A Weekend Rodeo

This time of the year is deceased when it comes to football information. Here's a couple note-worthy things...

Forget About Tommie Harris
ESPN believes Tommie Harris is on the hot seat
next season. I understand that ESPN makes its living by filling space
(on the internet, on TV, in print) with mindless drivel but could there
be a more meaningless opinion than Tommie Harris is on the hot seat?
He's an oft-injured defensive tackle on a defense that rotates
seven-plus players over a four-down period. He was also highly
overrated during his "great" year of 2007 (only 8 sacks) and off the
field for the 2006 playoff run. And for those who make the argument
that his job is to take up blockers, I ask you to look at the great
defensive tackles of the Cover 2's past. If Tommie has a terrific 2009,
it will be a blessing. Nothing else.

The Intelligence of Signing Plaxico Burress
Dr. Drew is saying that two clubs are interested in Plax
for the 2009 season and the Chicago Bears should be one. The downsides
are clear. He might go to jail. He might be suspended for half the
season by the league. He's a pain in the ass. All true. But he's also
brilliant at playing wide receiver and should return to the league next
November with a renewed passion for the game and the chip-of-all-chips
on his shoulder. He could be the boost of adrenaline the team needs for
a late-season push, starting in San Francisco. And based on the
downsides, we'd be getting a top tier talent for bargain prices. (And
if the Bears make the move, I'll have a Blog gun holster made for him.)

It's Not Their Game
Ross Tucker makes a point that I've been making for a longtime in his Sports Illustrated mailbag
this week. If the NFL is serious about playing the Super Bowl in a
dopey city like London, then they might at least entertain playing the
game in NFL strongholds like New York, Washington, Green Bay and - yes
- even Chicago. Football is played in shit weather. In cold weather. In
the muck. Rotating the game between Miami, Tampa and Arizona every
couple of years not only bores fans to tears but it rewards teams built
for the warm weather. And wouldn't it just be fun - real fun - to see
the game played in the snow.

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