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Credit Grapetooth With Keeping "Trouble" Away

(Trouble) Trouble comin’ down, (Trouble) Trouble comin’ down Hard times are, well, hard. Luckily, there’s good music to get us through. These last two weeks have sucked my left nut, and when I’m feeling down, I put on “Trouble,” by Grapetooth. It’s been my go to, and you can catch me bustin’ a move like Young MC... Read more »

Cassettes and Vinyl: A Record Collector's Dream

I didn’t find this is the cut out bins, but man I wish I did!  Those folks over at Polyvinyl continue to make the record collector’s dreams come true. Check out this 180 gram Glacier Blue vinyl limited to 700 copies for the new Dodos LP Carrier. And how about this “white cassette” for the... Read more »