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Night Riots "Breaking Free" Is A "Killer" Single

Night Riots "Breaking Free" Is A "Killer" Single
The Night Riots “Breaking Free” is a killer single. The chorus reminds one of The Killers, while the vocal phrasing in the verse is all Andrew McMahon or Jack’s Mannequin-esque. All puns aside, though, I’m completely addicted to this tune. It’s anthemic. Another uplifting rock song you’ll want to sing along with. So good that... Read more »

Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better

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This is my anthem. A constant desire for betterment. I too, want to get better. Better at everything I do. Not only does this song talk about getting better, it gets your blood flowing, your fists pumping, and it gets you, the listener, ready to kick some ass! Go forth today and do something better... Read more »