Lime Pushes for Dockless E-Scooters in Chicago by Spring 2019

limeOn March 2, 2019, the San Francisco-based company Lime encouraged dozens of Chicagoans to test out its e-scooters by the Riverwalk. In addition to giving free test rides, Lime employees at this event first announced their goal to bring these e-scooters into Chicago no later than May of 2019.

This isn’t the first time Lime has attempted to persuade Chicago city officials to move on this issue with free e-scooter demonstrations. Throughout the summer of 2018, both Lime and competitor Bird held events where Chicago locals could get a first-hand feel for these increasingly popular devices.

Most of the Chicagoans who tried these e-scooters said they would like these on the city’s streets ASAP. Indeed, Lime employees often hand out letters in support of e-scooters to event attendees that are then sent to the City of Chicago.

Unfortunately for e-scooter fans, many Chicago lawmakers want to take a slow and cautious approach to introducing this new technology. City leaders are concerned about safety and vandalism issues.This may be a wise decision for any city contemplating e-scooters. While their arrival appears inevitable, it's no secret that they're also disrupting wrists, elbows and heads. Attorneys are targeting motorists, scooter companies and anyone contributing to an injury, and, over in Oakland, California, some people throw scooters into a lake.

Although an ordinance on e-scooters was proposed in May of 2018, it’s unlikely to become law anytime soon. The key supporter of this ordinance, Ald. Proco Moreno, lost his seat in February of 2019.

Since May of 2018, Lime has been operating dozens of rentable e-bikes into the Windy City. Executives at Lime claim the City of Chicago is spending too much time focusing on integrating e-bikes and not enough energy looking into e-scooters.

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