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Ravenscroft's Ticket To Immortality Heard On Rafferty's Baker Street

Raphael Ravenscroft died on Sunday at the young age of 60. He’s most famous for playing the saxophone on Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street.” Bob Lefsetz called this life moment his “Ticket To Immortality.” That might just be the perfect sentiment. As a kid I remember hearing this beautiful saxophone lead blaring out of my parents... Read more »

#7 LP of 2012-Alabama Shakes-Boys and Girls

The Alabama Shakes came out white hot in 2012.  With a lot of hype behind them, they made a lot of people skeptical, including myself. Industry insider Bob Lefsetz was the first to write about them saying “They’re not bad, but they’re far from riveting.” Lefsetz’s blog caused an uproar that spawned thousands of comments... Read more »