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The Kooks Take A Soulful Approach On Latest Album Listen

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Anytime you change musical styles, or go in a different direction then your fans expect, there is always going to be some blow back. British band The Kooks did just this on their fourth studio album, Listen. It’s very accomplished, and another one of my favorite listens from 2014. I must admit, this record took... Read more »

Soulful Local's The Jordan Years Play House Of Blues

It's a great night for beer...
Last night I finally got to see Chicago favorites The Jordan Years play live. They co-headlined the famed House Of Blues for a night of Local Brews and Local Grooves. Please click the “create subscription” button. I would love to have more people listen to me ramble. Thanks.

Johanna Samuels Releases New Beatles Cover En Route To Evanston's SPACE

If you have no plans this Saturday, October 18th, you’re going to want to head over to the intimate studios of Evanston’s SPACE. It is there, in that glorious sounding room, where they are set to welcome the lush vocals of one Johanna Samuels. She will be playing tales from her first full length album... Read more »

The Killers - Glamourous Indie Rock And Roll (live Glastonbury 2004)

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My brother sent this Killers video over yesterday, and it brought me back 10 years. I emailed him exclaiming, “Look at how young Brandon is!” “Look at how much hair he has!” Indie Rock and Roll is truly what they wanted, and that’s exactly what they got. The Killers have become one of the biggest... Read more »

That Globetrotter Astronautalis Returns To Chicago

There is no Harlem in this Florida man, though he is no doubt a globetrotter. His endless touring has brought him to more obscure destinations than most airplane pilots. Astronautalis has made numerous trips around the world, playing his music to packed houses and documenting each journey with colorful photos. Not only has this has... Read more »

Drowners Band To Play Chicago's Beat Kitchen

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Some Johnny Marr-esque finger stylings, a Suede-like vocal delivery, and a pop in the drum beat that’s reminiscent of The Strokes. Those are just a few of the influences I heard while listening to Drowners latest single “Luv, Hold Me Down.” If you don’t know any of those bands or musicians I listed, don’t panic.... Read more »

Widespread Panic's Live & Acoustic "Uber Cobra"

Widespread Panic's Live & Acoustic "Uber Cobra"
Artist/Album: Widespread Panic-Uber Cobra Reason For Purchase: Widespread Panic is really known for their live shows. For $1 there is no way I could pass on this live acoustical performance. After a few listens, I am so glad I bought this! The sound quality is unmatched and the songs carry all the same energy, just... Read more »

Cut Out Kids Play The Double Door: 2-28-14

Cut Out Kids Play The Double Door: 2-28-14
Awhile back I mentioned that the Cut Out Kids became the moniker for my three piece band. We played our first live show in Chicago, on the last Friday night in February at the grand ole’ Double Door. Thanks to Shoeshine Boy Productions, and the rest of the bands, it was a magical night for... Read more »

The Cut Out Kids Are A Band

The Cut Out Kids Are A Band
What began as a blog idea, has now morphed into a band name. The Cut Out Kids are now a three piece rock outfit from Chicago who are playing their first show at the Double Door this Friday, the 28th, @ 8pm. Guitarist Adam Franklin heard someone drumming in the coach house behind his apartment.... Read more »

Hawksley Workman-For Him and The Girls

Artist/Album Title: Hawksley Workman-For Him and the Girls Reason For Purchase: This recommendation came stright from the mouth of MiS, a favorite music blog of mine. Moving In Stereo has continued to sing the praises of this singer/songwriter. Songs To Hear: “Beautiful And Natural,” “No Sissies,” “Baby This Night,” “Maniacs.” Why You Want It?: “No... Read more »