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Pictures From The David Bowie Exhibit At The MCA

It's Felt Like A Party

SwapaCD Club: Trade One You Don't Like, For One You Like

SwapaCD Club: Trade One You Don't Like, For One You Like
For those who still believe in CD’s and have any desire to replace parts of your old collection with new pieces, you should look no further than SwapaCD. The general idea of the club is that if you send someone else a CD from your collection, they will send one to you (stated above). The... Read more »

David Bowie Is Gonna Have A Party In Chicago

David Bowie Is Gonna Have A Party In Chicago
I’ve just had one of the coolest experiences ever. That event was the David Bowie Is Exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Chicago. As a matter of fact, this great city is second to none when it comes to Bowie. Chicago was chosen as the only place in the US that this... Read more »

Vance Joy's Finest Work

I’m up early in the morning for work, way earlier than most. I usually listen to WXRT, here in Chicago, to get me ready for the day. On this day I heard a song that made my ears perk up. When it finished, I was surprised to hear the DJ say, “That was Vance Joy,... Read more »

That Globetrotter Astronautalis Returns To Chicago

There is no Harlem in this Florida man, though he is no doubt a globetrotter. His endless touring has brought him to more obscure destinations than most airplane pilots. Astronautalis has made numerous trips around the world, playing his music to packed houses and documenting each journey with colorful photos. Not only has this has... Read more »

DEF JEF -Give It Here- "C'Mon Don't Say Nothin'!"

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“You can be the skeezer, I’ll be the skeezie.” -Def Jef Today I remembered a song that brought me back to my high school days. I think you can tell by the video quality how old I am. Regardless of age, it still seems like yesterday that this Def Jef video came across the screen.... Read more »

Rival Schools-Pedals

Artist/Album: Rival Schools-Pedals Reason For Purchase: First I found Walter Schreifels band Walking Concert in the cut out bins and fell in love with the record Run to Be Born. Then I did some research and found out that he was also the lead singer for Rival Schools. I went out and purchased their debut,... Read more »

The Wonder Stuff-"Construction for the Modern Idiot"

Artist/Album: The Wonderstuff-Construction for the Modern Idiot Reason For Purchase: If you ever heard Never Loved Elvis, you’d want to buy this record too. It was the follow up to their biggest selling album and it still has remnants of that greatness. Songs To Hear: “Full of Life (Happy Now),” “On the Ropes,” “Hot Love Now!”... Read more »

Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better

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This is my anthem. A constant desire for betterment. I too, want to get better. Better at everything I do. Not only does this song talk about getting better, it gets your blood flowing, your fists pumping, and it gets you, the listener, ready to kick some ass! Go forth today and do something better... Read more »

Peace Together: A Bunch Of Cool Cover Songs For A Greater Cause

Artist/Album: Various Artists-Peace Together Reason For Purchase: There are a lot of cool bands covering a lot of songs I really liked. I wasn’t aware of this compilation before I came across it in the cut outs, so I had to purchase it. Songs To Hear: What sold me on this CD was a cover... Read more »