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Tonight, We Gather To Blather-Christmas 2013

Thanks to Jimmy, Julie and everybody who planned the Chicago Now Holiday Blathering. Safe to say it was a success. It seemed like everyone present was having a good time, while meeting new people. It’s always hard to go alone to those things without a crutch, or friend to lean on. But in the end,... Read more »

Dappled Cities-"Zounds"

Artist/Album Title:  Dappled Cities-Zounds Reason For Purchase: CMJ had a single from their previous record Granddance, called “Fire, Fire, Fire” (listen below) that knocked my socks off and got me to purchase the full length album. When I saw their follow up release, Zounds in the cut outs, I had to hear it. Songs To... Read more »

Vintage Vinyl-Best Record Store on Earth?

We took a trip to St. Louis to re-investigate the beer scene. Last time we visited, about 5 years ago, it seemed Schlafly was pretty much the only game in town. Well, things have drastically changed since then! There were 5 new brew pubs that we wanted to hit, and a few others that we... Read more »

Dreams Are Much Easier To Accomplish When You Have Help

Dreams Are Much Easier To Accomplish When You Have Help
When I met my wife I was working in the trades as an electrician. Not a bad thing, but I didn’t love it. My goal was to be on the air, either radio or TV, when I wasn’t doing music, that is. She helped me get two degrees and set me on the path towards... Read more »

The Greatest Birthday Present Ever

This year I’ll be celebrating my birthday with two great girls! My wife Jen, and my daughter Abby. Last year my wife did the most sacrificial thing a human could do and carried our baby. That little girl caught us off guard coming five weeks early, and we didn’t even have a place to set... Read more »

Kings Of Leon Head To Rock City

I love the new Kings of Leon album. They didn’t just phone it in, which they could’ve done if they so desired. But on the contrary, they seem to love songwriting. The value in good songwriting is getting to showcase your new stuff live. If you’ve ever seen KoL live, you know they revel in... Read more »

Another Record Store Closes it Doors

Goodbye Discus, goodbye. I will miss your beautiful bins and the dirt that covered my hands after sifting through the rubble. There were good discs and there were bad discs. There were discs with no cases, and discs with cardboard cases. There were broken cases, and there were brand new cases. There were cases with... Read more »

Astronautalis "The River, The Woods"

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While most rap continues to glorify “money, cash, hos,” Astronautalis chooses to challenge the listener, with songs like “The River, The Woods.” I know it seems like we’re all lost, we see the secrets, we know the unknown/Know the unknown/Know the unknown Keep close, hold my hand now, just be strong/We can follow this river... Read more »

Advice For Kids: Stand Up To Bullies

As soon as someone starts making fun of you, or threatening you, stop them dead in their tracks. Face your worst fear. Easier said then done right? I agree. It will be one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. But what’s the worst thing a bully can do? Punch you? Beat... Read more »

Astronautalis Shot @ Schubas: 9-15-13

Things get underway fast with a hyped version of "Contrails!"