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Hey Rosetta Perform Their Album Of The Year In Chicago

November was a whirlwind month for the family. The first part of the month saw us good beer hunting in Grand Rapids, while the second half had us living in Disney heaven for a week. Or hell, however you look at it. We celebrated Thanksgiving, our daughters 3rd birthday, and then hauled home the biggest Clark... Read more »

Hey Rosetta Showcases "Gold Teeth" On Their Extended Tour

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, there is one album that I have not removed from my CD player. That album is Second Sight by Hey Rosetta. It seems they are extending their tour and coming back to Chicago in November, and this writer could not be more excited. Now I can actually... Read more »

The Hey Rosetta! Gallery From Schubas Backroom on 4-23-15

Hello, we are Hey Rosetta!

Hey Rosetta! Brings Stadium Sound To Schubas Backroom 4-23-15

Hey Rosetta! Brings Stadium Sound To Schubas Backroom 4-23-15
Hey Rosetta! brought their stadium sound to the intimate setting of Schuba’s Backroom. As I watched them perform together, I kept thinking: “Why aren’t they bigger than this?” They have taken the best parts of Coldplay and Radiohead, and enhanced them. Hell, they’ve taken the best parts of Genesis, too, and many other influences, which... Read more »

Hey Rosetta! Create Artful Rock With "What Arrows"

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Take me to church! Canadian rockers Hey Rosetta! have returned with a new album Second Sight, and a seven minute opus called “What Arrows.” There a a lot of pieces in the band, and they use this instrumentation to their advantage on the first single. The main vocal melody becomes a gorgeous harmony near what... Read more »