Divvy Bike Share Will Expand E-Bike Services Throughout Chicago


It will soon be a whole lot easier for Chicagoans to find a rentable e-bike. Thanks to a recent $50 million dollar deal with Divvy Bike Share, Chicago should have 16,500 Divvy e-bikes on the streets by 2021.

According to this new deal, Divvy will start expanding its e-bike service throughout Chicago’s 50 wards in the summer of 2019. In addition to adding 10,500 e-bikes to its fleet, execs at Divvy hope to build 175 new e-bike parking stations.

To rent a Divvy e-bike, riders first have to open the company’s mobile app and use their phone to unlock a bike. After you’ve completed your ride, you must use the e-bike’s hybrid locking system to securely place it inside a Divvy station.

Divvy has three major payment options: $3 for one trip, $15 per day, and $99 per year. There’s also a “Divvy for Everyone” program that’s intended to help Chicago’s economically impoverished areas.

City leaders believe this deal with Divvy will give Chicago’s economy a huge boost. Current estimates suggest about 200 jobs could be created by this expansion. Divvy has also noted it wants to help underprivileged teens with job training programs.

Chicago’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) said it expects to collect about $77 million in the next nine years from this Divvy expansion. Most of this money will go into making road improvements throughout Chicago.

Divvy first introduced e-bikes into Chicago in 2013 with 6,000 e-bikes and 725 stations. Currently, this company only has e-bikes available in the Windy City.

Popular ride-sharing company Lyft recently acquired Divvy from Motivate International. Executives at Lyft expect to spend $50 million in upgrading Divvy’s current e-bikes and stations over the next couple of years.

Anyone interested in learning more about Divvy’s services can check out the company’s official website at www.divvybikes.com.

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