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The Cut Out Kid Loves Waiting Room Records

The Cut Out Kid Loves Waiting Room Records
“These CD’s are $1 each.” I can’t tell you how happy that sign made me. About once a month I hit up a record store and peruse the cut out bins. This time I headed to Uptown Normal, IL, to the awesome expanse that is Waiting Room Records. Record shopping is a favorite pastime of... Read more »

The Shins-"Oh, Inverted World," For $1?

Artist/Album: The Shins-Oh, Inverted World Reason For Purchase: If you remember the movie Garden State, then you might remember the incredible soundtrack that followed?  This is where I first heard The Shins. I’ll never forget those first chords of  ”Caring Is Creepy.” Well, first the eerie whistle, then the chords, and then the cold, high-pitched... Read more »

Rival Schools-Pedals

Artist/Album: Rival Schools-Pedals Reason For Purchase: First I found Walter Schreifels band Walking Concert in the cut out bins and fell in love with the record Run to Be Born. Then I did some research and found out that he was also the lead singer for Rival Schools. I went out and purchased their debut,... Read more »

The Wonder Stuff-"Construction for the Modern Idiot"

Artist/Album: The Wonderstuff-Construction for the Modern Idiot Reason For Purchase: If you ever heard Never Loved Elvis, you’d want to buy this record too. It was the follow up to their biggest selling album and it still has remnants of that greatness. Songs To Hear: “Full of Life (Happy Now),” “On the Ropes,” “Hot Love Now!”... Read more »

Peace Together: A Bunch Of Cool Cover Songs For A Greater Cause

Artist/Album: Various Artists-Peace Together Reason For Purchase: There are a lot of cool bands covering a lot of songs I really liked. I wasn’t aware of this compilation before I came across it in the cut outs, so I had to purchase it. Songs To Hear: What sold me on this CD was a cover... Read more »

The Jayhawks "Smile!" Is It Worth It?

Artist/Album: The Jayhawks/Smile Reason For Purchase: I’ve always been a fan of this band but this is one LP that slipped through my hands. The single ”I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” got a lot of airplay, so I wanted to hear what the rest of it sounded like. Songs To Hear: “I’m Gonna Make You... Read more »

Daughter Reads Blog, Checks Out Uber Cobra

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Here’s a quick update to yesterday’s blog about Widespread Panic and the live CD Uber Cobra.

Widespread Panic's Live & Acoustic "Uber Cobra"

Widespread Panic's Live & Acoustic "Uber Cobra"
Artist/Album: Widespread Panic-Uber Cobra Reason For Purchase: Widespread Panic is really known for their live shows. For $1 there is no way I could pass on this live acoustical performance. After a few listens, I am so glad I bought this! The sound quality is unmatched and the songs carry all the same energy, just... Read more »

Poster Children "Just Like You" EP, Long Out Of Print

Artist/Album: Poster Children-Just Like You EP Reason For Purchase: Privy from the artwork, I realized that this EP was released around the same time as Junior Citizen. As a big fan of that LP and the band, I couldn’t let this one pass me by. EP Note: According to the band they wanted to “tour... Read more »

FOUND: Chino XL "Poison Pen" at Reckless Records in The Dollar Bin!

Artist/Album: Chino XL-Poison Pen Reason For Purchase: Chino is a really talented rapper. His style is different, but he’s definitely a wordsmith. Quick rapper, with a ton a metaphors, and great writing skills. I had Poison Pen on my iPod for almost 2 years while I was in school at DePaul, and I worked out... Read more »