Chicago Pedestrian Takes E-Scooter Companies to Court

limeA Chicago tattoo artist named Allyson Medeiros just filed a court petition following a recent accident with an e-scooter rider. Medeiros’s attorney hopes this new petition will help authorities locate the e-scooter rider involved in this crash.

According to the Washington Post, this collision happened around 5:30PM on June 20, 2019, in the Wicker Park area. Allegedly, Medeiros was riding his bike when an e-scooter rider struck Medeiros near 1200 block in north Leavitt.

Shortly after the crash, first responders transported Medeiros to an area hospital for surgical treatment. The alleged e-scooter rider fled the scene of the crime.

As Medeiros recovered from jaw surgery, he asked his lawyer to contact the 10 e-scooter companies now operating on Chicago’s pilot program. None of the companies were willing to release data on customers operating in Wicker Park during the time of the crash.

On July 8, 2019, Medeiros’s lawyer filed a court petition asking all e-scooter companies in Chicago to release real-time data collected during the time of the crash. If they are able to identify the rider involved in this crash, then Medeiros intends to sue the rider and the company for his medical expenses.

Electric scooter riders hitting pedestrians may be new to Chicago but it is not new to cities which already have scooters. Last year, a rider was charged with DUI after injuring a pedestrian in LA.

On June 15, 2019, Chicago allowed 2,500 e-scooters onto its streets as a part of a pilot program. Over the next four months, these e-scooters will be allowed to operate in the city’s West Side.

The companies now operating in Chicago include:

  • Lime
  • Bird
  • Bolt
  • JUMP
  • gruv
  • Lyft
  • Spin
  • Wheels
  • VeoRide
  • Sherpa

To learn more about the Windy City’s e-scooter program, feel free to check out this official webpage put together by the City of Chicago. You could also visit Allyson Medeiros’s “Go Fund Me” page by clicking on this link.

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