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My 500th Post!

My 500th Post!
I just hit my 500th POST this morning, and it was a good one. I wrote about a rocking show The Districts performed at the lovely Empty Bottle, a venue that’s an institution in Chicago. So, check that out. Otherwise, I just want to say thanks for reading, to the 10 people who still do... Read more »

Chris Whitley "Perfect Day"

Chris Whitley "Perfect Day"
Artist/Album Title: Chris Whitley-Perfect Day Reason For Purchase: I pretty much love all Chris Whitley’s work, so I’d buy anything with his name on it. If it’s floating around in the cut out bins, and I don’t have it, I’m scooping that up. Songs To Hear: “4th Time Around,” “Perfect Day,” “She’s Alright” and “The... Read more »

Another Record Store Closes it Doors

Goodbye Discus, goodbye. I will miss your beautiful bins and the dirt that covered my hands after sifting through the rubble. There were good discs and there were bad discs. There were discs with no cases, and discs with cardboard cases. There were broken cases, and there were brand new cases. There were cases with... Read more »

LCD Soundsystem "Disco Infiltrator"

I’d rescue any LCD Soundsystem disc from the cut out bins. I got into them late in the game (thanks to MiS and Co) and don’t have much in my collection.  So, finding an older import that I’ve never heard in the dollar bins, is like finding a $20 bill while mowing the lawn. It’s... Read more »

How The Doves Got Their Name

Trying to enjoy one of those last nice days of fall, I ran home from downtown along the lake. I stopped into my favorite haunt Reckless Records to do a bit of shopping. One of the reasons I started writing this blog was due to my excitement in telling friends about all the great CD’s... Read more »