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Cut Out Kids Play The Double Door: 2-28-14

Cut Out Kids Play The Double Door: 2-28-14
Awhile back I mentioned that the Cut Out Kids became the moniker for my three piece band. We played our first live show in Chicago, on the last Friday night in February at the grand ole’ Double Door. Thanks to Shoeshine Boy Productions, and the rest of the bands, it was a magical night for... Read more »

The Cut Out Kids Are A Band

The Cut Out Kids Are A Band
What began as a blog idea, has now morphed into a band name. The Cut Out Kids are now a three piece rock outfit from Chicago who are playing their first show at the Double Door this Friday, the 28th, @ 8pm. Guitarist Adam Franklin heard someone drumming in the coach house behind his apartment.... Read more »

Hawksley Workman-For Him and The Girls

Artist/Album Title: Hawksley Workman-For Him and the Girls Reason For Purchase: This recommendation came stright from the mouth of MiS, a favorite music blog of mine. Moving In Stereo has continued to sing the praises of this singer/songwriter. Songs To Hear: “Beautiful And Natural,” “No Sissies,” “Baby This Night,” “Maniacs.” Why You Want It?: “No... Read more »

Astronautalis "The River, The Woods"

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While most rap continues to glorify “money, cash, hos,” Astronautalis chooses to challenge the listener, with songs like “The River, The Woods.” I know it seems like we’re all lost, we see the secrets, we know the unknown/Know the unknown/Know the unknown Keep close, hold my hand now, just be strong/We can follow this river... Read more »

Astronautalis Shot @ Schubas: 9-15-13

Things get underway fast with a hyped version of "Contrails!"

Astronautalis Kicks Off Tour In Chicago

Arms flailing, mouth running, picture a road worn Macklemore, sounding like Kid Rock with a Harvard degree. Less like Kid Rock when he’s singing about hustling and hos, but more like the ‘Kid when he’s shouting, “Somebody’s Gotta Feel This.” Less poppy than Macklemore on “Same Love,” but angsty towards the industry like the ‘Mack... Read more »

Josh Rouse Performs @ The City Winery

The City Winery itself is a gorgeous venue. Whether you want to eat, drink, or catch some live music, you can do it all at this place in style. The owners spared no expense, and I would love to go back sometime, just to eat and drink, both of those experiences at the City Winery... Read more »

"Live From Daryl's House" The Dirty Heads Redo Rich Girl

I have been digging the show “Live From Daryl’s House” for the last few years now, so I’m glad Palladia picked it up, so we can finally watch it on TV. It looks and sounds much better on my big screen than it did on my PC. Daryl Hall’s free monthly web show started in... Read more »

Rapper Too Short Plays His Hits @ The Double Door

"These Are The Tales, The Freaky Tales"
Funniest moment of the show came when when a friend looked over at me and said, “I can’t believe I still remember all these lyrics!” We were rapping those same dirty rhymes almost 20 years ago at the UIC Pavilion for the “Short Dog’s In The House Tour.” We were kids then; now we have kids.... Read more »

Ghostface Killa Comes To Town-Rocking Abbey Pub With His Wu-Tang Sounds