A Tuesday Rodeo

While the rest of the Bears world has moved beyond Anquan Boldin, I'm holding out hope. Boldin firing Drew
means there is still a deal there to be made. The more I hear Jerry
Angelo defend this receiving corps, the more I'm reminded how
inexperienced and underwhelming the group has become. Yes, Devin Hester
could become a star. Yes, Earl Bennett could start thinking he's back
in college. Yes, Juaquin "Tango" Iglesias could become 2009's Eddie
Royal. I'd just rather have one sure thing from this unit besides the
number of balls Rash Davis will drop.

So from OTAs, it looks like the Bears will have battles at left guard,
strong side backer and free safety that will bear watching. I'll tell
you what player I'll be watching more than any other: Caleb Hanie.
We're on pace to go through the 2009 season ONE BAD TACKLE away from
having an undrafted, second-year project attempt to lead the Chicago
Bears to a division title they should be favored to win. All the great
juice from the off-season can evaporate into thin air should #6 get
86'd by an over-aggressive defensive end in August. Call it doomsday if
you will. But it's reality.

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  • Whoa..

  • Wow... this will take some getting used to, but I like it.

    Interesting that Boldin fired Drew. I wonder if that means he's done with the Cards...

    Oh, and God forbid anything should happen to Cutler.

  • Caleb Hanie is indeed a project. I doubt the Bears start the season without signing a veteran qb. Here's to the new site and to Cutler staying healthy.

  • Welcome to everyone coming over from Da' Bears Blog. As Jeff has already told you, nothing will change except the look of his blog.

    And to reiterate, it's Jeff's blog. We don't touch a thing, and why would we want to mess with the best Bears blog anywhere?

    Jimmy Greenfield
    Sports Community Manager
    Twitter: @ChiNowSports

  • So we can still swear when we are pissed off, Jimmy?

    Also, I just saw Matt Jones will only be signed, not suspended? He wouldn't cost much, and I don't see how it could hurt adding him to the roster.

    Yeah, yeah, I know Angelo doesn't like to add players with character concerns, but it'd be nice to give Cutler a nice, big red zone target.


  • You better fucking believe it.

  • haha Well fucking played.

  • lol hello all. Can't wait until September! Liking the new site...somewhat shiny!

  • Hi friends!

    I like a lot the new title! It

  • Hey,the site is AWESOME,just AWESOME!

    To the Cards front office:Pay the man his money, or trade him to Da Bears!

  • Great transition Jeff, site looks great, and I like the fact that we can set up our profile for future comments. Gives a sense of ownership, and I hope your stalwart followers all manage to secure their handles. Also, this should cut down on Dave's interloping.(I can dream, can't I?) Can't wait until training camp kicks off, this would be the perfect year for Hard Knocks to be with Da Bears.

  • I like the look of the site...god help us if cutler goes down...return of rexy?

  • I should kick myself for that.

  • Lets not get all caught up in that just yet. We dont want to will any negative vibes Jay's way, however it is a valid concearn. I choose not to think about it. Hope and pray for the best. That's what we as fans have been doing for the last 20 years or so.

  • I can't think of a reason to focus on the negative possibilities when there has been so much positive reality this offseason. While I have no solid proof or basis for the feeling, I can't help but be overwhelmed by a huge sense of optimism about the season. Our offense, which consisted of only a stalwart Tulane Alum last year, was upgraded in 4 of 5 areas.

    I also can't believe that all the money promised to Tommie Harris and the rest of last year's underachieving defense does anything to stifle the jeers from opposing teams' fans or the doubts and questioning from the Bears' faithful. It is my hope AND my expectation for the D to man up this year.

    As for Boldin, I'd be happy to see him in Orange and Navy Blue. The man is a bruiser, a person who plays angry and physically at a position known for finesse and running out of bounds. That being said, I do think Jay can bring out the best in the talent we have, answering the question, "yeah, but who's he gonna throw to?" so often spouted by a friggin Sconnie or a dome lover from MN.

    The new site looks pretty and shiny. Here's hoping it only grows in popularity.

    And by the way, where's Dave?

  • Props on the site, Jeff. Well deserved.

    With regard to Cutler getting injured.. I don't even want to consider it. My only consolation is that Caleb Hanie will still have a solid, veteran O-line, Forte and Jones to hand off to, and our stud TEs as a safety blanket. He's not going to be Jay Cutler, but I don't think he'll LOSE games for you the way Rexy does.

  • Little tidbit I picked up online: Brandon Marshall came out of school and ran a 4.52 40-yd. dash. There was talk of him playing H-back in the NFL due to his lack of speed and large frame. Eddie Royal came out of school at 5'10", 180 lbs and was considered a better kick returner than receiver (He only caught 33 balls in his last year at VTech). These two guys combined for 195 catches last year, guys. The common denominator is Jay Cutler. I'm excited.

  • This will take a minute to get used to, but I like the start. Do you think Boldin would just be his own agent and market himself. That would be a breath of fresh air. Just roll into town, catch a few balls from the local #1 Qb and make yourself a deal if you like what you see.

  • Great site, Jeff. Excellent job!

  • Good luck with the new site! I hope (most of) the regulars from the old place show up...

    Get Boldin, get the season started, get to the postseason!!

  • I'm fairly sure that one Daunte Culpepper tried the "represent yourself" route, and look where that got him. Though you could argue that Daunte started being his own agent after he sucked, where Boldin still has talent.

  • Like the new site.....

    Go Bears!!

  • Holy Smokes we need to sign Matt Jones!

  • hellooo

  • oh, by the by,
    Jeff: nice new look/feel
    Jimmy: thanks for the thumbs up on the fucking profanity... sweet

    hopefully dave has an unfortunate incident with a toaster oven and a bathtub before he gets to this site.

    God Bless #6, here's to an injury free season!

  • Jeff, congrats on the new forum for your literary Bearing Down....the new format will take some getting used too but I hope I read posts from all the familiar names as the season draws near. The Boldin thing is dead...lets not forget how SHOCKED we all were when the Bears pulled the trigger on the Cutler deal....do we really thing this is going to happen again? Shit, the Bears satisified their aggressive move requirement for the next 5 years. We may all be here on DBB in 5 years, bitching about management when someone chimes in "hey...dont forget they went out and got Cutler!" The Bears history tells us they do not like being aggressive, they only do it when they start getting desperate (Brian Cox anyone?)

    Part of me wishes we would sell the farm and get Boldin, yet part of me kind of likes the fact the Bears dont buy championships like the Cowboys and Redskins try to do....it's the dumb die hard in me that says, "LET'S TAKE THE FIELD WITH WHAT WE HAVE AND SHOW THE NFL WHAT THIS BEARS TEAM CAN DO!"

  • Dam I am over there writing on the old blog, talking to myself! SHIT!....this new site is alright just glad to be apart of the blog and a proud fan amongst the best fans in the world! BEAR DOWN!

  • Brian- 100% with you!

  • cutler !!!!!!

  • I signed up an on board Jeff,An it great to see everybody slowly making the transition.
    Let keep this thing going,I'm loving it!

    I like to see Boldin line up in a Bears uni,but I'm not holding my breath.His soon to be ex agent is still a douche

  • I like to side with that Cutler isn't going down an I won't have to root for another QB until 2019(that was weird/odd to type that date)

  • I really like the way everything looks Jeff...now just holding my breathe that this site isn't firewalled at work. Dabearsblog.com has got me through many a long day at work.

  • Couldn't have said it better Joseph....Cutler caught a lot of flak in Denver for his "go fuck yourself" attitude, but that goes over in Chicago just like stuffed pizza....we can't get enough of it. Kruetz has always played that way, and it's nice to see the guy taking snaps from him to have the same fire. Boldin is a tough choice for us fans, so I imagine that's the same dilemma JA is having with it. He plays perfect for Chicago, and I think the guys' work eithic is second to none, but do you sell out this offseason for Cutler and Boldin? Shit, I'm torn on it 50/50 and my paycheck doesn't ride on the decision.
    On a side note, can ANYBODY explain to me how the FREAKIN' BUNGLES got both Brian Robiskie(sp?) and Mohammad Massaquoi?
    Also.......wait for it..........what about Vick? Get him on the cheap and use him in the Wild 'Cane along with Hester, maybe use him like Payton uses Bush in NO. Thoughts?

  • BearsFan34, u just blew the most legendary "First" ever! So, even though i'm 38th.... i'll say it...


  • Jeff, you got the title all wrong, isn't it supposed to read more like: "dear Angelo sign Boldin now" ?

  • I've only posted here once or twice, but I've been following this blog religiously since I discovered it back in '06. It has been a pleasure to read and be a part of. It has given me a better understanding of the game and kept me in touch with my team even though I live 2,000 miles from my hometown.

    I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has made this site what it is.

    Jeff, you have created something wonderful. Your commentary, criticism, praise, prose and cheerleading have been a bright spot in my day.

    To everyone who posts here regularly, Thank You. You guys are the other half of why this is a great site. Until finding Da' Bears Blog I wandered aimlessly around various sites never really finding knowledgeable information and discussion about our team. This has become the only place I bother with on the 'net for info on Da' Bears.

    Thank you

  • I hate to ask questions about Favre... but with all his ailments and age in the mix... is there any Bears fans out there, honest to God, concerned about him being the "missing piece" on the Viqueens?

    the Military definitely blocked this site on the firewall as a blog site... :(

  • Congrats Jeff. Thanks man, looks good.
    Foxtrot, I wouldn't mind the Queens getting TheQueen. I honestly think the old druggie is washed up.

  • Ok Jeff, I'm in. Hey Fresno, I know what you mean about talking to yourself!
    As far as Boldin goes, you fire your agent cause his job is to get ya the work, then the money. Boldin (and maybe rightfully so) is in it for the money. JA may be playing the waiting game to see who puts in bids for him. Until we evaluate exactly what we now have, get everybody up to speed with JCut and what he can do, spending the big bucks for Boldin is just a luxury.

    Calib: As I said the other day I would have loved to have seen Lovie yank "Rexless" and given the kid an opportunity to show what he had last year. Judging from his preseason play, it would have been real fun to watch. I gotta real GOOD feeling about this kid.

    Hey Jeff, I fell a lot more comfortable with our backups and JCut than I would if I was a Patriots fan. If Brady goes down....again.....

  • Glad to see there's the groups still here.

    Lets sign Matt Jones now. The guy is only 26 and had over 60 receptions in 12 games last year. He is just coming into his own as a receiver and could be a big pick-up. So what he got caught with coke, it was once. The second arrest was because he had a couple beers at a golf outing and got pulled over. It wasn't a DUI, he got busted because he wasn't supposed to drink during his probation. Who goes to a golf outing without having a cold one. Not this guy.

  • And just to put it out there, I don't agree with the use of cocaine but I do believe in second chances. If it happens again then you should worry, but haven't we all made mistakes we regret and could take back.

  • I haven't ever really wished someone would get mildly injured, well okay maybe when Rex would play, but I kinda wish Rashead would like twist his ankle or something for a while so that we would be guaranteed a look at some of the new blood; may even push them into actually signing a WR who made some catches last year.

  • I like it Jeff. As promised, no major changes, just the view. It's reassuring to know that this will still be the place to be for Bears fans. Keep it up. Now if something actually worth talking about actually happens I might jump in. For now, I'll say that even though there are question marks that I hope get solved with some new additions, even without anything else happening I will still enter this season with full confidence that this team will win the division, maybe more.

  • Site looks great Jeff! Nice work!

  • Hey Jeff ! Just thought you'd like to know i'm celebrating DaBearsBlog's move with a fresh Stella, straight from my fridge !

    cheers from a longtime reader, and first time contributor.

  • i already miss the old blog, the tree i fell out of and broke my arm, the large patch of dirt where our trampoline has killed the grass, and the swing set that will probably give me tetanus if i play on it. sniff sniff, so many memories

  • Bears are set to decide this week about signing Pisa and Hood!..... hopefully we get both!

  • nevermind about Roderick Hood, he signed with the Browns yesterday......Pisa is still visiting other teams, hopefully he makes the right decision and joins the next superbowl champs DaBears!

  • i disagree with you brian. they tried to trade this years second for boldin but the cards didn't go for it. if the price drops to next years second there is no reason jerry won't still jump on it.

  • other note: I was watching NFL Live last night, and They talked about the most improved teams, one analyst stated that the Bears are the most improved team and he also stated that "he likes them for the NFC" ........ Really? wow! DABEARS got some recognition....IF you think about it, there is no elite team in the NFC right now and DaBears are up there to take the crown! Boys and Gals lets play some football! BEARDOWN!

  • i think the question has changed from "will jerry pull the trigger" to how much will the cardinals let him go for.

  • Love the new site!

  • In reply to smudgers:

    also love that you can use html

  • Hey Jeff how can I change my picture on this site?

  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:

    not jeff, but go to your profile, then there is a change / remove option.

  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:

    Thanks for the help,I think I got it now

  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:

    yeah man, no problem!

  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:

    Jeff/Jimmy - any way we can get a "bottom" button at the top of the page before the comment section, so we don't have to scroll down through 60 messages to see the latest comment? Just Curious.

  • In reply to smudgers:


    Excellent suggestion. I'm just a lowly content guy so I don't know how difficult it is to do but I'll pass it on to the development team.


  • In reply to smudgers:

    @Jimmy Greenfield - Moveable Type? No Drupal? CMS FAIL.

    J/k... Liking the new logo. Would love to get a t-shirt with that on it.

  • In reply to smudgers:

    I haven't lost hope on the Boldin deal either, but i'm not bettin the farm on it either. There's something interesting thing to me, and something I don't remember us talking about... We all gave Jerry the "blog reach-around" just for going to it, but we haven't said how ballsy that was given Boldin's issue. Ole JA must have known he would have to pay the man... I don't know how I feel about that. I know we're way under the cap, but that's JCs $$$.

    Fuck NE. Sign wit da bears Piso!!!!

  • In reply to smudgers:


    If you hit the "end" key on your keyboard it will take you to the bottom of this or any other web page.

  • In reply to mikev:

    MikeV - thanks for the tip, but I'm on a mac laptop and am unaware of the equivalent since I don't see an end key... any clue, other suggestions are very welcomed. Again thanks.

  • In reply to mikev:

    SC Dave - where you from in South Carolina?

  • In reply to mikev:

    Check out the OTA highlights.


    And the restaurant shall be named... The Rifleman's Smokehouse. We will all know who's it is.

    Wow!! F'ing cannon!! This Offense will look like nothing we have ever seen before. Are you ready?

  • In reply to mikev:

    I like the new digs. Good news. The Pats are probably out of the running for Pisa.


  • In reply to mikev:

    Yahoo has a great Favre-hating story up. My favorite quote:

    "I thought there was some kind of rule that prohibited people from ever going on television or radio unless they had an unbridled love of Brett Favre."

    Here's the link

  • In reply to smudgers:

    Hi everyone. I'm a new reader liking what I see!

  • In reply to smudgers:

    S + WR = Dominance and Super Bowl victory for Da Bears.

    Boldin takes care of half of that. Give them the #2 and another late rounder the following year. Take the early round drafting guesswork out of JA's hands for proven very good players? No brainer. Shit sign Matt Jones too.

    This will be a very exciting season. Watch out NFC North.

  • In reply to DecaturStaleys7:

    Love the new site and excited about the season. I think Pisa would be a huge upgrade and, Jeff, I'm like you in that I can't get over the idea of Boldin. I like the team right now but if a few more pieces fall into place we could be looking pretty stout.

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