First Chicago E-Bike Fatality Case Closes with Over $5 Million Settlement

A jury in Cook County recently voted to give $5.25 million to the family of a woman killed in a traffic fatality while she was riding a Divvy e-bike.

This fatal crash occurred on July 1, 2016, in the Avondale section of Chicago. According to police records, Virginia Murray was traveling on her Divvy bike between Belmont and Sacramento avenues before a truck unexpectedly turned in her direction.

Lawyers from Chicago’s Kaveny & Kroll Firm, who worked with the Murray family in this case, claimed the flatbed driver didn’t properly signal right-of-way to Virginia Murray. They also said Murray tried to warn the truck driver by hitting the side of the vehicle after she was struck.

Sadly, Virginia Murray was pronounced dead shortly after this crash. At the time of the crash, Murray was 25-years-old and getting ready to enter a master’s program for librarians. Tragically, almost 5% of all motorist vs bicycle accidents involve a driver taking a right hand turn.

It only took the Cook County jury about two hours to reach their decision in this historic case. Legal experts believe this is the first time in US history a jury had to rule on a death involving a rentable e-bike.

Spokesmen from Kaveny & Kroll said they hope this issue will remind motorists to be extra vigilant when traveling through the Windy City. As more Divvy e-bikes will become available to the public, Kaveny & Kroll argue drivers need to get in the habit of always checking for cyclists. 

Chicago officials are now working with the Swedish-based road security group Vision Zero to improve the city’s street safety. For more information on Chicago Vision Zero’s goals, please visit this official website.


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