A Weekend Rodeo

I'm Stalking Anquan Boldin
Boldin showed up at Arizona's mini-camp
and is faking a hamstring injury. According to head coach Ken
Whisenhunt, "Hey, we know what's going on, so I'm really not going to
have much to say about that." With the Cardinals having only $6.5
million in cap room, the likelihood of an extension is not good. My
dream of Boldin the Bear stays alive!

Pool Jump, Tuna Melton & Marinelli
"These guys are very talented athletes," Marinelli said. "When I talk
about talent, I mean short-space quickness. Then I look at them being
tall and being able to bend. A guy like [Gilbert], if you can jump out
of a pool, you're in pretty good shape to bend. If you can bend and
your feet are quick, that means you can play with a good base. They run
extremely well. They're coordinated. Now I have to coordinate them into
a rush mode."

You know what I like? The last sentence. "Now I HAVE TO..."
Accountability has made its way back to this coaching staff. I think it
might be nice to have someone with Marinelli's intensity on the Bears'

The Sad, Sad Ballad of Brad and Brett
It has begun.

Oh, About that Announcement...
I'm not being coy or anything. I just have to wait until some details
get hammered out before I can post things officially on here. But our
little site is moving up in the world.

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