Yea, I'm Writing About It

The Tribune picked up a story
from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune regarding your favorite retired
quarterback's possible return to the National Football League in his
third laundry in three years. Normally I'd regard a report like this as
simple media speculation, except for Favre's comments:

"Nothing has changed. At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football."

Brett Favre was a somebody on the football field, even when he was
throwing away the Jets' season in 2008. When somebodies retire,
specifically pseudo-greats like Favre, what keeps them alive is the
organization wherein they found greatness. Paul O'Neill sits in the
Yankee broadcast booth. Nolan Ryan is president of the Texas Rangers.
And every NBA legend knows that their appearance at a home game will
yield a rousing standing ovation. Men like this are defined by the
games they play. Everything else is secondary.

Favre doesn't have that. In fact he has the opposite of that. Now
he finds himself in an athletic purgatory; trapped between the legacies
of former successes and recent ineptitude. (Though I would argue that
most of those successes came with their share of ineptitude.) Does
Minnesota have faith in the Tarvaris/Sage combo? Does Dan Snyder
believe one year of Favre is worth more than one of Jason Campbell?
Does Josh McD try to rescue an awful off-season with Captain Wrangler?
All I know is that Favre is back. (This means that if you value your
sanity you should turn off ESPN now and leave it off until September.)

And I understand that some will say, "Stop writing about Favre." I
say, "Shut up." Brett Favre is the number one villain of the Chicago
Bears for the last two decades and if this were DaSupermanBlog and Lex
Luther were planning a comeback, we'd certainly cover it. Plus, having
Favre return and play for the Vikings would have a two-pronged,
positive effect at Halas Hall. He stinks, so we'd get to beat the
division champ twice. We'd also get to watch #4, in purple, stand on
the other side of the field at Lambeau. A poetic image to be cherished
for all time.

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