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Chiddy Bang's "Breakfast" is Runner Up LP of 2012

I remember being enamored with the single “Opposite of Adults.” I loved the sample of MGMT’s “Kids,” the rhymes were super tight, and the lyrics were clever. I expected big things from these guys, but continued to be disappointed with each new EP. Enter their full length Breakfast. This is what I was looking for. ... Read more »

2012 Album Of The Year: Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange"

Frank Ocean Channel Orange This is the album I played most this year.  Matter of fact, I played the shit out of this record, trying to sing like Frank Ocean, compensating for a lack of falsetto by nailing the rap parts. What a joy Channel Orange is to listen to and the lyrics are compelling.  Take... Read more »

Bells: "This One Goes to 11 Ale," My Beer Of The Year

Not sure if this beer debuted this year, or has been a seasonal favorite for awhile, but whatever the case, this is the best beer I have drank in 2012. As a matter of fact, this brew is in my Top 5 of all time! Starting with a copper color that would make the tanning... Read more »

Solange: More Whitney Than Beyonce

I’m blow away at how 80’s this number from Solange feels.  It instantly reminds me of Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl,” or Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know.”  This jam reminds me of my childhood, school dances, and the early rise of hip hop.  I love the video. Solange looks cute, hot, sexy, vulnerable, confident;... Read more »

No Make-Up Today

I love the way you put it on your eyes/The roses on your face light up the sky Those lips are colorful all of the time/And girl that’s fine But I wanna know do you mind/No makeup today (today) (x4) And girl that’s fine/But i wanna know do you mind Last week I wrote a... Read more »


I haven’t written about Kendrick Lamar yet, though it seems everyone else has. He’s already being hailed the next big thing by all the corporate music mags, but even more impressive, by his peers. After a handful of incredible mixtapes and unique major label release, I can’t help but follow suit and send props his... Read more »

No Teenage Icons

A week ago I had never heard The Vaccines “Teenage Icon” single, I had only heard of the band in passing. Then I saw them on the Jools Holland Show, and that was all it took.  A week later it’s become an obsession and the rest of the album Coming Of Age has followed suit. ... Read more »

Trying On More Whigs @ Lincoln Hall 11-16-12

After writing a review of The Whigs Lincoln Hall show last week, I realized how much I love this band.  I have poured a lot of time into these guys during the last 5 years, listening to and writing about them.  I have followed them to street festivals, and photographed them several times. With each... Read more »

The Whigs: Staying Alive @ Lincoln Hall 11-16-12

On The Whigs latest record Enjoy The Company they seem to have taken a new direction into classic rock territory, but the effect it had on their live show was tame, if it had any effect at all.  Channeling Neil Young at times while bouncing around like Kurt Cobain during others, fans inside of Lincoln... Read more »

20 CD's for 20 Dollars

Here is the list is of the “20 CD’s for $20” that I scored.  The reviews will be added here, each and every time I shop from the cut outs.  Actually I will try to write about any record shopping I do as I love to do it!  Sorry I have been slacking… Also, the... Read more »