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Frank Ocean Better Watch His Back, Here Comes Daye Jack

Frank Ocean better release something quick, cause this 18 year “got game!” If Ocean waits too long, Daye Jack might just take his spotlight. With a style very similar to Ocean’s and blog sites like Paste calling this kid the one to watch in 2015, his star is about to shine. He flows like Frank,... Read more »

2012 Album Of The Year: Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange"

Frank Ocean Channel Orange This is the album I played most this year.  Matter of fact, I played the shit out of this record, trying to sing like Frank Ocean, compensating for a lack of falsetto by nailing the rap parts. What a joy Channel Orange is to listen to and the lyrics are compelling.  Take... Read more »

Taking a Ride To The Ocean

Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange has been on steady repeat for the last 3 weeks. I dial up Spotify and play this thing during showers, work out sessions, and cleaning sprees. It seems to have all the elements of a great album: ups, downs, highs and lows. It has a bit of Drake (“Thinkin Bout You”),... Read more »