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That Globetrotter Astronautalis Returns To Chicago

There is no Harlem in this Florida man, though he is no doubt a globetrotter. His endless touring has brought him to more obscure destinations than most airplane pilots. Astronautalis has made numerous trips around the world, playing his music to packed houses and documenting each journey with colorful photos. Not only has this has... Read more »

Astronautalis Shot @ Schubas: 9-15-13

Things get underway fast with a hyped version of "Contrails!"

Astronautalis Kicks Off Tour In Chicago

Arms flailing, mouth running, picture a road worn Macklemore, sounding like Kid Rock with a Harvard degree. Less like Kid Rock when he’s singing about hustling and hos, but more like the ‘Kid when he’s shouting, “Somebody’s Gotta Feel This.” Less poppy than Macklemore on “Same Love,” but angsty towards the industry like the ‘Mack... Read more »