A Pisa Da Pie

The Bears have signed linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa to a one-year deal.  I like it for three reasons.

1. Tino is a versatile player and speedy in coverage - pivotal for playing the strong side.  Tight ends destroyed the Bears defense up the middle in 2008.  He's also got multiple interceptions in three of his six seasons.

2. In 2008, Tino led the Rams in tackles and recorded 3 sacks.  If the Bears are going to amp up their pressure on quarterbacks in 2009, they'll need to involve the linebackers.

3. This is the first substantial (possible starting)  addition to the defense this off-season.  They've collected bodies for the offensive line, brought in a Pro Bowl quarterback and debated wide receivers with the media.  All they've done for the defense is hire the first head coach to go 0-16.  This sends the message that we're refusing to enter 2009 with the same eleven guys that failed in 2008.

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  • Woo hoo! Pisa Tinoisamoa! Great improvement on defense!

  • Two post in 5 hours, good job man. keep it up.
    I 100% agree, great sign here. Should be a mean lb core this year!

  • I wonder where this leaves Hunter & Roach?


    Nice start to the weekend.

  • DStaleys#7, I'd say this leaves our special teams much improved.

  • Im pretty stoked about this move and also locking up Izzy for a few more. He might not be a game changer but he provides quality depth and versitility along the DL. As for Pisa, good move! The question is will he be effective enough on the strong side to warrant a possible extension for next year. At this point, its a dramatic upgrade IMO from Hunter (who I like as a player) in the sense that we have a more dynamic playmaker at a position that hasnt had much flash to it in recent years. Things are looking good for us. Finally mgmt is doing something other than just talking.

  • The first game of the regular season will be a good test for the D. See how we do keeping Rogers contained.

  • I'm thinking that Hillenmeyer's days are numbered in Chicago (and prossibly the NFL, if Mike Brown cannot get signed then Hunter doesn't have a chance). Nick Roach is younger, faster, and didn't just go through surgery following an injury-ridden season.

    Once again applying my cold-hearted business logic to the Chicago Bears, I would axe Hunter Hillenmeyer.

    I sure would like to see some serious work in the secondary. They should have made the Rod Hood thing work. That was disappointing.

  • great move signing Pisa. for too long we have had a non entity at that position and now we have a playmaker. that is one badass set of linebackers.

    Izzie lost 30 lbs in since last year and i'm looking for great year from him and Harrison.

    I think the D'Line is goign to show up big time this year and the pass rush will be back.

    Still very concerned about safety positions. we can't force teams into 3rd and long situations and then give up huge pass plays like last year. i don't want to see manning touch the field as a defensive player, that is always a disaster.

    I'm really pumped about this year and i'm definitely getting the flat screen tv in anticipation of the ass we will be kicking.

    Bear Down!!!

  • I'm still nervous whether or not Tommie Harris is going to show up this season. Many still seem to assume he will be an elite pro-bowl guy, but show me the goods first.

    Signing Izzy is certainly an excellent idea, and I guess Pisa too (I don't really know much about him other than the stats, which do look nice).

  • "Arise oh, Israel!' Good for Idonoje!
    I don't see how adding Boldin "hurts" Hester. Heck, I'd be willing to take a look a Joe Jurevicious.

  • Another body for the LB's, now get me a DB or bring back #30 for one more year and I am ready for training camp. I can't believe it's nearly June. August pre-season games will be here in 2 months. FOOTBALL"S COMING BOYS!!!

    I agree that Boldin makes Hester better. Handing someone a #1 WR gig is never a great idea, but Boldin has earned it. Hester takes a few years to learn from an All-Pro and becomes better in the process.

  • yes! but i wish they would of signed for more than a year

  • other note: go to this url and watch the video of Mark Shlereth just talking shit on the bears..... I fucking hate this guy!!!!!!!!!!!


  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    I think he's bitter because he use to play for the Bronco's,An Cutler left them.Plus he's a GB/MN homer right now.Every time I hear him talk about those 2 teams he always make it sound like there the teams to beat regardless what the Bears do.Heck I wouldn't be surprised if didn't already pick DET to have more wins then us.

    Most of those ESPN "cough" experts never really have anything positive to say about the Bears.

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    Alright, since we are the most educated bears blog out there, we are all responsible to get this right....

    He pronounces it: PEE-suh TEE-nuh-Suh-MO-uh

    source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d78Ih0pzMaM

    got it?

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    if urlacher can play close to as good as he used to be our linebacking core is going to be absolutely ridiculous. how do you like the fact that our backups are HH roach and williams. all three could start a game without any problems.

  • In reply to Grizzly559:

    I'm curious to know how people feel about the offensive line holding up this year.

    How much faith do you have in guys like Williams, Pace, Omiyale and Schaffer? Do you think they can step in and perform up to expectations?

    What are your expectations?

  • Pisa is good and so is pizza!

  • I want my picture to change, help please.

  • argh, I cant get it to work with the share this thing!

  • this time?

  • I was thinking "Deep Dish" or "Chicago Style" Pisa.

  • we got Melton signed too, if u guys didn't know...

  • speaking of the line am i the only one who liked the addition of schaffer more than that of pace. i doubt that pace plays for more than a couple years before he retires, schaffer on the other hand is younger nastier and more durable. i almost want him to beat williams for the right tackle job so williams can take over for pace in case of injuries.

  • Jeff: Congratulations on the new site. Looks great, except you gotta do something about the doofus standing next to you in your picture.

    And congrats also on the playwriting award. It's been a good week. Keep it up.

  • Pace will be asked to pass-block, and not much else. I see Omiyale as a solid all-around guard, Beekman will man center when Kreutz is gone (injury or contract, whichever comes first), Williams should be capable on the right side, and I see Garza as the weak link. I think we'll have more time to throw the ball, and I think we'll have better push up the middle too w/Omiyale.

    I like Pisa, and don't doubt his coverage skills, but we'll see what happens when teams try to run right at him. That's one thing that Hillenmeyer excels at (holding ground in the run game).

    And on Schaffer; I've liked him for a long time too, but he's never been much of an athlete. He was a huge liability on the Brown's Oline last year. He was responsible for (I think it was Umenyiora) whiffing on a pass-block and getting Derrick Anderson injured. I thought they brought him in as a RT starter initially, but w/the Pace signing, he's going to be a backup. And I hope he never sees the field, honestly.

  • Jeff: congrats on the new site.

    Like the signing of the Tower of Pisa. Hope he doesn't have to lean too much on help with the run game but his speed should still allow him to get to the ball carrier and hold him up (if he can't knock them down) and wait for the gang tackling to happen (how many Bears does it take to get a strip... 1..2..3..). Really hoping the D flies to the ball like they used to. It would be great to seem them excited about going out and hitting somebody.

    The D line gets sorted out and everyone gets better. Harris has a lot to prove this season.

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