The guy was one of my favorite all time Bears. For the record I am a huge USC hater living in the heart of Troy. Talk about overrated! I am and have been since I was 11, a die hard Miami Hurricane supporter. When my Canes get drafted by the Bears, it sweetens the deal for me. So my thanks to JA for Devin and Greg and even D McClover on special teams. Gators lick balls and always wll in the NFL.

  • Beardown? "kiss a goats dick" hahaha funny..........

    Fran Tarkenton rips Brett Favre and says he hopes he fails!

    nice to someone out there hate Brett as much as me!!!!!!!!

    Im down for Rexy Sexy, bring him back!

  • 1.Losman






    What an ugly list. That was not fun at all.

  • Is that official that Matt Jones will not be suspended?

  • Brad Johnson, oh man he would be great....

  • MAX, whoever wrote that article must be in a time warp of a couple behind us and OBVIOUSLY does not read DaBEARSBLOG on a daily basis or he would be informed that we have already discussed this many times over. It always gets thought of, presented and shit kicked out of it here, FIRST , by our unrelenting, shit digging, idea crunching, armchaired professional crack....ed staff. And sometimes we even make sense!

  • First off, and I can't believe any of you commented on it, Duff's connecting the re-signing of Rex to the re-electing of Bush is hands down the best anology of this milennia. I must admit that somehow, through the fabric of space and time, we've managed to collect the greatest arm-chair minds in the history of blogging when it comes to our beloved Bears. I'm all for seeing what Hanie can do, as I have a gut feeling he could be as special as a certain 199th overall pick New England snagged a few years ago. Just a straight gut hunch based on his attitude and relentless drive to prove himself. As much as I hate to say it, we need to find a replacement for #54 and find the next Ed Reed to have the pieces in place so I can spend some money on one of those February season recap packages with the Lombardi trophy on the cover. That's the goal.

  • ELI- I hope that was a joke...

  • How could it not be? Now that would be scary.

  • 'Rubbin' one out'? Isn't that a girl phrase, Joseph? In any event, I like the Losman idea but I also kinda like the Hanie idea. Who had ever heard of Frank Reich until he was good?

  • Count me in on the Hanie as backup #1 idea. I'm not particularly eager to see him slinging the pigskin, but since my only shot at seeing a game this year will be preseason vs. the Bronc-ginas I'm sure I'll see him put some drives together.

    He does not have nearly the arm that Cutler has, but he exudes the same confidence.

  • Grossman = Hell No! Hanie (and the D) will have to do the job if Cutler goes down. That's the way it is. I'm good with that.

  • Ooooh. Welcome to the brave new world of CHICAGO NOW fellow Bear bloggers.

    My choice would be Losman who's skill set kind of makes him the "poor man's Jay Cutler". Seems to me it HAS to be somebody mobile enough to be able to at least ATTEMPT to run the offense as re-imagined for Cutler.

  • I'd rather sign Marty Booker again to play QB than Grossman, he has experience with the Offense too right? And he hasn't proven that he can't play the position so why not?

    We are not going to be grooming someone for the future for a long time so I'm just as happy with Hanie as Losman and Hanie has a year up on the playbook on any of those guys except the G word and that just isn't an option.

    I think Rideau will see the field this year, was reading an interview Cutler did and kind of out of the blue he brought him up. Guess he misses having a 6'3" target. :)

  • For the same reason WRs may want to come here now QBS won't unless they are completely resigned to being backups.

  • I would prefer Huard or Losman. I really like the new look. Congrats Jeff, I hope this works out. A good season would go a long way! DA BEARS!

  • I don't "like" any of them. If we do pick someone up off the list I would take either Losman or Huard. Losman as the lets hope that he plays well and can serve in the system guy, and Huard as the play it safe ball control type guy. But in reality I don't want either. I'll take the risk with Hanie and Brett. I don't ever want Rexy in a Bears uni again. I don't hate the guy, and I appreciate the stuff that Good Rex did for us, Its just time for him to go somewhere else.

  • Awe man, did I miss the news about Fart-ve making the big decision? No media circus, no speculation articles. What gives?
    Yo, what about ....... as a backup quarterback? What the hell man, Lovie said he was a big fan, right? And being he's a OLD farmboy I'm certain he could rig a harness to secure that tendon. WOULDN'T THAT BE JUST A HOOT, HAVIN' HIM STANDING ON THE SIDELINES BOY's???

  • Sign Tinoisamoa. Trade Hunter H and Rashied Davis, 2010 5th or 6th round pick; or both to the the Chiefs for Dwayne Bowe.

  • Bears, six picks agree to deals | Idonije gets extension

  • I'm not sure I agree with this article, but it's interesting (and frightening):

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    He obviously missed the part about the difference between JCut's and Rex's accuracy. I wonder how the stats on that would compare. I think JCut will do just fine. He shouldn't have the amount of pressure on him with our D and Special Teams. And as I read somewhere, John Elway couldn't have won under the same conditions that JCut has had to play under in the past. i would love to see Hester on one side and Johnny Knox on the other side on some of the pass plays. Bet ya they can't cover them both.

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    the word "Rex" shouldn't even be in a bears fan's vocabulary...
    okay, maybe only as a cuss word, lol
    for example: "get the Rex outta here!!"
    yea.....that's appropriate!

  • In reply to WeShallReturn:

    Ya'll got your Pisa......

  • caleb hanie
    0 attempts 0 completions 0 yards 0 td 0 int 0 rating
    brett basenez
    11 attempts 5 completions 56 yards 0 td 1 int 30.9 rating
    brad maynard
    7 attempts 4 completions 94 yards 2 td 0 int 141.4 rating

    i know it was all on trick plays but i like our punter as a passer. i remember a fourth and short last year where maynard threw a beautiful pass through double coverage right into adrian peterson's hands. AP couldn't hold onto the ball but the pass was just about perfect. if nothing else i promote him to honorary 4th string qb.

  • if the chiefs agree to it that would be great for us

  • bowe is young talented and would be working with his best qb since tyler thigpen.

  • Hey Max, I don't believe we did discuss the fullback thing and I agree it really wasn't that successful most of the time.
    And I hope Turner does do some better play calling! He certainly has a bit more to work with this season. JCut should be able to make Turner look better too. Depending on how much leash length they give him. Either way, it is going to very entertaining to watch. I was only kidding about Fart-ve! I think everyone has had enough of the drama. Time to bow out gracefully while he still can.

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